Behind Shinra's Doors

Chapter 1: Sweat and Sex

Zack tightened his grip on Cloud's back ever more, causing his nails to dig into the blonde's skin almost at the point of drawing blood. His name came in echoes of repeated moans from the 19 year old, matching perfectly intoned with his heated thrusts in and out of Zack. He watched his best friend below him in awe at how beautiful Zack looked in pure rapture. Eyes closed and his head lashed back over the pillow moaning his name. All of it causing Cloud to push deeper inside so he can see how far to push him.

Now the pain on his back began to show and Cloud hissed his pain out but he didn't want Zack to stop. The deeper he went into Zack the deeper Zack's nails went into Cloud. This time Cloud's movements were fluid; slow and nonstop almost dance-like and causing Zack to relish in it underneath him for the morning. Soon enough, energy began to drain from Cloud's eyes making him to close them and it soon spread all over his body ending below his hips. He poured himself into Zack excessively and the rocking of the bed ceased to leave the large bedrooms of many beds quiet with just their gasps of breath.

Cloud stilled himself over Zack until the strength in his arms gave out and then rolled to the other side of Zack after he pulled out. All the other boys of the camp were long gone to the first phase of training while only two were left behind to indulge in each other.

Cloud reached over to Zack's drawer and found a pack of cigarettes which weren't his because Zack didn't believe in smoking. They were only there on the account of Cloud. It was hard to enjoy the stick of nicotine because breath left him from his present exercise. Meanwhile, Zack stared at the white ceiling then over to Cloud who was puffing away. He reached over and raked his fingers through the blonde's hair and saw droplets of sweat along the side of his face. Zack motioned over and generously licked the salty sweat turning Cloud on enough to give him a sloppy kiss.

Both youths were worn beyond belief and wondered how they were going to have energy to get through training. Cloud was the first to speak.

"Are you nervous of the General's Chosen are going to be posted up today?"

"Naw! I know I'll make it." Zack turned to look at Cloud. "You'll make it too," Cloud chuckled at his comment. "No, I'm serious, you're better then you think."

"I never met or seen this General so I really didn't give my best on the test. But now that I think of it, I wish I did." Cloud took another puff from the stick before flicking off the ashes.

"Well then let's not talk about it. It won't be posted until near lunch break. Get this: my mother wrote to me asking how training and all was. Then she began on wondering how she doesn't really understand it all and asked how it all is summed up."

Cloud smiled at Zack's kind and oblivious mother. "Sex and Sweat." He simply answered and Zack laughed heartily at the comment.

"Pretty ironic for such a machine like place." Zack mused.

"You'd be surprised what happens behind Shinra's doors." Cloud smiled to himself.

I'm beginning on a new story, which will involve many pairings including the one you've just read. But the relationship between Zack and Cloud is very laid back. Really they're just best friends who wouldn't mind sleeping with from time to time. Please REVIEW!

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