Title: Jealous
Author: AliveNdangerous

Pairing: Judas/Jesus

Rating: PG-13

Category: Romance/Drama, I guess.

Summary: Judas' thoughts in Gethsemane

WARNINGS: Speaks slowly and clearly This is slash containing biblical figures... I'll laugh and point at anyone who flames me, just warning. Normal reviews and suggestions are very welcome, though.

Disclaimer: Oh, yes, all mine, I wrote the Bible after all... :rolls eyes: Okay, everyone who believed that, go see a doctor, NOW. Of course I don't own it.

Other: One shot, but I still like reviews. ;)


Olive trees... an entire garden of them... Gethsemane. Once an olive branch was a sign of life. But that was for Noah. To Judas, they meant death. Even though his mind wouldn't fully admit to it yet, he knew, somewhere. But it was the right decision, Jesus was losing control, posing a threat to those He wanted to save. Then why was he convincing himself again and again? Doubting his judgement as he led Caiaphas and his men towards his master?

Was it what He'd said during supper? Probably His last supper? Of course, it had startled Judas, who was only beginning to realise the consequences his actions might have. For one, the name of Judas Iscariot would always be associated with this, not that that mattered to him, this was far more important. Second, and a lot more disturbing, was that his actions could and would result in the death of the man he loved most... Jesus.

Judas gulped as he saw Him, praying. All the other apostles were asleep... fools! Why hadn't they taken their master's warning seriously? It could've saved his life. But Judas had already gone too far to stop now. He made no sound as he walked up to the kneeling man, placing a gentle hand on His shoulder and allowing Him to rise, to face him.

Their eyes met, ebony and sky blue. Judas leaned in, their faces got closer and closer during what seemed like an eternity, eyes fluttering shut as their lips met. The darker man was shocked as Jesus unexpectedly deepened the kiss, His tongue exploring Judas' mouth. That was when Judas knew... his act hadn't been for the good cause... it was jealousy, jealous from the moment He'd laid eyes on her... Mary Magdalene.. the whore who'd stolen what was his... his Jesus.