Chapter 6: Ten Years Later


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A young half-Elvaan half-Hume ran across the Buburimu Peninsula with a much older Galkan following right behind him. His right ear twitched and he yelled out, "Goblin to the right!" They both then began to turn left. In time the gate of Mhaura became visible and the young one began to yell, "All it is now is a mad dash for the gates! Go, go, go!" They both began to speed up, but the Galkan was undoubtedly slower. The red haired Galkan then began to mumble, "Damn my tiny Galkan legs!"

"Hurry up, Morvagor!" yelled the younger as he reached the gate, "We don't have much time, we might miss the Ferry!"

"I'm hurrying as fast as I can, damn it!" Yelled Morvagor, "And you're one to talk, Tricay, if I remember you're the one that held up the ferry last time!"

"Less talking, more running!" Tricay yelled as he ran behind the Galkan, just to push him along quicker.

As the two entered the small port town they could not help but collapse from exhaustion. As Morvagor looked up towards the docks he yelled out, "The ferry is here!"

Tricay then quickly got to his feet and shouted, "Someone stop the ferry!"

While the two were running for the ferry a voice yelled out to them, "It doesn't work that way!"

As the two reached the tollbooth for the ferry Morvagor slapped down one hundred gil and pushed his way past the Galkan guard, almost knocking him over. Tricay tried to do the same, but it soon became apparent that Galkans are hard to move, so instead Tricay just jumped the small wooden fence and quickly ran towards the ferry. "Go on without me!" Yelled Tricay

"I intend to!" Replied Morvagor. He then walked into the ferry and looked around at the passengers. There was a group of Mithra in the corner near the doors that would lead up to the deck; they all looked strangely familiar to him.

"Checking out the fine Mithra, right?" asked Tricay, "And here I thought you Galka were suppose to be devoid of perverse thoughts."

"We are…" mumbled Morvagor, "It's just that, they seem familiar to me."

"They're going to be familiar to me too, in my pants." Tricay said as he looked to the one with long, tied back hair, "Nothing like a Mithra monk."

"In your pants?"

"In my pants."

The boat then began to sail away and the other passengers quickly opened the doors to the decks and ran to the tops of the steps, most likely to fish. All the Mithra had left except a small white mage that apparently preferred the color black to red. Tricay smirked at the girl, but she acted like as if she did not notice it. His smirk faltered for a second, but he then said, "I was just wondering, if you would like to see inside of my pants." He stood with a great sense of pride for the inside of his pants, but the girl continued to not respond, it was almost like she was just a statue or robot of some kind. He then sighed and stated, "No one likes that joke." Usually by now he would get at least the smallest smirk by now, but she continued to act lifeless and unresponsive. Tricay paused and then continued with, "I think I'm just going to go now." He then quickly walked through the doors and up the steps to the deck. Morvagor then looked to the girl and decided to sit down next to her.

With a heavy sigh the Galkan spoke, "You know, you shouldn't keep your emotions bottled up like that." The girl had no response. The Galkan sighed again and then slowly said, "I'm sure they fought to the last breath to defend you all." The Mithra quickly cringed as if she was in pain. "I doubt they had any regrets about it, they did have a long time to think about it." The girl then began to bite her lip, trying to keep herself from crying. "I would know." Continued the Galkan, "I was there when we were all told of our fates, and I can assure you that they would have chosen the same path a thousand times over."

"Who are you?!" yelled Nausi with tear filled eyes.

"Morvagor." He said plainly.

Up on the deck Tricay looked around at all the people fishing. "If one of these bastards catches a Sea Horror I'm out of here." He mumbled. The half Elvaan then noticed the longhaired Mithra fishing in a corner and slowly approached. "Would you like to see inside of my pants?"

The Mirthra then turned to look at him and said, "Sorry, but I'm not homosexual." And with that Dervask went back to fishing.

Tricay's jaw dropped and soon after he yelled out, "What, how, why are you male!?"

Dervask then thought for a moment and said, "Ask your parents."

Tricay was about to yell out something else, but his right ear then twitched and he felt an enormous force on his mind. "I sense a disturbance in the perversion." He then looked to his right and saw a Mithra ninja looking at him; the power of her perversion was ungodly! "Who are you?" he mouthed out to her, "And why are you such a pervert."

"Kagi." She said plainly, "Because my father was a pervert obviously."

"Yours too!?" Yelled out Tricay, "So then you too know the power of the perversion."

"The what?"

"Never mind." He said as he then began to slowly walk back down into the ship. As he opened the door to the innards of the ship the faintest sound of crying from Nausi could be heard to the sharpest of ears, like that of a Mithra or an Elvaan. Tricay quickly rushed down the stairs, most likely because in his mind depressed girls mean it's easier to get some sex. Kagi quickly followed him, seeing as she was the oldest sibling she felt it was her duty to take care of the rest of them, especially Nasui and Baji the youngest. Habaki and Baji did not hear the cry mostly because of Habaki was too busy proclaiming herself Queen of Potatoes. Dervask did not seem to care that much seeing as he was concentrating more on fishing. As Tricay arrived he saw the Mithra crying and Morvagor sitting next to her; seeing this made him do the only right thing any testosterone induced man would do and punched Morvagor across the face. Nausi quickly got to her feet to try and stop this crazy man, but instead Morvagor beat her to it by punching him back. Tricay was knocked backwards a step, but then for no reason suddenly lost his balance and fell head first into Kagi's breasts.

"Dare I ask?" Yelled Kagi.

"He punched me!" Yelled Morvagor.

"I am suddenly extremely happy!" Yelled the muffled voice of Tricay, "In my pants!" He then lifted up his head and then spoke, "I mean… He made her cry!" He then pointed at Nausi.

The ninja Mithra then looked to her younger sister and then to Morvagor and took out both of her small katanas and charged at him yelling, "I'll make you bleed!"

"Hey!" Yelled Tricay as he grabbed Kagi, "No one draws weapons on my friend, even if they do have extremely comfortable boobs!" Without a moment's hesitation Kagi then turned around and stabbed Tricay in the shoulder.

"Stop it!" Yelled Nausi. Kagi complied and took her katana out of Tricay's shoulder.

"Couldn't you have said the before she stabbed me!?" Complained Tricay.

"You're a red mage!" Stated Morvagor, "You can heal yourself so no one cares about your injuries!"

"I'm sure she cares." He responded as he pointed to Nausi.

Before Nausi could respond a voice came from above yelling, "Sea Horror!"

"Every time!" yelled out Tricay, "Well there is no way in Infrit's Cauldron you can get me up there now!" But it soon became apparent to him that the young Mithra was concerned about the people above and the monstrous beast attacking them. "To battle with no regret!" He yelled out as he unsheathed his sword and charged up the steps.

"A woman's fickleness is contagious I assume." Spoke Morvagor as he followed Tricay up the steps. As they opened the doors the giant sea monster floated before them.

"Why was I doing this again?" Asked Tricay.

"Because you think it will impress that girl and you believe that it will help you get into her pants." Responded Morvagor.

"Of course, how foolish of me to ask, it's the only reason any man does anything!" Tricay then charged forward to strike down the beast, but was cut off by a different red mage casting down thunderbolts of untold power. "Oh, I'm sorry." Apologized the red mage, "Did you want to kill that?"

Tricay's spirit was shattered as he responded with, "But if I didn't kill it, how will I get sex?"

"You do realize that the white mage is only sixteen, right?" Asked the red mage.

"No, I didn't…" Stated Tricay, "But how do you know!?"

"Look at my hat!" Explained the red mage while he pointed to his red hat with a white feather in it, "Do you see how awesome this hat is? Well the awesomeness of this hat creates a Deus Ex Machina field around me, allowing me to do whatever I want. Some experts call it badass physics."

"Of course! That explains everything that has to do with ninja and dragoons!"

"You're catching on…" Spoke the red mage as he looked out to sea, "But I must now leave you, for my planet needs me…" And with that the red mage used his badass physics to fly into the sky never to be seen again.

"Bye-bye badass hat man!"

"In retrospect…" Spoke Kagi, "I really shouldn't have drugged my katana before stabbing him."

Morvagor then began to slap Tricay yelling, "Stop being delusional, we're in Selbina!"

"Is that you, grandfather?" Replied Tricay.

"What ever the hell you just stabbed him with…" Spoke the Galkan as he looked to Kagi, "Do you think it would be legal for me to sell it in drink form?"

"I am the Queen of the Potatoes!" Yelled Habaki as she tackled Baji for no reason what so ever.

"Someone kill me!" Exclaimed Baji.


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