Ptath appears, carrying a soap box. After setting it on the ground, she climbs up on it and produces a mega-phone.

"Loyal readers," she begins, eyes glowing and her free arm waving wildly. "I come bearing news that will bring you great joy! Harken unto me and listen most closely, for my words are of great importance!"

As Ptath continues to rave, Thalia and Lady Raina appear. Lady Raina groans and drops her head into her hands while Thalia merely sighs and begins to walk towards Ptath.

"Why did we let her buy that soap-box again?" Lady Raina asked in a pained voice as she jogged to catch-up with Thalia.

"Because she begged and begged and we saw one used to great effect on 'Boston Legal.'" Thalia replied.

"We better get her down before the readers stop reading! They'll never hear the news at this rate!" cautioned Lady Raina.

Thalia reaches into hammer space and produces a giant mallet, which she uses to smack Ptath off the soap-box.

"If you don't mind," she says dryly as she picks up the mega-phone. "We have noticed a very distinct lack of reviews from our loyal fans," she began, "fans whose input and reviews carried us through the hard times and inspired us to complete that which we started, allowing us to continue with our insanity and write yet another story. Now, that being said, Improbability Factor (IF) (the sequel to Total Mayhem (the story that you are currently getting a notice about)) is now in full swing as three chapters have already been posted, and after this goes up, we will immediately begin work on chapter four. So we expect to see your reviews again VERY SOON! (OR ELSE)."

"And now for one final bit of information: there is a companion piece to IF. It is entitled One Night Out and is based on another anime which will have no bearing on IF except that it borrows the character which the companion fic focuses on. It is posted here on and you can access it through Ptath's profile. It is vital that this is read as it contains key information on new characters that will be entering the Schatten mix in chapter four. So, GO R&R."

"We will now leave you to read in peace. We do hope you enjoy."

With that Thalia bows, pause to pick up a still unconscious Ptath, and walks away.

Things will not be pretty if she is forced to return.