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Summary: Aida, Mereb and the Nubian King all escaped from Egypt alive. After some time passed and the war with Egypt ends Radames and Amneris come to Nubia for a celebration of peace. And the King surprises Aida with a startling announcement at the feast...

Day after dayonce we left Egypt I would sit, wondering what he was doing. When we received word of the Pharaoh's death was when I first began to fear. Radames and Amneris would want to make peace with Nubia, I was certain of that. And if they wanted to make peace then they might come to Nubia, and my father and I would have to receive them, and they would see me and know I lied to them. But that it the least of my fears now, because they did come, after withdrawing they're armies from our lands. When they saw me they acted as if it were nothing, as if I were nothing, it hurt but it was better that way. That same night, at the great feast we held for Amneris and Radames, my father stood before all of the people and said,

"Today, my children, is a most joyous day. For today, aside from finally being at peace with out neighbors, you shall know who your next king shall be." I stopped. The next king? But that meant he was announcing who I would marry, and while Radames was sitting at his right hand. I could barely look as he motioned his hand over to me. "My dear advisor, Mereb please rise." Mereb stood, I was in shock, "You who brought Aida and I from Egypt, you who was my daughters only friend in an enemy land and kept her secret from her captors, you who have come to me asking for my daughters hand, I grant your request!" I couldn't move, Mereb had asked my father for my hand, and has said nothing to me.

"My king, I am extremely grateful," Mereb spoke so eloquently, "But I cannot accept until Aida has given her consent. You surprised me, and I have yet to speak with her on the matter."

Oh thank the gods for Mereb. Later we walked by the river, just us. We didn't speak for a while and then he spoke first,

"Aida, I know this day must have been hard for you. Have you spoken to him?"

"You know I haven't! And I can't now, not after all of this. Didn't you see he couldn't even look at me!" The tears ran down my face but Mereb wiped them with his hand.

"Aida," Mereb smiled, "I asked for you because of him you know." I looked at him bewildered, "I knew it wouldn't be long before every soldier in the Nubian army was asking for your hand. Wouldn't you rather have a husband who knows that you will always love another man, and loves you despite it?" I looked into his eyes. He loved me? He had always said he loved me as his princess, but did he truly love me as a wife?

"Mereb," I spoke softly, "I will marry you, but I ask you one favor before we speak to my father." Mereb looked at me, "Go to him, and ask him to meet me here. I must speak with him, he has to understand!"

"Of course," Mereb smiled, "I will go to him immediately. And Aida, he will understand. If he truly loves you he will understand."

I prayed fervently to the gods that he would understand.