Monday was it. It was the day that everything was going to be out in the open. It took Buffy until Sunday evening to decide on this. After deciding on Friday evening to chase after Faith but then rethinking her decision as she stood swaying in front of her car, not sure which of the seven car keys in her hand was hers. And then again on Saturday, telling herself it was destiny, after hearing seven songs, in the space of half an hour, mentioning 'faith'. But then, yet again, chickening out after her thighs just seemed way too huge in that dress.

But today was Monday. And she had decided on Sunday evening that today was the day. She didn't know how she was supposed to go another day without tasting the brunette's lips again anyway.

So she determinately stepped into the school precisely five minutes after the bell rang, and after a short decisive walk through the halls, burst into the tiny room that represented the school radio station.

"Hey, what're you-.." A lanky junior with earphones on stood up abruptly but then faltered as he saw that it was in fact, Buffy Summers, who had entered their area without knocking.

"I need to say something." The blonde simply stated.

The star-struck junior simply gaped on mindlessly so Buffy gestured towards the unused of the two microphones. The boy who was reminding all the students that the big bake sale was on Wednesday and they should all chip in, suddenly broke off as he noticed that Buffy was trying to move into his already way too limited time on-air.

"Whoa, whoa, hold on, what're you talking about?" He said as he covered the microphone with his hand. "The principal personally approved of me being the voice of our school, I'm pretty sure he didn't mention you once in this morning's memo either. This is my time."

Buffy rolled her eyes.

"Get off my back-…" She looked towards the less hostile junior for help.

"Jonathan." He offered.

"Get off my back, Jonathan! I just need like one minute of your precious air-time, and we're all just wasting it by arguing." She looked helplessly towards the lanky junior.

He immediately got the message as his eyes lit up.

"Uh, c'mere, Jonathan." He stood and gestured towards the door.

The dark-haired boy's eyes widened in shock.

"But, Kyle!" He protested.

But the junior, Kyle, seemed to have no interest in Jonathan whatsoever and smiled instead at Buffy as he grabbed the shorter boy by the collar and pulled him towards the door.

Buffy flashed the helpful boy a congratulatory smile and then sighed as she settled her eyes on the microphone.

So apparently today really was the day.

As she nervously sat down behind the mic, the junior returned into the room, locking it behind him and sitting down, looking upon Buffy in great interest.

She ignored him and sighed yet again before speaking into the microphone.

"Um…Hi." She coughed. That was way too squeaky.

Suddenly, everyone in the classrooms looked up in curiosity. What was going on? They had in time learned to block out the voice with the incessant whining quality that was Jonathan's. But this voice was new. And slightly squeaky.


That was better.

"This is Buffy Summers and I would like to make an announcement."

And now looks were definitely being exchanged, and the murmurs turned into excited whispers. Buffy swallowed the lump in her throat. She just hoped Faith wasn't wearing her earphones.

"… I made out with Faith."

A collective gasp rose from the school.

"Sorry Lana. And Angel. … Actually, no. I'm not sorry, Angel. And I'm not sorry to all of you homophobes out there. I just have to say this because… Well because I really like Faith. I really…really like you, Faith. And yes, I was drunk but… Well… I'm not now, however difficult that is to believe. And um… I'd like to do it again."

An unusual silence fell over the school, as everyone who had just heard Buffy's announcement attempted to process this rather surprising information.

"Wow. Well… I think I speak for all of us when I say… Exactly where and when is this making out going to take place?" The lanky junior suddenly said into the other microphone.

Buffy fell back in her chair as she herself realized what she had just done.


Whose genius idea was this anyway?

She had to get out of there.

She quickly stood up and exited the room, suddenly panicking. She had, after all, just proclaimed to the whole school, that not only was she aching for some girly loving, she was also quite obviously, an idiot. A fact that Faith was now undoubtedly convinced of.

She rushed down the school steps outside and nearly stumbled, luckily a tardy student Buffy hadn't noticed through her panic, caught the blonde.

Buffy only noticed the boots as she regained her balance.

"Hey, B, what's the rush? Physics that bad today?"

And then of course, she noticed the voice, the nickname, and the dark brown eyes.

Buffy stared in disbelief.

"Whoa. Must be." Faith cocked an eyebrow and scanned the area. She then shoved her hands in her pockets and turned around, standing besides Buffy. "So where we headed?"

"You're late." Buffy uttered, still in shock.

"Yeah, I had a feeling first period was gonna be boring as hell." The brunette shrugged. "Guess I was right, huh? Do I even wanna ask what I missed?" She laughed and led the way to the parking lot, gesturing for Buffy to come along.

When she noticed that the blonde wasn't following, she turned back around to see Buffy still staring at her in disbelief. Faith frowned.

"Holy shit, B, you look like hell. Seriously, did something happen first period?"

Buffy blinked.

And then she blinked again. And sighed.

"I don't even know how to answer that."

Faith laughed.

"You're pretty weird sometimes, you know that?" She told the blonde.

Buffy laughed weakly, it was the only thing she could do to stop herself from sobbing.

"And you should really – really- start coming to school on time."