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Warnings: Spoilers for 'Story of a Struggling Restaurant' and 'Black Ghost Lives!'

It had taken Chang Changku years to turn his restaurant into a success. Losing it had only taken a few hours. It wasn't just a building that had burned down. It was the blood, the sweat, the tears; everything he had worked so hard for that had been reduced to soot and ashes.

It was easily the worst thing that had ever happened to him, but there hadn't been much time for him to dwell on it. Fate had stepped in the way Fate usually did at moments like that, and landed Chang in the middle of something that made losing his business look small in comparison. Thanks to the Black Ghost organization, he and eight other people were now not only in a fight for their survival, but to make sure their creators wouldn't get away with what they had done. It was only during those rare moments of relative quiet that he remembered that everything he had worked for was goneā€¦ and why.

He had chalked it up to bad luck, all those bad thing suddenly happening at once. But it had really been his pride that had done him in. He became more concerned with his reputation than his cooking, leaving that to less than competent individuals, and business matters to less than honest individuals. Truthfully, he had probably deserved to lose the restaurant.

But time went on whether he wanted it to or not, and as their little group became less like people linked together only by circumstance and more like a family, Chang started to notice something. For the first time in years, he was cooking just to make sure those he cared for were well fed. He could see the change, in both them and himself. He had forgotten how much good a meal could do for a person, but now he was reminded of it every day.

The Zaza Lake Restaurant was cramped and had a leaky roof, a far cry from what he used to manage. But he didn't mind. A little work, and it would be every bit as successful as his old one had been. But there would be a difference this time.

This time he would do it right.