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The return to Konoha was marked by many happy family reunions and sad crying over those who had lost their lives in the fighting. Hikari was delighted to find her old friend Mikoto alive again and dragged her off to the hot springs with Kyuubi and the other kunoichi while the men and boys retired to the male hot springs. After a long soak to ease their tired bodies, everyone departed to their own beds, though Mikoto was forcefully invited to live at the Uzumaki house since Kyuubi was not having her living alone with Sasuke in the Uchiha sector.


"Ugh, I don't know how you managed this Ken!" growled Tsunade as she worked on the massive amount of paperwork the one day war had created.

"Well, I always used Kage Bunshin whenever I got more than one stack of papers to do…" said Ken as he looked up from the mission assignment scrolls he was sorting. Tsunade stared at him in disbelief before smacking her head and forming some clones to help her with the paperwork. "By the way, why aren't you doing the horizontal tango with Kyuubi after you near death encounter?" she asked.

"We did it five times last night, after that I gave out, no matter what Kyuubi did. This morning after breakfast she said she had to do something special with Naruto, they'll be back by dinner time," replied Ken.


"And just where do you think you're going Sasuke?" asked Mikoto as she saw her son walking towards the door of the Uzumaki house.

"To the training grounds…" Sasuke started to say, only to stop as he saw the anger in his mother's eyes.

"You've only had an evening to recover from that massive battle, you mister are going to put your gear away and spend the day with me and Haku and fill me in on everything I've missed out on. I have some ideas from watching you from heaven, but I want to hear the rest from your own mouth," said the Uchiha matriarch. Sasuke nodded and did as his mother commanded, even after six years he still automatically responded to her orders.


"I see," said Hiashi as Hinata finished telling him the events of the previous day's battle. "Well, take the rest of the day off, Godaime-sama has summoned you to her office this evening after dinner, so spend some time with Hanabi."

"Hai, Otou-san!" said Hinata as she bowed and left to room to find her little sister.


Naruto stared as he stepped out of the portal Kyuubi had opened to the demon realm. "Now Naruto, this isn't Makai, where most of the more dangerous demons live, this realm is where youkai, dragons, fairy creatures, and other mythical beings live. This is also the world where all summoned creatures live. We're in the Oriental section where most of the inhabitants are creatures you're more familiar with," explained Kyuubi.

"Cool, can we go see Gamabunta?" asked Naruto eagerly.

Kyuubi smiled and ruffled her kit's hair. "I'm afraid we don't have time, right now we're on our way to an important meeting," she said.

"Meeting? What kind of meeting do you need me for?" asked Naruto.

"You'll see," said Kyuubi with a smile before her face turned serious. "Naruto, how did you learn the void jutsu? Only another kitsune could have told you about it, so who was it?"

"Well, when I was training like crazy because I couldn't be with Hinata-chan, Kyu-obaa-san mentioned it was too bad we couldn't just open a black hole and toss Hideyoshi into it to get rid of him. She gave me enough details about void jutsu that I was able to combine my knowledge of the Rasengan with the few jutsu-shiki (Jutsu Formula) tags still stuck on Orochimaru's head to focus the center of the singularity inside his head," explained Naruto.

"I should have known… just don't use any other void jutsu she tells you about, you need to have all nine of your tails before I'll allow you to use them," ordered Kyuubi.

"Hai Oka-san!" replied Naruto before he turned his attention to the market place they were passing through. All sorts of youkai mingled together shopping, selling, eating, and drinking. Naruto saw Tanuki, kitsune, nekomata, kappa, yuki-onna, tengu, mild mannered oni, succubi, incubi, and even a dragon. "Wow, I never thought I'd see so many youkai in one place," said Naruto.

"We'll do some shopping before we leave, but that will be after the meeting," said Kyuubi as she led Naruto towards a large street that ran to the gates of a Japanese palace. As the two approached the palace, Naruto saw the youkai around them start to whisper. He heard his mother's name, as well as Shukaku and a few others that sounded like they described numbers and tails.

"Oka-san, what is this place?" asked Naruto as the guards at the gate, two mighty oni, bowed and opened the gate for the mother and son pair.

"This Naruto, is the seat of youkai government, the palace of the Bijū," said Kyuubi. Naruto gazed around him in awe. He could see statues of the four guardian deities, Genbu the Black Turtle of the North, Seiryū the Azure Dragon of the East, Suzaku the Scarlet Phoenix of the South, and Byakko the White Tiger of the West facing each of their respective directions on top of the palace's roof. They were currently walking through a courtyard that featured nine statues that Naruto assumed were of the Bijū since he saw statues of his mother's true form as well as Shukaku.

"Woah," muttered Naruto as he looked at all the statues. "They look like they could come to life at any moment!" he exclaimed.

"Yes, they were done by master craftsmen long ago," said Kyuubi. "But as you can see, some are not well liked," she continued as she pointed to the graffiti covering Hachibi's statue.

"So why am I here if you're going to be meeting with the rest of the Bijū?" asked Naruto.

"You are here to explain to everyone the circumstances behind Orochi's death," said Kyuubi. "When I sealed him, his much kinder daughter assumed the leadership of their clan, but now that he's dead she must be confirmed as the new Hachibi."

"I guess a human having the ability to absorb the huge amount of chakra you and the other Bijū have is pretty creepy for all of you," said Naruto after he thought about it for a few minutes. In that short time, they had entered a large room with a nine sided table in the center. There were several groups of two people already there talking amongst themselves or sitting down and all of them looked up as Naruto and Kyuubi entered the room.

"Kyuubi, it's good to see you!" said a man who looked to be solid muscle as he stood up from his chair and pulled Kyuubi into a hug.

"And it's good to see you again Gobi, thank you for letting Kurotsume stay in Konoha," replied Kyuubi as she smiled at the man.

"Well, my daughter is quite taken with this Maito Gai, I'll have to come meet him some day!" declared the wolf lord, his five fails swishing happily.

"Otou-san, who is she?" asked a little girl dressed in wolf furs as she peeped out from behind Gobi. The little ears on top of her head and the way she held her tail like a security blanket screamed cute to any woman and Kyuubi had to resist the urge to pull her into a big hug.

"Cub, this is Kyuubi, the strongest of the Bijū and my good friend. Kyuubi, meet my adopted cub Tenkou (Work of Nature). She ran away from Kusagakure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Grass) when they mistreated her and I guided her to my pack so she could be safe, after which she threw away all connections to her past life," said Gobi.

"Hello Ten-chan!" said Kyuubi as she knelt down to be at the wolf girl's eye level. Tenkou tentatively gave Kyuubi a few sniffs before smiling and inching out from behind Gobi's legs, her eyes fixed on Kyuubi's waving tails. She gently hugged one Kyuubi offered to her, smiling at the kitsune queen.

"And who is this fine young fox boy?" asked Gobi as he stared at Naruto.

"This is my son Uzumaki Naruto," said Kyuubi, "A proud Chunin of Konohagakure no Sato."

"So you lowered yourself to mate with a ningen, disgusting," said a snide voice. Naruto spun around to see a panther youkai lady with seven wildly thrashing tails glaring at his mother.

"Nanbi no Kurohyou (Seven Tailed Black Panther), I thought I smelled something foul!" growled Kyuubi.

"And I was horrified to find you two had brought ningen into our most sacred places! Bad enough you got sealed Gobi, but for you to actually mate with a ningen Kyuubi!" said the woman.

A low growl was the only warning everyone had before Naruto darted towards the woman who just insulted his parents, only to have Kyuubi grab him. "Naruto, calm down! She's just a conceited old cat who can't understand things like love or emotions!" she barked as she kept her son from getting closer to Nanbi.

"Listen to your mother vermin, she seeks to keep you from dieing on my claws!" snarled Nanbi as she swiped her claws towards Naruto.

"Sabaku Kyū (Desert Coffin)!" said a voice as sand suddenly wrapped around Nanbi's hands, covering her claws and rendering them useless. "I'm surprised at you Makura (Total Darkness or Shortsightedness), you're usually in better control of your emotions than this," said a large man clad in monk robes as he tapped the staff he was carrying on the ground. The fact that Gaara was standing behind him as well as the Tanuki ears and tail he sported showed this was Shukaku in his human form. "This hall is a place of neutrality, there is to be no bloodshed here," the tanuki lord continued.

"Indeed, my master would be most pleased to have a Bijū soul to eat," said a rich cultured voice as a Nekomata stepped out from behind Shukaku with a blond haired girl bearing a Kumo Hita-ate following her. The nekomata had an obsidian scythe on her back and two tails swaying behind her. The black kosode, kimono, hakama, and obi, she wore all seemed to bear a faint smell of corpses (Think an all black version of a Shinigami outfit from Bleach), though not strong enough to be disgusting. As her glowing green eyes passed over Naruto, he left a light shudder as if death had passed him by. But he also saw a beauty in the Nibi's appearance, the promise of freedom for those who were suffering and the chance to be reunited with lost loved ones. This was hinted at as her eyes softened as they gazed at Tenkou and him.

"Ichibi, release me!" hissed Nanbi.

"While I would be quite happy to have Nibi summon her master to take your soul away, we have more pressing matters to attend to than your vanity," said Shukaku.

A sudden crack of thunder outside caused all the humans to jump, though the youkai seemed quite calm. "It seems Rokubi is here," said Kyuubi as she released Naruto, though the glance she gave Naruto warned him to stay put. The door to the hall opened to admit a man who had yellow striped tiger ears sticking out of his electric blue hair as well as six yellow tiger tails that looked like lightning bolts standing up stiff behind him. A little girl who could only be his daughter followed him, though she seemed to glide over the ground due to small thunderclouds that covered her feet.

"Ah, looks like some of the gang is missing," said Rokubi as he walked right past the other Bijū to sit down in his chair and prop his feet on the table.

"Well, you know some of us have to make sure our human hosts survive the trip here," said Gobi.

"And who are all the brats?" asked Rokubi. A sudden sniffling from Tenkou caught his attention and he started to panic as he saw her eyes watering up. "I didn't mean it like that!" he yelped while waving his hands. "I don't think you're a brat! I love kids!" he continued.

"We'll save the theatrics until later," said a sweet voice as an elderly hawk woman with four feathered tails entered the room with two people following her. One was an old man in a simple white yukata bearing a strange black mark on his nose and cheeks. A young boy who looked just like him walked behind him, wearing an Iwakagure Hitai-ate around his right bicep.

"More humans??? This is making me ill!" declared Nanbi as she raised a handkerchief to her nose as if to ward off an unpleasant smell.

"Do us all a favor and croak already you old hag, your daughter would do a better job than you any day!" growled a three-tailed kappa that had been sitting silently the whole time, before he took a swig from the sake jug beside him. The kappa wore the attire of a fisherman or sailor and had arms full of muscle from long days at sea. An eye patch covered his right eye, adding to his rough appearance.

"Shut up Sanbi, I don't need an old sailor lecturing me! And where is my daughter?" snarled Nanbi.

A younger panthress dressed in a yukata ran into the room, gasping slightly from her exertion. "Gomen nasai Oka-san, I got lost," she explained

"See that it doesn't happen again Anya (Dark Night)," muttered Nanbi.

"So all we're waiting for now is Hebitsukai (Snake charmer)," said Kyuubi as the rest of the Bijū took their seats while their companions sat in chairs behind them.

"I saw her talking to Manda-san, something about his contract holder being destroyed and the contract being lost," said Anya softly.

"Then let's start the meeting," said Kyuubi as all the Bijū pressed their hands against a plate in the table before them and channeled their Youki into it. A floating head appeared above the center to the table and surveyed the Bijū.

"Meeting 451 of the Bijū, Gensokuzai (Moderator) presiding. Please state name and any visitors in order of tails, starting with Ichibi," said the head as it focused on Shukaku and Gaara.

"Shukaku no Tanuki. Jinchuuriki Sabaku no Gaara," said the Tanuki lord.

"Daioujou (Peaceful death) no Nekomata, Jinchuuriki Ni Yugito," said the nekomata.

"Isonade no Kappa," grunted the kappa before taking another drink of his sake.

"Hichou (Flying bird) no Taka (Hawk), Jinchuuriki Takagari (Falconry), heir Takajou (Falconer)," said the winged woman.

"Gogyou (the Five elements) no Ookami, Jinchuuriki Tenkou," said Gobi.

"Ooarashi (Raging Storm) no Raijuu, heiress Kouten (Stormy Weather)," said Rokubi.

"Makura (total darkness/shortsightedness) no Kurohyou (black panther), heiress Anya," said Nanbi.

The door to the room opened and a vision of loveliness walked into the room. She had long green hair that fell to the ground and the blue qípáo she wore accented her body in a way that had Takajou swallowing heavily. "Hebitsukai (Snake Charmer) no Hebi, I apologize for the delay, one of my clan leaders had an important matter he needed to discuss with me," she said in a gentle voice as she took her seat and sent her chakra into the plate in front of her.

"Kasei (Force of Flames) no Kitsune, heir Uzumaki Naruto," said Kyuubi.

"In accordance with ancient Youkai law, all nine Bijū are present and accounted for," said Gensokuzai before the table seemed to open up and revealed a tenth side in between Shukaku and Kyuubi. "What is the first order of business?"

"I wish to call Uzumaki Naruto and Sabaku no Gaara to explain to us the incidents around my father's final death," said Hebitsukai, glancing at both boys.

Naruto and Gaara both stood up and approached the new table side, then Gaara gestured for Naruto to go first. "Well, the first thing I even knew about Yamata no Orochi being present was when we broke into the room my mother had sealed him five hundred years ago…" Naruto said as he started to explain the story of the fight with the Orochi empowered Orochimaru.


"This is the bad thing about being so proficient in weapons," said Tenten as she cleaned the numerous kunai and shuriken in her arsenal.

"You're preaching to the choir," muttered Aki as she finished polishing and sharpening Usuba (Thin Blade). The two girls were currently in the back of the weapons shop run by Tenten's family and making sure their gear was in tip top shape.

"I've got snacks!" chirped Akemi as she walked in carrying a tray of cookies and glasses of milk for all three girls to share.

"Hey Akemi, why aren't you spending the day with Kiba?" asked Tenten as she bit into one of her mother's delicious chocolate chip cookies.

"Kiba-kun said he wanted to have his sister give Akamaru a checkup, he'll be meeting me later for lunch so I'm hanging out with you two until he's ready," said Akemi. "Haku-nee-chan is spending time with Sasuke and Mikoto-san, so I've got nothing better to do."

"Well, after we're done with our stuff, we'll give your Tetsugen a tune up," said Tenten.


"… and then we rode Suzaku and Pyreforge out of the cavern," said Naruto. He had just finished explaining everything that had happened and he could tell his story had impressed several of the Bijū. Sanbi and Rokubi were chuckling at Orochi's death, while Tenkou was giving him a low level fan girl stare of adoration. Nanbi didn't look to impressed, but then neither did Nibi. However, the nekomata had obviously been interested in the story and listened intently while the panther woman had kept rolling her eyes and making dismissive noises.

Finally, Hebitsukai broke the silence and said, "Naruto-kun, I thank you for your service to the snake tribe. While my father still existed in some form outside of Hell, we were still bound by many of his laws and decrees. Now I can finally make changes to the clan and improve it." With this, the serpent mistress rose from her seat and bowed to Naruto.

Yonbi gently coughed and said, "This ability to absorb Orochi's youki disturbs me. Some of us, myself included, are already sealed inside humans. What's to stop other humans from draining our powers?"

"Actually, that was the next thing I wanted to bring up, but this is something I only wish for the nine of us to discuss, so I must ask our guests to leave us alone until we call for you," said Kyuubi. "You are free to wander the market section; we'll send a messenger to find you when we need you again." The various Jinchuuriki and clan heirs rose from their seats and left, aside from Takagari, who Yonbi revealed was her mate as well as Jinchuuriki and old enough to offer some insight into the discussions. Naruto was the last of the group to exit the room and he heard his mother say, "There is an organization called Akatsuki…" before the door closed.


Naruto started as he felt a small body latch onto his tails and looked down to find a slightly scared Tenkou clutching them. "I guess you want to stay with me, right?" he asked the wolf girl. When she simply nodded, Naruto ruffled her hair, earning him a giggle. "Come on, I'm a little hungry and I want to explore this place!" he said.

"May I accompany you?" asked a calm voice, causing Naruto to turn and see Yugito behind him.

"Sure, if Tenkou-chan doesn't mind," replied Naruto, glancing at the wolf girl, who nodded shyly. The trio then walked out of the palace and into the market place.

"Ano, Otou-san said that we aren't allowed to fight here, this is a neutral area," said Tenkou.

"Thanks for the warning, but I don't plan on fighting unless I'm forced to," said Naruto before his stomach rumbled. "Hehehe, guess it's time to eat!" he said. "Do the two of you have any preferences?" he asked.

"Not really, I like most foods, especially fresh fish and sushi," said Yugito.

"I mostly hunt for my food, so something cooked would be nice," said Tenkou softly.

"Hmm… I've got it!" said Naruto as he began sniffing the air. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" he exclaimed as several shadow clones formed. "Alright, you guys know what to do!" he said as he gave each of them some cash. Each of the clones ran off in different directions while Naruto led his companions to a small open area set aside for people to sit and eat. That had several benches around a table.

"Why did you send the clones?" asked Yugito.

"Because I could smell lots of good stuff and this saves time," said Naruto. Soon, his clones came running back, each with different containers of things. Soon, a large selection of food was laid out for the group. Gyōza, Onigiri, Dango, Takoyaki, Nikuman, and yakitori were the side dishes, with sushi for Yugito, several Okonomiyaki in various flavors for Tenkou, and of course, several bowls of ramen for Naruto. As the three ate, they exchanged life stories. Naruto frowned as he learned that Yugito had been mistreated by the villagers of Kumo until her father managed to become the Godaime Raikage after leading a rebellion against the Yondaime Raikage, who had covered up his attempt to kidnap Hinata by declaring the kidnapper a missing nin. The village was much calmer and peaceful, and Yugito was treated with more respect, especially after she saved her father from an assassination attempt by the Yondaime Raikage's followers.

Tenkou confirmed her father's comment on her fleeing Kusa and living in the wild. Kurotsume had helped raised her and she was much happier living with the wolf pack than with humans.

Just as they were finishing their meal, the smell of ozone alerted all three to the arrival of Kouten. The Raiju girl was walking along eating bits of various meats off of a skewer in her hand and paused as she saw the three sitting together. "Would you mind if I joined you?" she asked.

"Not at all," said Yugito as she gestured to the bench opposite her, since Tenkou was sharing Naruto's bench with him.

"Thank you," said the Raiju girl as she took the offered seat. She politely accepted the offer of a pork bun from Naruto and chewed on it happily before swallowing. "Ah, don't get food this good very often back home!" she said. "Otou-san is a terrible cook and I'm not much better. Oka-san is trying to teach me, but I'm a slow learner."

"I know the feeling. Oka-san has forbidden Tayuya-nee-san from cooking anything but fried rice or stirring dishes until they're ready. I can only do basic camp cooking," said Naruto.

"So the future Hokage can't cook?" asked Gaara as he sauntered up with a squid on a stick as well as several sticks of yakitori resting in a small sand holder by his side to leave his arms free.

"Hey, I can cook, just not as good as Hinata-chan! My nose is sensitive enough I get dizzy around a spice rack and can barely manage in a full kitchen!" exclaimed Naruto as Gaara assumed a lotus position on hovering sand cloud, which instantly attracted Tenkou's attention. She poked at the sand cloud, wondering how it stayed in mid air. She let out a short eep as some sand formed a seat beneath her and carried her around the group for a few laps before slowing to a stop to the sound of her giggles of delight.

"What's a Hokage? Is it something good to eat?" asked Tenkou, causing all three ninja to laugh.

"No Tenkou-chan, the Hokage is the leader of Naruto's village, Konohagakure no Sato," explained Yugito. "The leader of Kumogakure no Sato where I live is the Raikage, while the leader of Gaara's home village of Sunagakure no Sato is the Kazekage. There is also a Mizukage who rules over Kirigakure while the Tsuchikage is the leader of Iwagakure no Sato. But I haven't met either of them…" she said.

"Be glad, the Rokudaime Tsuchikage is a bastard," said Takajou as he jumped down from a nearby rooftop where he had been listening in. "He treats Otou-san like a weapon because of Oka-san's power within him!"

Naruto had tensed up when the Iwa shinobi landed near them, but when Takajou made no move to attack, Naruto relaxed and asked. "Isn't your Oka-san Yonbi-sama?" When the Iwa nin nodded, Naruto's face adopted a look of confusion. "Forgive me for asking, but how the heck does a Bijū sealed in a guy have a kid?"

"I technically have two mothers. My human mother was a Jounin who was a shaman, able to wield Shikigami in battle, however as a result of an enemy attack she was unable to bear children. Hichou-oka-san used some of her chakra to repair the damage and Oka-san carried me to term, only to die in childbirth due to an inept doctor. Hichou-oka-san actually pulled her spirit into the seal on Otou-san and merged the part of my mother's spirit with herself so part of Oka-san would live on. Since I never really knew her and I'm human with some youkai blood, I just call their combined form Hichou-oka-san," explained Takajou before he bit into a stick of Dango.

"Interesting, I guess I'm not the only ninja with a Bijū for a mother," said Naruto.

"I guess so, we'll have to see if the hawk can beat the kitsune," said Takajou.

"Feel free to fight me the next time we meet," said Naruto with a kitsune grin.

"Is fighting all that guys think about?" asked Kouten with a raised eye brow.

"No, they also think about food and sex," answered Yugito.

"What's sex?" asked Tenkou, tilting her head to the side much like Naruto did when confused, causing the entire group to freeze at the thought of explaining sex to a five-year-old girl, except for the Raiju girl.

"Well, Tenkou-chan, sex is how babies are made…" Kouten started to explain, only to have Gaara's sand cover her mouth.

"You'll have to ask your father about that, he should be the one to tell you," he said seriously. Tenkou blinked and nodded, accepting the serious answer.

"You humans are strange," said Kouten as she stared at the three Jinchuuriki and two hanyou.

"Yeah, that's because we have shorter lives than youkai and we have to enjoy them to the fullest," said Naruto with a grin. Kouten considered this for a moment before nodding.

"That makes sense," said the Raiju girl.

Naruto's ears suddenly started twitching and he scowled before saying, "Excuse me, I have to beat up some jackasses who don't understand what a lady means when she says she isn't interested," and climbing to his feet. Yugito was also scowling and caused three claws of electricity to form on each of her hands.

"I hear it to," said the Kumo kunoichi before she darted off followed by Naruto. The rest of the group looked at one another and quickly followed them.


"Come on kitty cat, let's have some fun!" said an incubus as he leered at a panicking Anya. Unlike the Incubus that served Xaria, this one had greasy hair that made him look like a slob and an open leather jacket and leather pants. While his face and body would be called handsome, the look on his face was disgusting. Behind him were several Shikima whose loincloths hid their various tentacles. The only reason Anya hadn't torn through the group already was because the obi of her yukata had been torn off by the Incubus and she was forced to hold it closed to keep the perverted demons from seeing her body.

"I already told you, no! Now leave me alone!" yelled Anya.

"Oh, I think you're confused," said the incubus as he managed to grab her arms with one hand and pin them above her head, allowing the yukata to fall open. Like most youkai females, Anya had a gorgeous body and she accented this with simple white lingerie that contrasted nicely with the dark fur covering her body. "Wearing something like that just screams you want some attention!" laughed the incubus as his gang members chuckled.

However, the gang's fun was interrupted as a shuriken struck the incubus's arm, causing him to release Anya and whirl around to spot Naruto glaring at them from the opening of the alleyway. "Alright you teme, let her go!" snared Naruto.

"Shut up half breed, you shouldn't come to our turf and mess with us!" snarled the incubus before motioning for his men to get Naruto while he turned to catch Anya again, only to see her no longer there and had used Naruto's distraction to leap away. "Alright boys, let's skin us some fox!" snarled the incubus. Naruto stuck his tongue out at the gang and took off, leading them on a merry chase that eventually ended in a dead end alley where Naruto turned to face them. "End of the line fox brat!" snarled the incubus as the gang pulled daggers from their sheaths.

"Yeah, it's the end of the line for you!" said Naruto before Yugito, Gaara, Takajou, and Kouten dropped down to block the gang's escape route. Tenkou was safely perched on Gaara's sand cloud watching her friends.

As Naruto unsheathed Nenshousaiga, the incubus sneered, even as Takajou brought out a pair of nunchaku and Kouten produced a spear that crackled with lightning. Gaara simply formed his sand halberd that he used against Orochimaru. Yugito simply activated her lightning claws again, but this time she had slipped on a pair of claws to give her more reach and slashing power. Faced with five weapons, the gang of would be rapists weren't so cocky any more.

Five minutes later, the group exited the alley, leaving the Shikima and Incubus embedded in the walls and street of the alley. "Ah, it felt good to let off some stress on them!" said Kouten. It was then that the group found Anya standing nervously near the entrance to the alley.

"Arigatogozaimasu, I know you have no reason to help me after the things my mother said," the panther woman said as she bowed, "but I am grateful for your help."

"You aren't your mother, and you have given us no reason to doubt you yet," said Yugito as she held up her arms so Tenkou could jump off of Gaara's sand cloud and land in them. The wolf girl giggled as Yugito set her down, causing Anya to smile. Just then, a loud howl was heard from the Bijū palace.

"That's Oka-san, she's calling us back!" said Naruto as the whole group headed towards the palace together.


Hinata and Hanabi were currently walking around Konoha together when a portal opened in front of them and out stepped Naruto, Kyuubi, and a gorgeous woman with green hair and a blue dress. Hinata instantly ran up to Naruto and gave him a welcome back hug, which he returned with a kiss on her cheek. The strange woman giggled while Kyuubi simply smiled. "Hinata, I'd like you to meet Hebitsukai, the new Hachibi," said Naruto as he gestured to the snake woman. Hinata immediately bowed, until Hebitsukai waved her hand.

"Please, I'm just here as a guest of Kyuubi-san tonight, don't act like I'm royalty," she said.

Hinata stopped her bowing, then noticed a small figure that seemed to be hiding behind Kyuubi's tails. Following Hinata's gaze, Kyuubi smiled and gently used her tails to push Tenkou out from behind her. "Hinata-chan, meet Tenkou-chan, the container of my old friend Gobi. She's here to spend some time with her sister Kurotsume. Your family is invited to join us as well as your cousin's team and Aki-chan," said Kyuubi. Hinata smiled at the wolf girl, who still seemed a bit shy until Hinata let Tenkou sniff her hand like a dog would. After a few sniffs Tenkou was hugging Hinata since she smelled of medicine, Naruto, and lavender. Hanabi soon got her own hug from Tenkou, causing her to giggle and scratch Tenkou's ears. "Hinata, please take Tenkou-chan to meet her sister, we'll see you at dinner tonight," said Kyuubi. Hinata nodded and took Tenkou's hand to lead the wolf girl to Gai's house, where Kurotsume was making sure her mate rested after the hard battle the previous day.


Tenkou and Shinja quickly became fast friends after they met at the party. Their innocent natures caused them to bond instantly and they were friends for life after five minutes. Together they managed to charm many adults into giving them extra desserts and fell asleep with their bellies bulging from food. Kurotsume carried her little sister home while Kyuubi brought Shinja into her temporary room at the Uzumaki house. Kyuubi had taken some DNA samples from Shinja and was currently running them against the village records so she could try to find if the girl had a biological mother who would want to take her in, until then Shinja was staying with the Uzumaki family.

Hinata wandered away from the rest of the group and found Naruto perched on the roof of the house gazing at the stars. Hinata leapt up to join her boyfriend and sat down in his lap so he could wrap his arms and tails around her. "Why aren't you inside with everyone?" asked Hinata.

"I just had the feeling everything is going to be really chaotic soon and I wanted to savor some peace and quiet out here," replied Naruto. "Now that you're here I just want to stay like this and watch the stars."

"I like that idea," said Hinata as she rested the back of her head on Naruto's shoulder. The two gazed into the stars until they fell asleep and were found and brought inside by Kyuubi.


The next morning found all of the Konoha fifteen and their sensei as well as Tayuya, Anko, Shinja, and Hebitsukai sitting in the large meeting room normally used for council meetings. Kyuubi, Ken, Jiraiya, and Tsunade sat at the head of the table with numerous scrolls, papers, and folders with them.

"Alright everyone, I know that you've just had to fight in the battle the other day and are not fully recovered, but recent information demands we step up some plans," said Tsunade in a serious voice.

"First of all is that I have gotten the DNA test results for Shinja with me," said Kyuubi as she held up a folder. "Shinja, I'm happy to say that your mother is alive and well here in Konoha," she continued with a smile.

"Really? Who is my Oka-san?" demanded Shinja. In all the nine years she had been alive since leaving the giant tube that she had been born in she had never had someone to call mother and wondered who her mother was.

"Your mother is one of our most renowned Kunoichi and actually an obvious choice for Orochimaru to use since he wanted to make sure you were stronger than normal girls with out the smaller chakra reserves kunoichi usually have. There is only one clan that has those characteristics to their women, the Mitarashi clan," said Kyuubi, causing Anko's eyes to widen and her jaw to drop. "Orochimaru chose Anko as his apprentice, so it makes sense that after she survived his curse seal he would want to pass her strengths on to you Shinja. Anko is your mother, though you'll always be welcome at the Uzumaki house."

"Oka-san?" whispered Shinja as she stared at Anko for a second before seeming to teleport into Anko's arms. The purple haired kunoichi simply hugged her newfound daughter to her, a part of her that had long felt empty now being full. Everyone smiled at the joyful sight of mother and daughter together and gave them a few minutes to compose themselves. Shinja remained sitting in Anko's lap with a huge grin on her face while Anko's smile seemed to light up the room around her.

"The next order of business is the upcoming Chunin exams in Suna. I want all of you who have not been promoted to Chunin yet to advance as fast as possible," said Tsunade. "As such, Teams Asuma, Kurenai, and Gai will be performing C and low level B rank missions only. Kakashi and Rin, you have been accepted into ANBU again to handle A and S rank missions. Sasuke, Haku, Shikamaru, and Neji will continue taking B and low level A rank missions with Anko and Tayuya," she continued.

"What about Hinata-chan and me?" demanded Naruto.

"The two of you are going to be preparing for a long term S rank mission," said Ken, causing everyone to stare at him in shock. "Akatsuki is after you, but Ero-sensei's spy network says they won't be active for three more years. You're going to use that time to train. We'll explain more to you in private." Naruto gulped and nodded, his hand grabbing Hinata's under the table.

"The last thing I have to say is congratulations on your performances during our one day war with Otogakure. All of you did an excellent job of backing one another up and working together. You have made Konoha proud and proved your will of fire. If it were in my power I'd make you all Chunin. However, the other countries will have been in a panic since we wiped out Otogakure, so I can't do anything at the moment. You're all dismissed, aside from Naruto and Hinata." The people not named filed out, Anko taking Shinja to the Uzumaki house to get the clothes Kyuubi had given her and then leading her to Anko's house, which was just the right size for two people.

Kyuubi then put up a privacy barrier and made sure nobody was within range of her senses as well as asking Hinata to scan for spies with her Byakugan. As soon as the Hyuuga girl finished her scan without finding anything, Kyuubi pulled out a map. "This is the world. Up until now, all the maps you two have seen are for this area," she said as she pointed to a small island in the middle of the ocean. "The elemental countries are hidden in a massive Genjutsu from the time youkai brought this land up from the bottom of the sea as a sanctuary from humans. To protect them they used ancient magic to hide the island and keep humans away for some time before the first humans with the ability to use chakra found the island. Since then, the Elemental Countries have been acknowledged as a separate set of nations neutral in all of the world's political affairs, though we still hold a trace allegiance to Japan where youkai and ninja originated. This is where the two of you will be going to train with Jiraiya."

"I've got a friend who is a Master of the Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū (School of Indiscriminate Grappling) and he promised to train my student at some point after I helped him out of some trouble. But by the time Ken was ready for the training we were to busy to go, so now I'm taking you to train there. The Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū is perfectly suited to you Naruto and Hinata can improve her taijutsu style as well," said Jiraiya.

"Awesome, when do we leave?" asked Naruto.

"Not for seven months," said Tsunade. "In that time, you will be studying everything you will need to know to fit into Japanese life under the cover of a normal student."

"Seven months? How is that enough time? I know that a normal student would have had ten years to acquire all that knowledge." demanded Naruto.

"Simple the Kage Bunshin," said Ken. Seeing Naruto and Hinata's confused faces, he continued, "Naruto, surely by now you've noticed when your clones are dismissed or destroyed you get the knowledge of their experiences, right?" When Naruto nodded, Ken continued, "This can be used to shorten the time for any training that doesn't involve physical training. So if you have a clone read a book, the knowledge will be absorbed into you when the clone is dismissed."

"So by making a clone and having it do training with me, I effectively double my training time…" said Naruto.

"Exactly! Now all you'll have to do is have your clones each read one book per day and you'll get the knowledge after they dismiss themselves," said Ken.

"Umm, what about me? I won't be able to use Kage Bunshin," said Hinata.

"Hinata, your reserves are actually large enough at this point that you should be able to create a few clones, not as many as my kit, but enough to help speed up your training," said Kyuubi. "You've seen Naruto use the jutsu with your Byakugan, so you should know how to mold the chakra correctly. Just watch him form a single clone to be safe, then try it yourself." The two did as instructed and one puff of smoke later there was a second Hinata beside the original.

The clone instantly gave a squeal of delight and hugged her creator. "You did it! Congratulations!" she exclaimed. Hinata hugged her clone back, noticing Naruto scowling slightly.

"What's wrong Naruto-kun?" asked the original Hinata, causing her clone to look up nervously.

"My clones are never that friendly and nice, every time I got the jutsu wrong and they came out deformed when I first learned it they insulted me," muttered Naruto.

"Poor Naruto-kun," said Hinata and her clone before they both hugged Naruto, causing the fox boy to grin at the sensation of Hinata hugging him twice over.

"Good job Hinata. Inside these scrolls are the books you will need to read. I recommend no more that five clones per day, each one reading one different book," said Tsunade as she handed both of them a scroll.

"Hokage-sama, how will this long term mission effect me becoming Chunin?" asked Hinata.

"You'll have to take the exams after the mission, but you should blow everyone away," said Tsunade with a smile. "I included several of the manuals I'll be using to train Haku and Sakura while you're gone, so you can study those to improve your medical techniques in Japan."

"Arigato Hokage-sama!" said Hinata.

"Alright, now get to studying, and remember to tell nobody the details of your mission, Akatsuki probably has spies everywhere," said Tsunade.

"I don't get it, why is Akatsuki so interested in me?" asked Naruto.

"My contacts have confirmed that Akatsuki wants to gain control of all the Bijū," said Jiraiya solemnly. "But they're not stupid enough to go after your mother since she could fight them for days before going down."

"The reason they want you Naruto is because of my Hoshi no Tama (Star Ball). When two kitsune mate, their Hoshi no Tama temporarily merge together in the kit's body to help it develop the youki reserves it needs. However, since you are a kitsune hanyou my Hoshi no Tama left part of itself inside you. Akatsuki can extract my Hoshi no tama from you and then control me. The little one inside me right now will also have some of my Hoshi no Tama, as will any other kits I bear without your father becoming a kitsune," said Kyuubi.

"I understand Oka-san, they'll never get a hold of me!" promised Naruto.

"Good, now start studying with Hinata in my library!" said Kyuubi. The two teens nodded and Naruto took Hinata's hand before they vanished in a burst of fox fire.


"Alright, let's get started!" said Naruto as he reappeared with Hinata inside a comfy looking library room with several cozy chairs spread throughout the shelves and a large fire place.

"Where are we Naruto-kun?" asked Hinata as she saw the Uzumaki crest on the fireplace above the room's fireplace, but this was no room she'd ever seen in the Uzumaki house.

"This is Oka-san's private study, where you can only enter if you posses Uzumaki kitsune blood and know a form of Shunshin or are brought by someone who fits those requirements. All the scrolls in here are all the techniques my parents know, but they're protected by a sealing jutsu that keeps me out. We can study here and only Otou-san and Oka-san can come here. There is an attached kitchen that Oka-san has enchanted to never be empty and the contents of the cupboards and fridge will always be fresh. There is also an attached sleeping room, so we don't have to leave until we're done with the studying unless there is an emergency," explained Naruto.

"This is incredible!" gasped Hinata before she walked up to one of the windows and blinked upon seeing the nearby back of the Uzumaki house. "Naruto-kun, where are we? I can clearly see your house, but there are no buildings around the back of it!"

"That's because this is located inside that large oak tree at the edge of the training grounds, Oka-san says the tree's life force is what helps sustain this place with the food and other stuff," said Naruto.

"I see," said Hinata before unrolling the scroll Kyuubi had given her. The scroll was very long, containing what was easily 100 books arranged by subject matter as well as twenty medical jutsu books in a separately marked section.

"Well, let's start reading," said Naruto as he made ten clones, each of which summoned a different book from his scroll and sat down in the various chairs around the library to start reading. Hinata followed his example and her clones soon joined Naruto's clones while the originals shared a comfy couch.


"Ok Shinja, tell me about yourself, since I missed out on raising you," said Anko as she helped Shinja put away the clothes Kyuubi had given her. Shinja was currently wearing a white haori and hakama set (Think white Inuyasha outfit) and had her hair kept back with a ribbon (Ala Sakura before Forest of Death).

"Well, I don't have any hobbies, Orochimaru never let me do anything besides train, sleep, and eat," said the girl as she glanced at her new mother. Shinja had stopped calling Orochimaru her father quickly after getting treated with love and kindness, so Anko smiled as her daughter continued, "I do know some Kenjutsu, but it's not as impressive as Orochimaru's. I have signed the snake summon contract and Manda-sama actually likes me. He calls me hatchling and says that if my life is ever in danger to summon him. I get along well with the rest of the snake clan, they were my only friends when Tayuya-nee-chan was away."

"Well, I've never summoned Manda myself, but if he'll listen to you maybe we can work something out," said Anko before she saw Shinja open a certain drawer in the dresser Anko had given her that had formerly been used to store Anko's ninja gear and that Anko had forgotten to clean out.

"Oka-san, what's this?" asked Shinja curiously as she held up a small egg shaped piece of plastic connected to a hand held remote.

Anko groaned, she now had to give her nine-year-old daughter the birds and the bees talk. Quickly browsing through her scroll library, Anko found anatomy charts of a man and a woman and started explaining the biological facts of life to Shinja.


"You know, I never pictured you acting like this except during my more interesting dreams," said Kakashi as he wrapped his arms around Rin. The two Jounin had just finished re-enacting all of Kakashi's favorite scenes from the first book of the Icha Icha series and were currently resting to recover their energy.

"You're just lucky I decided to mate with you after the scare you gave me in Otogakure. How could you crush your microphone?" demanded Rin as she rolled over so they were face to face.

"Well, I didn't want you to hear me screaming as I was burned or crushed by the explosion of Hachibi' chakra from Orochimaru's body," said Kakashi, a blush covering is unmasked face.

"Just be glad Hinata had those two soldier pills, otherwise you all would be dead," said Rin.

"I know, but we aren't dead and still have five volumes to act out!" said Kakashi before he started kissing Rin's neck. Rin simply moaned as she fisted her hands in his silver hair, especially when his kisses moved lower to the rest of her body. Luckily for Kakashi's neighbors, he had put up a sound barrier on his room so they wouldn't be disturbed by the sex marathon.


"And that Shinja, is how babies are made!" finished up Anko.

Shinja looked thoughtful for a moment before grabbing a kunai and shuriken. "So this is the shinobi," she said, holding up the kunai, "and this is the kunoichi…" while holding up the shuriken, "And this is how they go together?" she asked as she pushed the kunai blade into the hole of the shuriken.

A sweat drop formed on the back of Anko's head as her daughter boiled a half hour explanation down to a simple puppet show with ninja tools. "Well yes…" she said, blushing slightly. "That is the simple version."

"So why do you have this?" asked Shinja as she held up the plastic device.

Anko rubbed her head before pulling her daughter into her arms as she flopped down onto Shinja's bed. "Shinja, you have to understand that after Orochimaru marked me with the curse seal, very few people would trust me aside from the Uzumaki family, the Hyuuga family, and a few close friends. If Ken-sama hadn't met Kyuubi-sama, I would have probably married him since he helped me with my recovery. But because of my history, finding some who will love me is very hard. That device is so I can give myself some pleasure and release from sexual frustration when I was alone during the night."

"How can anyone not love you? You're a wonderful mother, for all you became my mom earlier today," said Shinja as she hugged Anko.

"Thanks Shinja, but it is human nature to fear what they don't understand, and many people don't understand me. Maybe someday I'll meet a man who won't fear me and he'll become your father," said Anko as she returned the hug.

It was at this moment that a knock was heard at Anko's door. Curious, the purple haired woman went to answer, only to find Kyuubi and Hebitsukai at the door. "Anko, we've got some important information we need to talk about," said Kyuubi. Anko nodded and lead them into the sitting room, where Shinja ran up to Kyuubi and jumped into her lap, overjoyed to see her auntie again.

"Kyuubi-san asked me to take a look at some of the test results for Shinja and confirm her findings," said the snake woman before turning to Shinja. "Shinja-chan, do you know Orochimaru had youki in his system when he took the sample of his DNA used to make you?" she asked. When the little girl shook her head, Hebitsukai sighed. "It seems he had already absorbed enough of my father, Yamata-no-Orochi's power to classify as a hanyou, and that chakra was passed on to you. You are, in a strange set of circumstances, my little sister and next in line to inherit my position as Hachibi."

"You're telling me my daughter has the blood of the second most powerful Bijū flowing through her veins?" asked Anko. When the two Bijū nodded, Anko went to the kitchen and removed a bottle of sake to poor a cup for herself and her guests, while giving Shinja a glass of the peach juice that was her favorite drink. "So how will this effect Shinja?" she asked.

"Shinja will have as much stamina as Naruto in time, plus large chakra reserves. If she had to, she could summon Manda-san twice in one day if that is all she did that day in terms of ninjutsu," said Hebitsukai. "Her soft scale skin is a small mark, since as snakes we don't have ears like kitsune or tanuki. She might grow a tail later as she becomes stronger, but I'm not sure. That's all I can think of."

"Well I don't care, if the villagers try to treat her like a demon I'll show them why I'm a Tokubetsu Jounin!" snarled Anko as she hugged Shinja, who had migrated back to her birth mother's lap during the explanation.

"They will also feel the wrath of my husband and me," promised Kyuubi as she gently ran her hand through Shinja's hair. "And I'm sure Naruto, Hinata, and the others won't be far behind us." Shinja smiled and simply snuggled into her mother's arms more, knowing that everyone would keep her safe.


"Oh man, that took forever," exclaimed Naruto as he closed the book he had been reading on the basics of science. It was now night time and Naruto glanced up to see all his clones either done with their books or close to being done with them. Hinata and her clones had all finished and were currently working together in the kitchen to make a large dinner for the studying pair since they would need their energy the next day.

After a meal of Hinata's delicious home made ramen, Naruto washed the dishes and the duo proceeded to their rooms to rest and dispel the jutsu. The rush of information caused both Naruto and Hinata to black out as their minds tried to cope with assimilating all the information.


The next three months featured a similar routine for Naruto and Hinata until Kyuubi appeared and gave them a test based on the books they had read. "Why didn't you mention this earlier?" demanded Naruto as he stared at the thick test packet.

"Because it would put more stress on you," said Kyuubi. "This test will let us see what information you retain best and can help us figure out where you should focus your studies in the future." Naruto grumbled but took the test with Hinata.

"How did we do Kyuubi-sama?" asked Hinata as the kitsune queen finished grading their tests.

"Well, Naruto has absorbed more scientific knowledge, Japanese history, physics, and has acceptable English skills. Hinata, you have soaked up everything you read on Biology and Chemistry, probably due to your medic nin training, as well as lots of Japanese cultural things that have survived to this day here in the elemental countries. You're English is much better than Naruto's level, but not perfect. Together you've both got all major fields covered, so you can help one another with your school work, but I suggest studying up on the areas you're weak in," said Kyuubi. Naruto and Hinata nodded and got to work, though Kyuubi was pleased to see that in three months the constant use of Kage Bunshin had allowed Hinata to make up to ten clones easily.


Three months later, Kyuubi came back with a new test for the study partners. This time, both Naruto and Hinata scored well on all their subjects, though better in the ones they had gotten good scores in before. "Well done you two. These scores are perfect for getting you into the school you'll be attending as a cover. You can now come back to the house and we'll finish a few details before having a diner together with your friends," said Kyuubi.

Once the group was back at the Uzumaki house, much to the delight of the rest of the family, Kyuubi drew Hinata aside. "Is something the matter Kyuubi-san?" asked Hinata.

"Only that your eyes stand out to much for this mission. I need to take a few minutes to alter your DNA so you have normal pupils and people won't think you're blind," said Kyuubi gently. "You will still be able to use your Byakugan, but from now on you will have a visible pupil."

"Okay, will you need to knock me out to do this?" asked Hinata.

"Yes, I don't want you awake for this, there's a chance changing your DNA while you're awake could cause your eyes to stop working if they're absorbing light," said Kyuubi as she gestured for Hinata to lay down on a comfy couch. Hinata did so and felt a powerful Genjutsu fall onto her, sending her drifting off to sleep. It only seemed like seconds later she was opening her eyes to see Naruto staring at her curiously.

"Wow Hinata-chan, your eyes are even prettier now!" he exclaimed before holding up a mirror for her to see. Hinata blinked as she stared at the lavender pupils she now possessed.

"This is going to take some getting used to," said Hinata.

"Yes, but you're still really pretty," said Naruto before he kissed her cheek.

When the three returned to the rest of the party, Hinata's new eyes were the subject of much interest, though Kyuubi made sure to mention she wouldn't alter anyone else's eyes for cosmetic purposes.


Naruto and Hinata's next month was spent getting numerous treatments to make sure they would be immune to every disease possible in the less environmentally friendly Japan. This of course meant many shots for both of them, which had Naruto freaking out. Kyuubi had to chase him down several times when a nurse brought her non-pediatric needles that scared Naruto and caused him to bolt. He couldn't stand large needles, they had to be small and pretty much impossible to feel before he'd let his mom get them near him and she was the only one besides Tsunade he trusted to jab the needle into his flesh and only if Hinata was holding his hand. When Sasuke first saw this after moving in with the Uzumaki family, he laughed until Naruto threatened to tie him up outside the academy without any clothes for his fan girls to ravage.

It was two weeks before Naruto and Hinata were scheduled to leave that everyone in the Uzumaki house was woken up by a cry of pain from Kyuubi and Ken rapidly pounding on doors to get up and heading to the hospital before he used Hiraishin to teleport there with his wife. By the time the rest of the Uzumaki family and the Uchiha family arrived at the hospital, Ken was already being forced to reinforce his hands with all his chakra to keep his wife's claws from slicing them apart and avoid having his bones crushed while a slightly sleepy Tsunade was overseeing the birth. Hinata and Sakura were quickly summoned to help and gain valuable experience and joined Haku in assisting Tsunade. Haku kept a cloth on Kyuubi's head nice and cool, while Hinata used her Byakugan to monitor the baby's position. Sakura was constantly at Tsunade's side and helping her, eyes wide at the sight of a baby being born in front of her.

Outside Kyuubi's room, Naruto was leaning against Mikoto in a doze while Akemi sat in Tayuya's lap and the two red heads rested on Mikoto's other shoulder. Sasuke was leaning back against the wall, his eyes fluttering as he struggles to stay awake. Gishou had simply curled up in Naruto's lap and fallen asleep. At five in the morning the door of the room opened to reveal a smiling Tsunade. "Alright, Uzumaki only for now," she said before Naruto, Akemi, and Tayuya slipped into the room. They saw a radiant Kyuubi holding two small bundles with Ken sitting on the side of her bed holding her shoulder. Hinata, Haku, and Sakura were sitting on the spare bed in the room, recovering from assisting in he birth.

"Naruto, Tayuya, Akemi, say hello to your new brother and sister," said Kyuubi with a brilliant smile as she lifted part of the blanket to reveal two orange haired babies with the same fox ears and whisker marks as Naruto. "Your little brother Haruki (Sunlight Life) was born a few minutes before your sister Haruko (Sunlight child) both of them just as the sun was rising as if to welcome them into the world."

"They're adorable!" squealed Akemi as she gently tickled Haruko's chin. The little fox girl sniffed the finger and one of her little hands reached up to grasp it tightly. "Kawaii!" exclaimed Akemi.

Naruto was staring into Haruki's eyes as they regarded each other. "Hey little bro, I'm your brother Naruto. I won't be around for long since I'm going to a long term mission, so I'll be counting on you to protect your little sister and help your big sisters around the house for me," he said. Haruki blinked his eyes before smiling at Naruto and holding his arms out. Looking at their mother for permission, Naruto gently took his little brother into his arms. Thanks to several baby sitting missions Naruto as quite capable of holding his little brother correctly and brought up one of his tails to tickle Haruki. The little hanyou giggled and hugged the furry appendage, getting giggles for Hinata and Tayuya.

"All right everyone, smile for the camera," said Mikoto as she centered the camera on the parents and twins with the rest of the clan around them, though Naruto pulled Hinata in and kept her from escaping with his tails. Tayuya then brought out her flute and started playing a lullaby to put the twins to sleep.


With Kyuubi busy taking care of the twins, the next two weeks seemed to fly by rapidly. Luckily for Kyuubi, she had Mikoto to help her as well as several big sisters and a big brother to help amuse the two orange haired kitsune. True to most hanyou children with a powerful youkai parent, the twins grew quickly as Kyuubi's ancient spirit that they inherited part of caused them to develop rapidly. They were crawling around by the end of the week and pouncing on any kitsune tails that twitched. So it was with a heavy heart that Naruto bid his family goodbye on the day he was to leave.

The whole family was gathered in the front yard of the Uzumaki house to see Naruto off after a splendid feat the night before with all of Naruto's friends and their families attending. Naruto was currently wearing his black fire rat hair jacket over a green shirt and a pair of blue cargo shorts with a large frame back pack on his back filled with sealing scroll containing three years worth of ninja tools and supplies as well as clothing. "Naruto, when you've arrived at the place you'll be staying, follow the instructions on this scroll," said Kyuubi as she handed Naruto a scroll with the picture of a house on the cover. "One of the most loyal of my retainers has agreed to live with you three as a way of making sure you keep up with your studies and to provide any help with kitsune jutsu you might need. This scroll will summon her to your location, so only use it in your new home."

"Make us proud son, learn everything Jiraiya can teach you and improve on it," said Ken as he placed a hand on Naruto's head.

"Write often," said Haku as she hugged her brother.

"If you come back so weak that these two can kick your butt we'll make your life a living hell," said Tayuya as she rested her hands on the twins' heads.

"We'll miss you Nii-san!" sobbed Akemi as she hugged Naruto tightly. Naruto rubbed her back comfortingly before she relinquished her hold on him.

"Take care of yourself and Hinata," said Mikoto as she kissed Naruto's forehead.

"When you get back I'm going to want to spar with you," said Sasuke before he raised his fist so Naruto could bonk his own fist against it. This was their method of doing a handshake and lightly testing each other's strength at the same time.

"Count on it, I'll be so strong that I'll be Hokage in no time!" declared Naruto before walking out of the compound with Gishou at his heals to meet Jiraiya and Hinata. Hinata was now wearing a dark blue vest top with a zipper in front that covered a white T-shirt, leaving a little of her belly exposed before a dark blue skirt without any side part covered a pair of purple cargo pants (think Tifa's outfit from FFVII: Advent Children except in the colors described and with a shorter back flap). Like Naruto, both Jiraiya and Hinata wore large backpacks containing all the ninja supplies and other gear they'd need for their trip. The trio set off towards the gates of Konoha with all their friends and family watching them go.

"That boy is going to be taking my place soon," said Tsunade.

"You're right, he's already inherited the Will of Fire passed down from our previous Hokage. He'll lead Konoha into a golden age," said Ken.


In an underground cavern, nine shadowy forms appeared. "Fufu... all of us meeting together like this…" said one of the figures.

"We haven't done this since seven years ago when Orochimaru left the organization," said another.

"And now the snake is dead, killed by the Kyuubi, taking the Hachibi with him," said another.

"There will be another Hachibi, the Youkai world needs the Bijū to stay stabilized," said the shadow in the middle of the room.

"But we only have three years. If we all do it together, our success rate will be high, yeah?" asked one of the shadows who was hanging from the ceiling.

"Yes, our ambition, if we include the Kyuubi, everything will be in our hands," said the lead figure as his grey eyes swept over his subordinates.


Naruto glanced back at the Hokage monument, where work was already being done to add Tsunade's face to the mountain. Raising his hand to the mountain, the fox boy whispered, "Watch me," before clenching his hand in promise and running to catch up to his sensei, girlfriend and pet.

Well, it's been a blast writing this fic. Now I'm working on Hanyou Trials. However, I need some help from my loyal readers. I need some OC to fill up the classes Naruto and Hinata will be taking, so please feel free to send me a high school student character for one of the following subjects:

Magic Awareness

Ninja 101 (note, they can't be above Genin level)

First aid


Driver's Ed

Just send me a character, but not in a review, as a PM, if I need more I'll leave a note at the end of the prologue of Hanyou Trials.