Bionicle (human world rewrite)

Legends of Metru Nui

Ch 7: Running Away

It took Vakama, Matau, and Nokama a day to try to escape…

As they stopped for a rest at a train station…

Nokama asks Vakama, "Why would your grandfather say such things?" Vakama simply answered, "We've been betrayed." Matau asks, "You mean we quick-formed into outlaws?" Vakama sighs, "Yes. We have."

Nokama was worried, "We have got to save the others!" Vakama states, "How can we? To do such things such as that, we have got to discover our Secondary Soul Talents first." Nokama said, "I agree… but we have to get out of here!"

Vakama asks, "How and where to? The Vahki love to chase and don't give up that easily!" Matau agrees with Vakama and explains each Vahki tribe's power, "The red ones command people with ease, the blues ones get loyalty out anybody they zap, the brown ones control the suggestion of anybody, the green ones erase the memory of who they zap so they won't remember a thing about what they were originally doing, the white ones place those they zapped in a state of confusion, and the black ones can always sense our presence."

Nokama points to a monorail train they're next to and asked, "How about this?" She uses her Hydro Blades to cut the door open, "Come on!" she said as she jumps into it before it moves.

Vakama was worried, but Matau loves a challenge, "Well, what are you waiting for?" he kicks Vakama in the butt, sending him into the train! Trying to get out of his dazed state, Vakama could tell the Dark Hunters are coming from behind Matau! "DARK HUNTERS!"

Matau looked behind him and leaped in attempt to get on the train and escape the Hunters, but he missed and bounced several times upon the reverse-magnetic field the monorail stays on. He figures he could use the field to his advantage and runs on top of it as if he was running on thin air!

From behind the monorail train Vakama opened the back door and tugged Matau in! Vakama groans, "You should learn to be careful with that."

But Nidhiki and Krekka weren't ones to give up either; their armor is equipped with levitation and propulsion systems to allow them both to fly. But luckily, the monorail was too fast for them both and went to a different track.

Inside the cockpit of the train, Nokama was playing around with the controls, making it go faster.

Nokama asked, "Who made these trains? This is too easy, even a child could operate this." Matau walked up to her and sensually said, "My uncle's company did."

Back with the Dark Hunters, confused at which track the runaway Toa Paladins have gone on…

Krekka asked his partner, "Uh… ya think they went this way?" Nidhiki groaned, "Why do I bother?"

About an hour later… the monorail was moving just fine.


At a monorail electronics control center, the Dark Hunters threatened the workers there to override the systems and put them into reverse.


The monorail seemed to freeze up for some reason. Vakama asks Matau, "What just happened, Matau?" Matau shrugged.

Then WOOSH! The monorail is speeding backwards like crazy! Nokama calls to her comrades, "HANG ON!"

As they tried their best to hold on tight… Nokama took action and squeezed through a window and she used her Hydro Blades to be like a pair of grappling hooks. Vakama and Matau grabbed onto her legs, she asks, "What are you thinking, pretty-teacher?" Vakama answers, "I'm getting a sinking feeling that we're going to be literally blown sky high!"

Nokama looked and discovered the reverse electromagnetic railings have suddenly gotten too strong to let the monorail stay with them! "Hang on! We're going to try to make it to that arch!" She threw her Blades like grappling hooks and caught an oncoming railway arch… suddenly their world is turned upside-down!

Matau had gotten an idea; he takes out one of his Aero Slicers and cuts straight through the increased reverse-polarity electromagnetic field's energy successfully! They got sent flying away beyond the horizon by the exploding energy force!


In a shadowy location… a familiar Ben Affleck copy in brown Toa paladin armor, slowly opened his eyes… just to see Whenua and Nuju, sitting beside him in the same room he's in! Onewa asked, "Where are we, you guys?" Whenua answered, "An underground prison, obviously somewhere in the rock-covered regions of the Arabian deserts." Onewa got excited he pulled out his Proto Pitons, "Then what are we waiting for? We've got our Toa weapons, we can––" Nuju interrupts him, "Go where? Look!"

Onewa looks and found Zadakh Vahki (brown ones) above the grates to where the sun is shining above them and Rorzakh Vahki (black ones) at the door of the prison. Nuju explained, "We can't go anywhere now; we can't escape anywhere without them chasing us."

Onewa doesn't want to give up; once he sets his mind on something he sticks to it, he hops to the grates and struggles to force it open with his Toa powered strength. Whenua shrugs and decides to help out. Not much as small dents in the drainage. Whenua shrugs, "Let me guess–– 'A 317 Kanoka disk, a 317 Kanoka disk, my kingdom for a 317 Kanoka disk'?"


Kanoka Variations:

District Variations (First Digit)

1: Ta-Metru. Stronger, can knock obstacles out of the way.

2: Ga-Metru. Can change direction in mid-air, guided by the thrower's thoughts.

3: Po-Metru. Deflects other discs from their course.

4: Ko-Metru. Dodges obstacles to get to target.

5: Le-Metru. Flies further.

6: Onu-Metru. Always returns to thrower if diverted from course.

Power Variations (Second Digit)

1: Reconstitutes at Random. Changes the physical form of any object or being temporarily. The object that the being's physical form is changed into is random.

2: Freezes. Freezes the object in a coating of ice.

3: Weakens. Weakens a target. Buildings can be weakened and collapse or break, and beings can be weakened physically.

4: Removes poison. Removes any type of poison a target may have.

5: Enlarges. Enlarges the target to a larger size.

6: Shrinks. Shrinks the target to a smaller target.

7: Regenerates. Regenerates wounds, collapsed structures or anything else like that.

8: Teleports. Automatically teleports the target to a random area.

9: Time. Allows the user to control time.

Power Level Variations (Third Digit)

The third digit is the power level of the disk. The higher the number, the more powerful the disk power. Higher levels increase the endurance, how long the effect lasts, etc. As for mask-making, level 1-6 disks are used to make Matoran masks, because all the power of the disk leeches out during the mask-masking process, so the masks do not have power. Level 7 disks are used to make Noble Masks. Level 8 disks are used to make Great Masks. Level 9 disks, or Great Disks, have never been made into Kanohi due to the fact only six exist and little is known about the end result.


Onewa growls, "I… gotta get… outta here!"

Whenua moans (even though he's doing his best to help), "Oh… this is just great! When I woke up in my younger days, all I worried about was cataloging. Now I go down in history as Earth's most wanted!" Onewa didn't believe what Whenua was saying, "YOU? I'm the one suffering here, stuck with a half-frozen partially-frosted big brain and an underground non-claustrophobic stock clerk!" The Michael Duncan-like Toa paladin of Earth got upset and lets go of his support of the insulting Toa paladin of Stone. Nuju kneels to the ground in misery, "We will never escape; our freedom is gone and our future is hopeless."

"Toa giving up hope?" asked a voice within the darkness of their cell.


The other three Toa found themselves almost completely physically exhausted and hanging for their lives upon the destroyed monorail track, in the middle of Canada.

Nokama said in a huff, "Nice job, Matau! Is everyone okay, though?" Matau relaxes, even though Vakama's holding him by one of his ankles in one hand and holding onto Nokama's with the other, then cheers excitedly "Sure-fine; just enjoying the view! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!" Vakama says, "He seems alright." Nokama shrugs, "Good."

FLASH! Vakama had another vision, this time he's looking at a giant-sized version of his father, Toa Lhikan. "Father/Toa Lhikan?" Then white turns to black and the Lhikan giant turned into a glowing symbol (the Bionicle symbol) and then the symbol swirled and formed into a shooting star! Distinctively, Vakama heard Nokama's voice calling his name, "Vakama… VAKAMA!"

FLASH! Vakama remembered the situation where he and his Toa colleagues are at currently! Nokama asked worriedly, "Another vision?" Vakama quickly nods. Matau frowns at the Fire Toa paladin, "How about less vision-seeing, and more Toa-saving?"

Nokama felt something, she traced it to the former magnetic rail line they're hanging from… it's beginning to crack and bend, plus her Hydro Blades, in grappling hook use; are beginning to slip, "We're too heavy!" Matau scoffed, "Yeah, well, it's all Toa-muscle!" Vakama said, "I don't think that's what she meant." Nokama nods, "Yes, we're slipping!"

Vakama suggests, "Can we make it to that tower?" Nokama looks on and found what he was talking about; the Rotating Restaurant in Toronto, "It's about 150 feet away from here!" Matau cheers, "It's a challenge that only Toa-heroes can accomplish; try it out!" Nokama was nervous, but began to regain her belief in her Toa weapons and her newfound abilities, "If we're gonna have to."

She began to swing everyone back and forth several times, and with one final swing, they slipped and charged forth to the Rotating Restaurant's dining floor! While the two other Toa screamed, Matau cheered, "This is fine! This is fine! Wahoo!" CLANG! Nokama's Hydro Blades hooked into the frame below the diner in the sky on top of the tower with success! Matau smiled, "Oh yeah, meant to do that."

Nokama smiled, "If only your father could see me now." Vakama sighed, "He'd be proud of you."

Matau whistled with amazement, "That was fun." Then he slipped from Vakama's grip! Vakama realized, "MATAU!"

As Matau realized he had no way to survive a crash, "Uh oh!" soon he saw the pavement rushing towards him… then he felt an instinct coming to him, he goes with it, then he felt his Aero Slicers appear on his back in a flash of green light and they changed into angelic metallic bird-like wings with sword-like feathers! He used them… and he began to fly! He cheered at his success!

As Nokama and Vakama scaled down the ice-cold tower, they found Matau flying free as a bird and happy as an angel trough the falling snow! Nokama smiled, "Would you look at that?" Vakama asked, "Do you think he has found his Secondary Soul Talent?" Matau hooted and cheered as he flew, "Look at me, I can–––" The two other Toa realized, "MATAU, WATCH OUT FOR THAT––" Matau looked on and crashed into a giant banner of Turaga Dume on the side of a large building! Both of them cringed at the sight of the crash, "OOOO!" Vakama finished, "banner." Nokama shrugged, "Maybe not. But aye… that's gotta hurt!" Matau slowly turned his head and grunted in pain, "Wind-fly."

Then he began to slip towards the ground, taking the banner with him!

Vakama felt an instinct inside him acing up, his Kanoka Disk Launcher appeared on his back and he let go to try to save Matau, a small button appeared on his hand underneath his thumb, he pressed it and from the back of his Launcher shot a thrust of fiery energy that's allowing him to fly! He caught the banner and held it like a giant sack with Matau inside!

Nokama thought of something and jumped down towards Vakama, he caught her! Nokama said, "Now to get Matau healed." Vakama said, "We need a safe place to rest first."