Chapter One: Life isn't fair!


My second Fan Fiction Ever!

Don't I feel special? No? Okay then…


A sad tune played on a flute, high above the clouds from an unknown source, none cared for where it came from, nor could they. The song was from a bard hidden in the shadows, one whom could not show his face, for shame would soon follow such an action. The hidden being jumped from his perch and fell gracefully into the water. He quickly swam through the water on a set path he had traversed several times over. The morning sun had yet to come about, but that had no hindrance. He quickly snuck back into the residential district, not seen nor heard by any guard. He jumped into a two-storied house where a small Mithra boy said in a half dazed stupor, "Hello Daddy…" The small boy known as Dervask then rolled over and fell back into his land of dreams, not to wake up until the morning's sun showed its face. The father, known only as Soltreb, gave a soft smirk and silently chuckled to himself. He then slowly walked down the stairs and then turned towards his room, trying to make his way into his bed, but his wife, known as Daida, had cut him off at the kitchen. She was drinking tea and looked like as if she was oblivious to the world as she laid down the cup and stared into her reflection. "Sit down…" She said in a calm tone as Soltreb walked by the door to the room. Soltreb quickly sat down, not wanting incur her wrath. "You went out again, didn't you?" She asked, in a calm, yet frightening way.

"Yeah, but it's not like I did anything wrong, Daida…"

"Male Mithra are suppose to stay at home, Soltreb…"

"Bah! I don't see the male Tarutaru staying at home, or the male Elvaan, or the male Humes!"

"You're right, they don't stay at home, but you're a Mithra, and Mithra males are not as strong as male Elvaans or male Humes…"

"What about Tarutaru?"

"Everything is stronger then a Tarutaru…"

They both chuckled for a second, but then Daida said, "Still, I don't want you going outside anymore, I mean, it would be humiliating for us all if someone sees you."

Soltreb then looked at her with sad eyes and whimpered. All of such combined seemed strangely cute for some strange bizarre reason.

Daida blinked at him and sighed saying, "Damn it, why do you have to be so damn cute? It's not fair!"

Soltreb smiled and said, "Who said anything was ever fair?"

Daida smirked and said, "Fine, do as you wish, but if anyone sees you, I'm going to say you're an imposter who should be killed on site…"

Soltreb blinked and said, "Fair enough…"

"Can I just ask something though?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"How the hell are you so damn cute?"

"It's a secret passed down in my family…"

"No really, how?"

"I'm not allowed to tell you…"

"Well, then could you at least do it again?"

Soltreb then did the exact same thing again, and it was still strangely cute. Daida blushed slightly, the cuteness overwhelming her. She then sighed and said, "Screw it…" She leaped over the table, tackling Soltreb to the ground and passionately kissing him. A small Mithra girl then walked into the room and jumped in shock. The two quickly scrabbled to their feet after seeing the girl.

"Umm… I-I-I was … Umm…" The girl then slowly inched her way out of the room.

Daida looked to Soltreb and said, "Nausi definitely gets her cuteness from you…"

Soltreb looked to her and said, "I guess … so I take it that she kind of ruined the mood, eh?"

Daida then sighed and said, "Yeah…"

Soltreb then shrugged and said, "Oh well, I'm kind of tired anyway…"

"You have to be the only person I know who would rather sleep instead of have sex…"

"Wait … Sex?"

"What did you think we were going to do? Roll around on the floor kissing all day?"

"Ummm … No ...Maybe … Yeah..."

Daida sighed and said, "Ah well, the children will be awake soon anyway so it doesn't really matter…"

"Aww… But it will only take a minute!"

"For you maybe…"

Soltreb then looked at her in his weirdly cute way, but Daida then responded with, "You used it too much already, I'm immune to it now…"

Soltreb then sighed and said, "Damn, Oh well, I think I'll go to sleep now…"

"Oh no, you have to watch Dervask today while I take the girls out hunting…"

"What? That was today? Well, … Why don't you take him along with you, he seems like the hunter type, so there shouldn't be that big of a problem."

"Didn't we just discus this a minute ago?"

"No, we were discussing about me, not Dervask…"

"The same rules apply!"

"Okay, okay, I got it, but you do know, he is going to be angry at you right?"

"He'll get over it…"

"That's what you think…"

"I don't have time for this right now, I have to go get ready…"

A Mithra girl, named Habaki, slowly walked into the room, still groggy from her slumber. Nausi quickly grabbed Habaki and dragged her out of the room yelling, "Don't go in there!"

Daida slightly chuckled and said, "Um… Nausi, it's okay, we aren't doing anything, you and your sister can come out…"

Habaki walked out, glaring back at her sister. "See Nausi…" She said slightly angered, "I told you, you were just dreaming…"

"You sure?" Nausi said as she slowly peeked her head, "But it looked so real…"

Soltreb smirked and said, "Well it was so real because…"

Daida then quickly cut off his statement by saying, "Because some people's dreams are just like that!"

Nausi then looked kinda confused at them, but then said, "Well, I guess that makes sense…"

Another Mithra girl, who seemed to come out of nowhere, then said, "But how did she get into the hallway then?"

Soltreb thought for a second and said, "She obviously slept walked…"

The girl known as Kagi then said, "I can't tell what's more humorous, the physics of what you're trying to explain, or the fact that the only thing you're hiding is that you two got a little frisky…"

Soltreb looked to Daida and said, "Well, she's got us there, doesn't she?"

Daida looked to Kagi and said, "You have no evidence!"

Kagi smirked and said, "You'd be correct if I wasn't here the entire time…"

"I have no idea what you are talking about…"

Kagi then grinned and started to repeat Daida's past words in a mocking tone, "Damn it, why do you have to be so damn cute? It's not fair!"

Daida then quickly covered Kagi's mouth with her hands and quickly mumbled to her, "Shut it or you wont be going hunting today…"

Kagi blinked at her and said, "Wait, we're going hunting today?"

Habaki laughed at Kagi and said, "Can't you remember anything? Today we go hunting with mom!"

Kagi blinked and said, "Oh, right, I remember now…"

Daida looked around and said, "Where is Baji anyway?"

Kagi smirked and said, "Baji? You have to be kidding, she sleeps even longer then Dervask for crying out loud!"

Dervask then walked into the room and asked, "Did someone call my name?"

Habaki quickly said, "No, now go back to sleep!"

Dervask blinked and then fell down asleep. Soltreb blinked at him and then said aloud, "Wow, I wish I could do that…"

Baji then walked into the room, standing on top of Dervask. She looked down and said in her stupor, "When did we get a carpet?"

Nausi blinked at Baji and said, "Umm… That's Dervask…"

Baji looked at Nausi like she was crazy and said, "Why did you make Dervask into a carpet?"

Daida sighed and said, "You know what, I'll explain that later, but for now we need you to pick classes…" She then looked around and yelled out, "Hey, Vendisioh, where are you!"

An aged moogle then slowly flew into the room and said, "You called, Daida?"

Daida then nodded and said, "Yeah, I need you to give my daughters their classes, we're going hunting today…"

Vendisioh then nodded and then looked the Kagi saying, "What would you like to be?"

Kagi grinned and said, "Ninja of course…" The moogle then spun around in a circle, a golden circle then formed it's self around Kagi. Kagi took a step back and said, "Well… That was interesting…"

Vendisioh then looked to Habaki and said, "What would you like to be?"

Habaki thought for a second and then said, "Can I be something that kicks a whole bunch of ass and still look cool while doing it?"

The moogle smirked and said, "Samurai it is then…" The then spun around once more, casting the golden circle around Habaki. She looked around and said, "Does that mean I'm badass now?"

The moogle smirked and said, "Not quite yet…"

Baji then yelled out, "Me next! I wanna be a black mage!"

The moogle smirked as he then casted the circle onto Baji. He then looked to Nausi and said, "And what would you like to be?"

Nausi blinked and said, "Umm… Well,… I don't really like fighting… So could you…"

Vendisioh then smirked and said, "Way ahead of you!" He then spun around and casted the gold circle on Nausi. Nausi then blinked and said, "Is that all there is to it?"

The moogle then smirked and said, "Is that all?"

Daida nodded, but before she could say, "Yes…" Dervask yelled out, "I WANNA BE A MONK!"

The Vendisioh smiled and said, "Now that's what I'm talking about!" He then quickly turned, casting the gold circle, but then starting to spin in the other direction, casting the circle on all the children. Vendisioh then smiled and said, "Welcome to the training circle! Time has now stopped for you five so I could train you in your selected fields. This is extremely important for all of you, so I suggest you pay attention…"

Kagi then looked around and said, "So does this happen to everyone?"

Vendisioh shook his head and said, "No, not really..."

Habaki then grinned and said, "Ha! I guess that means were special!"

The moogle then shook his head and said, "No, it's just that I am the only moogle to my knowledge who can do this..."

Baji looked to Habaki and said, "I think you're the only special one here Habaki..."

Kagi then smirked and said, "Back to normal I see, Baji, I really don't like you when you first wake up in the morning..."

Baji then glared at Kagi and said, "Shut the hell up..."

Dervask then yelled out, "CAN'T BREATHE!"

Baji then looked down to Dervask and then slowly stepped off of him. Vendisioh then blinked and said, "Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight..."


Next Chapter: Training is Hard as Hell…


Side notes!

I just think I should at least say the ages of the Characters just to give you a better idea of them...

Kagi: 11 Habaki: 10 Dervask: 8 Baji/Nausi: 6

If you can't tell, Baji and Nausi are twins...

Further more, to my knowledge the names don't mean anything, so please don't actually try to find meaning in them…

Also I only write when I am really tired, so if things start going insane, please notify me so I can try to find out what the hell I was thinking...


Hazza! I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter!


I swear to god I will kill anyone who says male Mithra don't exist...