"Mister Potter!" Snape snapped loudly. "Have you heard anything I just said?" His voice sounded very irritated. "No, Severus," Harry answered thruthfully, still too dazed by the dream to think correctly. "I was asleep, you see? It's very hard to listen when you're asleep."

For a moment, Snape just stood there, his mouth hanging open slightly, black locks falling into his face. It was a rare, and definately not a pretty, sight, but there it was, For just a moment, Severus Snape, Snarky Potions Master of Hogwarts, the Big Bat, former spy against the Dark Lord, all-round sarcastic bastard. For just one moment, this man was dumbfounded.

It was a sight that startled Harry out of his dazed state instantly, and made him fear for his life the very next second. Sweet Merlin, WHAT had he done? He'd called Snape 'Severus', he'd been sarcastic to the master of sarcasm... He was surprised he was still breathing.

The young man braced himself, awaiting his former professors explosion. He could already see Snape coming back to himself, but was just as dumbfounded as the other man had been just moments ago when he noticed Severus wasn't looking like he was going to explode. Was he... No, he couldn't possibly be... It was with immense fear that Harry's brain registered that Severus Snape... was laughing!

Severus had indeed cracked up, his emotions had been fighting amongst eachother for about three seconds, a long time for somebody who was often thought to be emotionless. It wasn't so much laughter, thought. It was more of a snicker with a slight upturn at the corners of his mouth. He might as well have been rolling on the ground, tears of laughter streaming down his cheeks. Both of the sights would be equally common.

"What's so funny?" Harry demanded, both puzzeled and offended by the other man's reaction. Why did he have to react like this? It was so... un-Snapish! Onyx eyes met emerald green ones. "What's so funny, mister Potter... Or Harry, whichever you prefer. Is that the first intelligent words in more than eight long, long years, were an insult." '...And besides, I know this is disturbing you SO much more than an outburst would,' Severus thought with mild satisfaction.

"Harry's fine, sir. You can call me that, I guess." Harry wasn't quite sure what else to say. The dream, the way his name sounded when Severus said it... Did that man even know how bloody sexy he was when he was smiling? Not smirking, but genuinly smiling. Equally rare as it was beautiful.

"Call me Severus, Harry," Snape purred, picking up the can of peaches. "And see what you can make out of this." He shoved the can into Harry's hands, his voice back to its normal tone. Still, the low baritone was enough to send shivers down the younger man's spine, just like it'd done for years. The mere fact that you can't stand someone, doesn't mean you can't find them attractive, does it?

"I... We... There aren't any kitchen supplies around here, prof... I mean, Severus." Snape turned away from the small crack in the wall he'd been studying and looked at Harry. "For what in Merlins name would you need kitchen supplies?" The older man didn't quite know what to make out of it. "Well, si... Severus. In order toi make something out of canned peaches, I'd nee..." "I meant, take a look at it and see if there's anything unusual, you dunderhead!" Snape interrupted. For a moment, Harry looked puzzeled and ready to give in, but then his face contorted into a look of anger.