Author's Note: Yeah, I know, I know. But I just had to get this little incomplete AU fiction out of my head. Apparently I've hit a little block with my other B/F fics. I'll try harder.

There was something missing. She didn't feel quite...right. Her life, though far from bad, wasn't quite enough. Sometimes, when these thoughts managed to creep into her otherwise relatively carefree mind, she would feel guilty. Many would kill to have her life, to be her. Some almost did trying. Figuratively speaking ofcourse. Anything more than juvenile shoplifting was unheard of in Sunnydale California.

Her days were filled with inane teenage banter about who wore what and who dated who and very rarely, school. Although she was a bright young girl, you wouldn't know it by the looks of her grades. She wasn't failing, her mother would kill her if she was, she made just enough effort to pass.

Being seventeen, there were other, more important things that occupied her mind. As one of Sunnydale High's top five in the popularity poll, school wasn't a priority. Naturally, her boyfriend was also included in the top five.

So living in a peaceful town, having more friends than she could count, passing grades, a loving mother and sister, a handsome boyfriend and plenty of admirers, Buffy Summers was definitely not unhappy.

But there was something missing.

Another weekend had come and gone and as Buffy entered the school halls, she was quickly joined by her usual clique. Cordelia Chase, another top five member and Buffy's best friend, linked arms with her and excitedly started chattering away. The other girls hovered around the two, some talking to another, most content on listening to their idols' conversation.

"Oh my god! Buffy, did you hear? Steve just totally broke up with Sarah on Saturday!"

"Oh my god! He did?" Buffy said semi-sarcastically. "The world must be coming to an end! Steve and Sarah no more? But it was 'S-heart-S'! It was destiny!" She mockingly gasped.

Cordelia sighed patiently.

"That's amusing, sweetie. But do you not see how a major hottie is now perfectly single?"

"Steve's an idiot, Cordy."

"But he's a stud!"

"And possibly dumber than Jessica Simpson."

Cordelia stopped at her locker and looked at her best friend accusingly.

"You know I have one of her albums." She pouted.

"Yes, I know. So do I." Buffy shrugged. "I'm just saying she's..." The blonde frowned, trying to find a nicer way to make her point. "... intellectually challenged."

Cordelia giggled and nodded ruefully as she opened her locker.

"This is true." She conceded. "So that's a no on Steve?"

Buffy shrugged again while rummaging through her shiny purple purse that perfectly matched her purple/pink summer dress.

"It's your call, Cordelia. I'm just saying you can do better."

The brunette cheerleader hummed in agreement and retouched her lips.

"Anyway, speaking of better. How's your hunky boyfriend?"

She nudged her co-captain playfully. Buffy smiled and put the found lollipop in her mouth.

"Angel's..." Buffy didn't get the chance to finish her sentence.

"Incoming!" A boy screamed.

The girls surrounding Buffy and Cordelia quickly jumped away. But the two best friends were too late as Xander Harris crashed into them, sending the trio, skateboard and all, down to the floor.

"Argh!" Cordelia shrieked. "What the hell are you doing, you freak?" She panically got up and inspected her clothes and hair.

The clumsy skateboarder wasn't capable of speaking as he found himself lying on top of the girls of his dreams.


Buffy looked up at him, exasperated. It wasn't the first time she was confronted with Xander. She had noticed him following her around like a love-sick puppy on various occassions since ninth grade. She thought it was sweet though and made sure she wasn't too crass with him. Even on times like these.

"Xander, right?" She patiently smiled at him.

The boy seemed to wake up from his catatonia as Cordelia began hitting him repeatedly with her black Gucci purse. Buffy pointedly looked down between Xander and herself. As Xander followed her gaze, he grew an even darker shade of red.

"Do you mind?" Buffy asked as nice as she could under the circumstances.

Before Xander could answer, he was kicked off his crush forcefully by Cordelia Chase.

"Disgusting perv!" She screamed at him and helped up her blonde friend.

The furiously blushing Xander was about to stutter out an apology, but Cordelia had already stomped away, dragging Buffy with her and angrily cursing the existance of what she called 'pathetic annoying loser freaks'.

Any other day, Xander might have cared. Been hurt even. Instead, he scrambled to his feet, grabbed the first passer-by and breathlessly said:

"I touched Buffy Summers' boobs and she knows my name!"

"Oh, did you?"

Xander looked up, recognizing the voice.

"Uh...Angel. Hi."