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Chapter One: Hello Japan!

At the Airport -

Cagalli turn to take one final look at her brother and her soon to be sister in law as she stop at the check in. Lacus saw the sadness in Cagalli's eyes and rush to her side once again. Lacus gave Cagalli one last hug " I'm really going to miss you, Remember to call us on the weekend and eat well and…" Lacus started but was cut off by Kira pulling her away from the embrace.

"Lacus, I think Cagalli knows all that by now. You have been going over it a hundred time" Kira stated.

"I have?" Lacus asked staring blankly at Kira then to Cagalli who just repeatedly shook her head.

"Cagalli? Are you really sure you want to go through with this? There still time to back out" Kira said sternly turning to Cagalli, but had his left arm protectively around Lacus who stood there smiling brightly once again.

"Come on Kira, if I made all the way here. I'm not just going to walk back home again" Cagalli cried really pound the hell out of her brother. Kira seeing the way Cagalli was charging at him quickly threw both his arm in the air as a signal of surrendering as always. Lacus seeing them like that couldn't help but laugh at the way they were acting.

Cagalli on the plane -

Cagalli looked out the airplane window and watched as the place she knew was home, was slowly disappearing as it flew higher into the sky. She couldn't help but let the tears flow down her cheek, she was tired of holding them back. She had to keep a straight happy face on in front of Kira and Lacus, but inside she was crying. Cagalli dried off the last of her tear and closed her eyes and felled into a deep slumber.

Cagalli flap her eyelid open as the sunlight shimmer in from the window. She had been asleep the whole time? Cagalli then felt her stomach growled and realized that she was very hungry. One of the flight attendant brought her a tray of food, of which she didn't know what it was. Cagalli stared with curiosity at what the hell was this food? she bravely taste what looked like a small octopus but was orangey ,she didn't like it because it was smiling back at her.

About an hour or so pass, the pilot went on the announcer " Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful flight. We will be arriving in Tokyo, Japan shortly. So please buckle up your seatbelts. Thank you" the pilot greeted.

After the plane landed, everyone quickly made their way out of the plane. Cagalli sat staring blanking, she was having trouble with the seatbelts. A flight attendant walked by and helped her, Cagalli couldn't help but feel helpless. The flight attendant handed Cagalli her small luggage and showed her way out to the airport.

Cagalli watched for other luggage to go by, when she spotted it she was about to grab it but it went by to fast. A young man, probably in his twenties with bluish short hair, he was about the same height as Kira. He was wearing a long red kind of robe jacket with beige pants, he grabbed her suitcase for her and place it onto her trolley. Cagalli thought he look really cute, but kept her straight face on since she was new to this place. He smiled warmly at her "You must be Cagalli Yula Attha, the first thing I notice was your blonde hair" he announce still looking at her. Cagalli didn't know who the hell this guy is, worse of all where were the people who were suppose to pick her up from the airport?

"Oh, I'm sorry you must be wondering who I am, I'm Athrun Zala. I will be escorting you back to my house." he continued

"Your house?" Cagalli asked staring at him for a moment

"Oh yes, aren't you here as an assistant for my father's company. I think as a learner, isn't that right?" Athrun questioned, rising his left eyebrow and looking firmly at her for a moment.

"Yes, do I go with you then?" Cagalli asked stupidly

Athrun gave a small chuckled at her shyness, "Of course, I take it this is your first time to Japan?" Athrun asked taking ahold of her trolley and they began walking out of the airport. "Yes, I lived all my life in America with my brother. I'd always wanted to see Japan" Cagalli knew she lied about the "Japan part" but she didn't care.

Athrun's house -

Cagalli watched as the steel gate open, as soon as Athrun said his name to this weird machine thing. She was amazed how big the house was it look like it had just been rebuild, she look out the window to see a lot of people busy cleaning up the front lawn. Every part of the house was breath takingthere were flowers blooming everywhere and there were statures of animal and other things she couldn't make out cut from grass." I wonder what inside would be like?" Cagalli thought. As soon as the car stop, a middle age man dressed in a black outfit came rushing out.

" Master Athrun, Welcome back" the middle aged man greeted giving a bow to Athrun, who just simply nodded. Cagalli stood there like a stupid idiot and just stared blankly at what was going on. The man look behind Athrun to see a young blonde haired girl.

"And you must be Miss Cagalli, Hello I am Kitaka. The butler of Master Athrun. If you need anything please feel free to call me" Kitaka greeted warningly to Cagalli

"Hello, it's nice to meet you" Cagalli said weakly forcing a smile.

"Mr.Kitaka, would you tell them to bring Cagalli's belongings up to her room." Athrun instructed

"Yes Master Athrun" Mr.Kitaka answer, he gave a bow and hurried inside. Cagalli heard him shouting orders to the other servants.

"Cagalli, come with me. My father very much wish to meet with you" Athrun declared walking ahead of her into the mansion front entrance. Cagalli simply trailed behind him, she didn't know much about this family. All the information she got was they own this computer or it had something to do with technology company. She wasn't really listening when the agent lady was explaining to her.

Cagalli gazed at all the hallways inside the mansion and knew that she was going to get lost. There were three hallways, one on the left side, one on the right and one ahead. Athrun continued walking ahead. She notice that the left hallway led up to a staircase. And that the right hallway seem very dark. They stop at a large living room, every piece of furniture in it seem very expensive many paintings hung on the delegate wall. Cagalli then spotted a man probably in his forties early fifties, he wore a dark blue suit and had his nose in the newspaper. Athrun walk to him and bow.

"Father, Cagalli is here" Athrun greeted. His father put down his newspaper, "Why, Hello. Welcome to our home. Please have a seat" Mr.Zala answer. Cagalli took a seat on the dark red couch, it had gold lining and it was very comfortable. Athrun sat on the other one across from her, with his father in the one person couch.

"Well Cagalli, what do you think of Japan so far?" Mr.Zala giving a small smile. Cagalli felt that it was more like a forced smile, it wasn't friendly or fatherly.

"Well this is my first time in Japan" Cagalli started. "I think it looks really nice" she reply.

"Well that's good, I'm sure you're a little nervous. Don't worry about working yet. I'll give you a week to look around. Athrun will help you settle in." Mr.Zala chuckled and got up. Athrun quickly got up also and Cagalli seeing this also got up. "Well I'll be off, it was nice to meet you Cagalli." he said and started out. Athrun bow and Cagalli also bow. As soon as he left, Athrun turn to Cagalli.

"Come, I'll show you to your room. And when your done unpacking, I'll give you a tour of the house" Athrun announced. Cagalli nodded and once again trailed behind him.

They walk out of the large living room and up the stairs of the left. They passed many closed doors until they reach what was now her bedroom.

"You'll find all your belongings in there, if you need anything, just ask one of the maid" Athrun informed "And my room is just five rooms down this hallway." Athrun pointed to the dark hallway. "Well when your ready, just come back downstairs." he finished off. Athrun continued walking down the hallway, to what Cagalli is sure was his room.

Cagalli slowly turn the doorknob and open the door to inside. She slowly walked in and gazed around. The room was kind of like her room back in America. The wallpaper was the same color a light purple and the carpet was a dark purple. Matching exactly what she wanted them to be like. There were the usually thing that she had in her room, VCR with the DVD connect together, a big television. On the side was the dresser and beside it was a large full length mirror. There was also a computer on the side with all the usual things that it had. Cagalli knew she wasn't going to use it, since she brought along her laptop.

Cagalli stared at the large bed, it was a little smaller than hers and the sheets was too dark. The fluffy pillows would never suit her. She trailed off to the bathroom and turn on the light to reveal to find everything prepare for her. She step out into the balcony connecting to the bedroom, at home she didn't have this. Only Kira's room had it. She placed her hands on the silvery railings and inhaled the fresh scent of flowers. She stared down and saw all the servants still busy preparing for something. She turn to her right and saw Athrun standing outside his balcony too.

He seem very deep in thought and had his head down and wasn't staring at anything. She wanted to call out but wouldn't know what to say to him. Cagalli just turn back inside and began unpacking her stuff. After she was done she threw herself onto the large puff up bed and closed her eyes.

A little while later -

Cagalli didn't know how long she had been asleep, she had just wanted to close her eyes for a minute but ended up sleeping. She quickly got up and changed her outfit and rush down stair. She had no idea here she was going, she also wasn't watching where she was going and bumped into someone. Cagalli landed on her butt and quickly complained about it. She stared up to see the person of the hand that was offering to help her. And it was Athrun.

"Sorry about that" he said quickly, he was wearing causal looking clothes now.

"I should be the one whose sorry, I didn't know how long I slept" Cagalli explained, realizing she was still holding onto his hand and immediately let go causing Athrun to laugh at her.

"It's quite alright, my father will be home shortly. I'll just take you around tomorrow. How about that?" Athrun asked smiling softly at her.

Cagalli didn't know why, but she likes it when he smiles like this. She didn't know that well yet but by the looks of it he seem really nice. "Sure!" Cagalli cried excitedly once again making Athrun chuckled softly at her.

Cagalli could feel her face blush every time he laughed at her. Many this whole trip won't be such a big waste after all, Cagalli thought smiling.

"What's got you smiling?" Athrun asked smiling.

Cagalli just simply shook her head and drop her smile.


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