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Amilla stepped off of the boat in Egypt. When her mother had sent her as an ambassador she had never imagined what it would be like. The voyage up the Nile had been nerve racking at best. She was most worried about meeting the Prince of Egypt. Her mother had told her not to be. But some things the Queen of Nubia simply couldn't explain to her daughter. The prince stood at the dock waiting to greet them.

"Princess Amilla," he spoke authoritatively, his deep gravely voice enraptured the young princess, "It is an honor to welcome you on behalf of my parents." He looked at the princess' amazingly beautiful dark eyes, "I am Prince Ranakin. Welcome to Egypt." Amilla smiled softly.

"Thank you your highness." She said coolly, imitating the voice her mother used while holding court. "I'm truly honored to be here. My parents speak very highly of your nation, and of your parents." Well, my mother does she thought, my father calls the Pharoah and faithless bastard who forgets his friends.

As they walked towards the Pharoah's court Amilla and Ranakin talked about their lives.

"It's so different for us than it was for our parents," Amilla said, "I mean, I'm coming here as an honored guest. My mother and father came here as slaves. It's wonderful the progress that has been made in the peace time."

"I disagree," Ranakin answered her, "While the peace time has been very prosperous, among the people there is still this separation between Egyptians and Nubians. I think it has something to do with the fact that this is the first meeting between any members of the royal families in about,"

"Twenty years," she interrupted, "I know, my mother reminded me several times of that fact. She also said it was up to us to make the peace last, and build bonds of friendship."

"My mother said the same thing to me." A confused look crossed his face. Amilla smiled.

"I had a feeling they have discussed it." They continued to walk and as they entered the palace Amilla felt a pang of anticipation. Something inside told her that everything was going to be alright now.

The End

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