Behind Shinra Doors

Chapter 24: Don't Ask

When Liam awoke it wasn't his normal room that he found himself in. His new surroundings startled him at first until he looked over his shoulder he then remember why. Corgi laid on his side sleeping peacefully and undisturbed by Liam's movements. Liam smiled then looked at the clock which read 11:30. Shit!

The soldier slipped off the bed quickly enough to have not stirred Corgi and began to dress himself. Dammit! Where the hell is my boxers! He searched around the room but his checkered Hanes were nowhere to be found. Oh, well! He shrugged. It's not like the first time I went commando.

He casually walked out of Corgi's apartment, knowing they'll meet up later the day and headed for the elevator. Once inside he had to go down. The ride was a smooth one until it stopped unexpectedly on floor 51 where it opened its doors. The steel walls slide apart to reveal Zack tugging on his white boxers. Both young men stared at each other, surprised to find one or the other there and probably leaving a similar situation.

Zack asserted himself straight and stern before entering the closed room with a suspicious look towards Liam. Liam stared right back to him. Since they were both heading to the same floor, Liam allowed Zack to press the button. Only the elevator was heard between them and not a breath upset the silence. The chamber was on its way down.

"Don't ask." Zack pushed out of his lips forcefully. Liam couldn't help but giggle.

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