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Chapter 6: Over a drink of Sake




A good two days had passed since that incident in the emergency room between Sasuke and Sakura and both of them seemed to have a silent agreement that the current and disturbing (in Sasuke's opinion) topic, which was Sakura has a six year old child, should be left behind in the meantime. They both understood that there will be a right time for them to talk about this matter; for now, they should just focus on their individual lives. Sasuke should improve his teaching while Sakura should take care of her healing and keep Sosuke from knowing things that aren't proper for him to know at his current knowledge.

Sosuke, on the other hand, was completely healed and was now currently sitting on his seat and currently listening to Sasuke-sensei as he teaches them the Kawarimi or Replacement technique. He looked at the wall clock and sighed after reading that there's thirty minutes more until lunch time; he was getting bored by the minute no matter how interesting the topic is. He looked at his classmates and only a few of them were widely awake and paying attention to their teacher. Sighing again for the second time, his mind flew to the incident that happened just two days ago in his hospital room.

All he could remember was doing the Fire Ball technique, feeling a shuriken stab him, fainting, then waking up to the hospital bed with his mother and his teacher standing on his bedside, looking at him. His mother's hands were on her hips, and one of her eyebrows was raised while his teacher was just looking at him with impassive face.

"So, Sosuke, I see you're awake, how're you feeling?" Sakura asked as she smiled at her son but still having the feeling of annoyance because her son disobeyed her orders regarding the usage of techniques again.

"Oh, I'm fine now, mum, thanks. See? My hand's all better!" Sosuke answered as he raised his hand which was completely healed, he was trying to change the subject so that his mother wouldn't interrogate him about the things that happened prior. Thus, he turned to the other person on the room hoping another subject would be raised.

"Hi sensei, I'm all better now, Sorry for fainting on you..heh." Sosuke said as he smiled


"Oh god, Sosuke, you've done a little adventure again. I know you're tired but I just had to tell you this. Didn't I tell you to refrain on doing this technique?" Sakura said as she crossed her arms.

"Yeah mum, sorry, but I just couldn't resist it, and I got too excited, but you have to know, it's bigger this time! And it lasted a little longer than the last! Right, sensei?" Sosuke said as he looked at Sasuke hoping for a good answer so that his mom wouldn't be that angry.

"Uh, yeah, whatever, anyway, the technique was pretty advanced for your level, but I strongly suggest that you should develop it, I'm taking that this is your second time doing it?"

"Yes, this is the second time. See mom? Sensei agrees that I should develop it more!"

"Sasuke, you're not helping."

"But it's true, Sakura, your son will get stronger and then –"

"Stronger and then turn to the dark side? Yeah? Is that it?" Sakura retorted to Sasuke and she looked at him with hard eyes. "I'm sorry Sasuke, but I don't intend Sosuke to be that."

"That's not what I meant, what made you say that?" Sasuke retorted. He felt annoyed and uneasy since he was certain that Sakura was referring to him.

"Nothing, I just learned to learn from experience. Anyway, I'm going to tend to the other patients, Bye." Sakura said as she went to the door. When the door closed leaving both men, an awkward silence reigned.

"So, I think we should go back to class…" Sosuke said after a few seconds of silence.

"Classes ended when I brought you here, so you head home. I'll take you there,"

The walk to Sosuke's home was quiet and when they reached the door step, it was only then that Sosuke spoke to break the silence.

"Uh, thanks, sensei for taking me home. Sorry again for fainting and—"

"It's fine."

"Right. Do you want to come in?"

"No. You should go; your father might be waiting."

"But I don't have a father. He's dead. Anyway, see you tomorrow, sensei."


With that little flashback in mind, Sosuke's mind was fuller with new things. He learned later on that her mother and his teacher were old team mates along with Naruto, the current Hokage, and his uncle Kakashi was their team captain. He already knew long before about Kakashi and Naruto but Sasuke's news was new to him. He couldn't help to wonder if Sasuke knew his father. The people in Konoha that knew Sakura told him that his father was already dead and they'd left it that way, Sosuke would not delve deeper.

Sounds of shuffling feet and bags being packed were heard and he realized that it was already lunch time. He was surprised that the time flew that fast when he was just day dreaming. Sasuke was still standing in the middle of the room and when he passed him, Sosuke simply nodded, his teacher nodded back.


That night, Sasuke decided that a good drink of hot sake wouldn't hurt much. He became a good drinker when he was still in Sound and he had a high tolerance on alcohol. He went to the nearest sake stand that was just beside Ichiraku. When he lifted the small- short curtains to enter and sit on the counter, he was surprised to see Naruto drinking his third shot of sake. Beside the bottle was some rice cakes.

He sat beside the blonde and ordered a bottle of sake. Naruto noticed the newcomer and he turned his head to his left where Sasuke was. "Yo," he shortly greeted as he chewed on the rice cakes.

"Hey, aren't you supposed to be eating ramen?" Sasuke asked him as he helped himself to a shot of sake.

"Well, I guess drinking wouldn't be that bad. Anyway, what brought you here?"

"Nothing. I just need a drink."



"You know, I never dreamed of signing those papers when I became Hokage. I mean, would you believe that all I do is sign this, sign that...no missions! No actions no—"

"I met him."

"No punching! ---what? Who'd you meet?"


"Oh," Naruto simply answered. He knew where this conversation will go to and why Sasuke did came for a drink. 'Oh, so this bastard was bothered? Heh.'

"Yeah, he's one of my students in that genin class. He had an accident and I had to rush him in the hospital and then..." Sasuke said as he drowned his second shot and looked at Naruto to see his reaction. Naruto remained impassive but something in his eyes told him that he knew something.

"So I've heard. I knew the whole story. You know, Hinata's there also and Sakura did a full ten minutes of asking me as to why I appointed you as the teacher of the genin class."


"Yeah. She said something about you teaching them dark things and stuff. Hell, I know she's just worried about her son. I mean, he's the only one she's got." Naruto said as he looked at Sasuke from the corner of his eyes. He knew that he was talking about a sensitive subject but he couldn't help it. As long as he's concerned, he's doing fine.

"I heard Sosuke's father was already dead."

"Yeah." Naruto agreed absent-mindedly. He knew this was a lie told by Sakura to Sosuke just to stop him from asking things that he need not know yet.

"Who was he?"

"Oh, Its—"

"Sai." Said a voice from behind that definitely did not belong to Naruto. It was soft and sounded tired. Both men looked behind as a girl with pink hair sat beside Sasuke and ordered a bottle of hot sake. She was still in her medic uniform. She immediately drowned a shot and she closed her eyes as she felt the hot liquid flow through her throat.

"What? Never seen a girl drink before?" she said and turned her head to them. She smiled when she saw their bewildered faces and their mouth that were opening and closing. 'Just like a fish.'

"Wha?..ah! No! No! Sakura-chan, don't come in just like that! Mwahahaha!"

"You guys were so engrossed talking about my family life that you didn't even hear me coming. Is my life really that trivial?" she laughed as she saw their faces showing a little guilt for having caught talking about her. Naruto gave a sheepish smile while scratching his head while Sasuke just drank another shot.

"Who's Sai?" Sasuke asked.

'Always to the point,'

"None of your business." She coldly replied. She smirked when she saw Sasuke's eyes grow big for only a fraction of a second.

"Of course it is. I'm your team mate; besides, Naruto and the others knew about him."

"Well,Sasuke-kun, you were my team mate. I recall that you broke our bonds, right? Why bridge them again?"


"You already met him, teme! Back when we were on Orochimaru's lair. You know the guy?"

Realization dawned upon him as he remembered the guy that replaced him on team seven. He turned to Sakura and he saw that her eyes hold a reminiscent look on them. Her face was very tranquil telling him that she's recalling something that involved this Sai guy. He decided to drop the subject though he had so many things to ask in mind. So far, the mystery at hand isn't solved yet and he's still collecting the pieces in order to solve this puzzle. He was fixed to solve this mystery; he can't just leave it especially when it concerned his past, moreover, the girl from his past and perhaps, it also concerned his happiness.

After a few minutes of drinking, Naruto left saying that he has more papers to work on and that Hinata is waiting for him. Sasuke and Sakura were left behind. The former was still looking fine, as if he's just drinking water while the latter was a little red in the face.


"Yeah?" she answered blurrily.

"I never meant and wanted to break our bonds. I just had to—"

"You just had to do it to obtain more power and revenge."


"I clearly understand that."


Silenced reigned and only the sound of cups and bottles were heard. When both of their sake bottles were empty, Sakura immediately stood up to leave. Sasuke watched her as she balanced her self.

"I have to go now, can't stay late. Sosuke's all alone. Bye," Sakura said as she shakily walks away from the stand. Sasuke just watched her but before she could get away from him, he reached and grabbed her left wrist.

"Sakura, maybe I did break our bonds as team seven, but I never intended and I never did break the bond between us two," Sasuke said to Sakura while he stood up and looked down at Sakura's eyes. He was a head taller than her and he could smell the light scent of sake coming from her mouth. Sakura wasn't reacting, she was just standing there with half-lidded eyes and she didn't meet Sasuke's gaze.

Sasuke didn't know if it was the alcohol, or maybe it was just the rosy lips and cheeks (also brought by alcohol) of his team mate that made him slowly descend his head to her until he was able to touch her nose. Sakura sensed this so she lifted her eyes to meet Sasuke's. Feeling light-headed, she held onto Sasuke's left shoulder with her right hand for support as she said something that made Sasuke to halt.

"Neither did I, Sasuke." She said as she intentionally closed the gap between them. She placed a light, chaste kiss on Sasuke's lips and she broke away immediately knowing that this isn't the right time for these things. Sasuke let go of her wrist and she began to walk away again. Five swinging and unbalanced steps later, Sakura found her self being grabbed in the shoulders and she instinctively turned around.

"Wha—"She said but Sasuke cut her off when he placed his hands on the crook of her neck and kissed her with a "not-so-light" kiss as Sakura put it when she felt that his tongue entered her mouth.

"I love you with all my heart, Sasuke-kun!!"


Thank you."


'Why, then, did you have a child?'

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"…and your fiancée."


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