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Chapter 10: Breaking free, at last


Athrun decided it was best to just ignored his father and the others. "Let's just go Cagalli, or we'll miss our flight' Athrun muttered staring only at her. Cagalli could see the hurt in his eyes. This whole thing was killing him inside, and he was trying so hard not to show it. She was talking about he was being selfish and stupid. But the truth was, it was really her. "How am I going to live with myself if Athrun leaves behind all this for me?"

Cagalli stopped in her step causing Athrun to look back at her. They barely took more than ten steps or so.

"Cagalli, what's wrong?" Athrun asked, his voice full of concern.

"I'm sorry Athrun" Cagalli started breaking free of his once tight grip. "I- I don't think I can do this. I mean at first I thought I could. I mean, seeing you giving up everything for me and leaving with me." stupid foolish tears starting to form in her eyes. She tried so hard to fight them, but like always the tears won.

"What do you mean?" Athrun's voice was no longer calm. He began to stare back his father and those people who stood by him. Did he really think that I was going to listen to his foolish words now?

"Athrun! Don't you dare leave" his father shouted heading toward Cagalli and Athrun. Cagalli stood there with both arms at her side.

Athrun gave Cagalli a small but gentle smile and took her hands into his. "Cagalli" he began softly his tone of voice was different now. "You have no idea how much you mean to me now. I admit at first I was stupid listening to my father. I've always had. But meeting you has taught me to live for myself too. Cagalli, no matter what I give up" he stopped for a second to stare at her, she was listening intensely.

"Nothing will ever compare to you. You are the most important person in my life now. And you'll always nothing will ever change that. Please just let me do what I can" Athrun promised. By now his father was standing no more than a couple steps away. Athrun quickly changed his view to his father but he had caught Cagallis hand again.

"Athrun, listen to me before you go" Mr. Zala insisted. It was like he was reaching out to grab Athrun.

"Athrun, don't be so stupid. Just come back home with us." Fllay cried she was almost in tears now.

With the other hand free, Athrun clinched his fist together. This time he was not going to give in. That was something the old Athrun would do. He was different now, he can't go back to being the obedient and good son. He has to start thinking for himself. "Father" Athrun spoke. "Just go back home. This time I'm doing this on my own. Cagalli is the one person I cannot live without. You've pushed me to this. Now live with it" he began to walk away pulling Cagalli along this time. Cagalli remained silent and held onto his hand tightly, this time she wasn't going to let go anymore.

"Thanks" Cagalli whispered softly. With that the two of them enter the gate that would lead them to their new live, this time together. She was quite surprise that none of the others even tried to stop them. The gate behind them closed, seeing as how departure time was happening.

"So, are you ready to spend forever with me" Athrun smirk kissing her hand.

Cagalli thought for a moment, she gave a quick laugh "Who said I'm going to marry you anyways!?" and she ran on ahead of him. Athrun was left standing there dumb folded. And he ran after her yelling, "Cagalli, that's not something you joke about! I'm being serious here" Cagalli slowly stopped for him to catch up. They were now near the entrance of the ramp to the plane. "Of course, I'll spend all my days with you. You didn't even have to ask me that" she breathe out.

Athrun's smile widen, he quickly pulled her into a hug. Cagalli could now feel his lips at her ear. "I love you" he whispered. "I love you too" she mumbled. "I know" he laughed quietly. Cagalli tilted her head up a bit searching for what he knew. His warm lips touched hers. "Let hurry in before the plane leaves without us" Cagalli cried pulling him forward.

Outside the gate, Athrun's father and the other started to head back. Fllay and Sai followed along for nothing. "This is so stupid" Fllay cried her arms across her chest. "I always get what I want"

"Well, you got to learn now Fllay. Life doesn't always work out that way" Sai answering walking ahead of her. "Humph" Fllay frowned.


Five years later…


I've never given much thought over these past five years as to how my dad is doing. Not even as much as a letter did we send each other or even a phone call. I don't even think he knows that he has a grand child at all. The last we saw of him was that time when Cagalli and I had left to start our new lief together. We haven't spoken of my dad or anything about Japan until recently. But now may be the time we he needs his family the most whether he admits to that or not. Sai had told them his father's health was failing and the company was quickly losing its power to Fllay's father. Athrun knew his father was too stubborn to sough out Athrun for any sort of help. But a part of Athrun was happy that he had gotten that call.


The sun was brightly shining, but the place was surrounded by tall trees which had shielded most of the house from the harsh heat. A yellow taxi pulled up beside the sidewalk to let out its passengers. Slowly, young couple stepped out with their young child. They stared intensely at the steel gate that separated them from the huge mansion and the outside world. Athrun was lost in his thoughts, half of him was nervous and the other half wanted to leave. Suddenly a familiar voice broke him from his trance. "Daddy, is this where grandpa is?" the little voice complained tugging at his father's hand. "Athrun?" Cagalli interrupted. "Oh sorry" Athrun answered he stared down at his little son. The little boy had Athrun's hair but for sure the eyes are Cagalli's. He signed loudly and held his index finger up to press the button that would open the gate to the place that they had left behind five years ago.

"Master Athrun?" the old familiar voice asked.

"Yes" Athrun quickly replied looking back at his wife and child, knowing once they enter that once again, their back where they started.

"Welcome home master" and the gate slowly opened.

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