Title: My Archangel
Author: AliveNdangerous

Pairing: Cardinal Richelieu/OC

Rating: R

Category: Romance, I guess.

Summary: When cardinal Richelieu saves a young man, he finds out that his feelings might not get God's approval...

WARNINGS: Speaks slowly and clearly This is slash containing a cardinal... I'll laugh and point at anyone who flames me, just warning. Normal reviews and suggestions are very welcome, though.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Three Musketeers... But I hope I'll own Stanley Burleson someday :) He played Cardinal Richelieu in the Dutch musical of Three Musketeers and he's great and HOT!

Other: This is what Cardinal Richelieu looks like in my story:

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world wide web dot freewebs dot com slash rickmaniac slash StanNVS dot jpg

world wide web dot freewebs dot com slash rickmaniac slash StanRichelieu dot jpg

Stanley Burleson playing him and it's the general image I have of him now.

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Well, let's get on with the story!

My Archangel

Ah, Paris... This city was alive, the beating heart of France, fed by the Seine

Sinners, whores, adventurers, priests... You could find anything here, if you knew where to look. And if, by chance, you happened to be looking at the magnificent Louvre, you'd see an exiting figure.

Nobody'd guess, when they saw the man making his way trough the cold snow, that this was a man of God. The highest in all of France. This man was Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu, cardinal of France under the reign of His Royal Highness Louis XIII.

Every now and then, he left the security of his chapel and chambers to see what his cardinal guard was up to while in the streets.

Readjusting his hooded cloak, he made his way trough the ever busy streets of Paris, disappearing into a small alley. What he found there, at this hour of the night, was, to say the least, unexpected.

There they were, four members of his pride, his cardinal guard, having their "fun" with what appeared to be a boy. A boy who didn't seem to like their attentions one bit, but was rendered powerless against four grown men.

"Stop!" The cardinals powerfull voice echoed between the two deserted buildings on either side of the narrow alley and the gasps of shock from the guards were clearly audible when the cardinal lowered his hood to show them who'd called out to them. Apparantly wishing to keep their job, they'd ran before Richelieu could even think of ordering them to tell him their names.

For a moment, he considered going after them, but quickly decided not to when he heard a small, pained moan coming from the figure still on the floor. The cardinal knelt down beside the figure, now noticing it wasn't a boy, but rather a young man. He was shocked at the damage he saw, even without actually looking for it. He turned the man around, so that he lay on his back, rather than half on his side and stomache. A slight pain stung him as the boy pulled away from his touch, apparently still in fear of more abuse.

"Don't be afraid, I'm here to help you." He surprised himself with the softness in his voice, but the boy seemed to find it somewhat comforting, since he relaxed ever so slightly. Richelieu knew this wasn't the place to examine his wounds, he'd bring him to the hospital or something ike that, they'd take care of him there, nobody had to know it'd been the cardinal guard who'd done this to him. He changed his mind, however, when the boy slowly opened his eyes, chancing a glance at the man in who's arms he felt strangely safe.

His eyes were like sapphire, an almost devine shade of blue and as they met the cardinal's brown ones, Armand felt he couldn't just send him away, it'd been his guard who'd done this to the young man, so it was his responsibility. He looked at the young man for a while, even blood-stained and wounded, there was a certain beauty clinging to him. His shoulderlength mane of golden hair, his sapphire eyes, his tanned skin... he was like an angel. His shirt had been torn, revealing his sculptured chest and strong body. Yes, he'd take care of this man himself.