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Two Weeks in Sanctuary - Chapter 3

Something was definitely wrong. It wasn't that Seiya and Shiryu were fighting, and it wasn't that Shaka had opened his eyes to stare at Ikki without blasting him to bits. It was something else. Something was definitely up and the suspicion was driving Mu insane. Of course his beautiful calm face hid it all perfectly, but his hands would shake and his voice would quiver just a bit whenever he thought about the 'something' that was going on. The current stare down of a life time he was receiving from all the Bronze boys didn't help at all.

"So Mu-san, what kind of clothing do you like?" Shun asked from his spot around the table. They were all currently having lunch in the great room of the Pope's mansion.

Mu swallowed his food before thinking of what kind of clothing he liked. His mind however, could not help but think of counting the number of eyes on him at the moment. Shun, Hyoga, Seiya, Shiryu and Aldebaran had their eyes on him the entire meal and he was on the verge of teleporting right back to the Aries temple. He wasn't a person who appreciated being stared at while he was eating or when he spoke. He was not one of those types who craved eye contact in conversation, so when the Bronze boys stared at him intently whenever he uttered a word, it drove him crazy.

"I'm not too sure," he said softly before returning his gaze to his meal. The stares did not move away. He felt like a dog that was being stared at by a young curious puppy. While he would love to flee, he couldn't and pretty soon it would result in him snapping at someone.

"Oh, don't you remember Shun-shun? Mu's an Aries. You know what that means right?" Milo said with a smile. Everyone's eyes widened in confusion before a look of comprehension settled over all of their faces. Aiolia snickered, Seiya grinned like a cat and Shaka gave a little head nod. Shun smiled brightly and Hyoga tried to hide his laughter.

"Mu-san, I never thought you were the type!" Shun said before giggling. Mu stared at him as though he had gone crazy before he understood what Shun had been inferring.

"S-shun, that's…"

"Now Mu, don't you deny it!" Milo said with a smug smile. Mu narrowed his eyes at Milo before returning to his meal.

Milo had not looked up at Mu once for the duration of the meal. In fact, all of the Gold Saints had ignored him as usual and had eaten their meal quietly, all except Aldebaran of course. It seemed that the Taurus Saint had taken to staring at him just like the Bronze boys, and while he wanted to stitch the young ones eyes shut, he wanted to blast Aldebaran into the sky. He already had to hide his feelings for the Brazilian from everyone and the Brazilian himself, but staring at him so intently couldn't possibly help him keep his cool.

He did not know that he happened to look quite beautiful that morning and all the blushing from being uncomfortable made him look adorable. Of course Aldebaran would stare at him. Mu had done it on days when Aldebaran looked breathlessly handsome as well. Of course Aldebaran's thoughts had long gone from innocent to explicit.

It was happening frequently with the two neighbor saints. Ever since Kiki had asked Mu if he had liked Aldebaran and if he wanted to undress and get into bed with him, and then Milo's ridiculous advice on sex positions, he had been having naughty thoughts. Two nights in a row he had dreamt of Aldebaran taking him from behind and then he would flip him over and Mu would wrap his legs around Aldebaran's muscled torso and…

Aldebaran…well Milo hadn't even provoked him. His bottled up feelings for Mu had started to get to him lately and he had been quite easily aroused from just simple thoughts. Not only was Mu the sole person in his thoughts, but his clothing had been slowly disappearing with each new fantasy. Mu without his shirt, Mu without his pants, Mu in his underwear, Mu in nothing, him inside Mu… yeah that was the extent of his thoughts lately.

He had sat there staring at Mu putting the vegetables in his mouth and he wished he could give Mu something of his to put in his mouth alright. His mind had gone off many times thinking of those plush pink lips wrapped around a more intimate part of his body, but when he realized where his thoughts were heading, (especially since he was in public) he would try to think of the most disgusting thing he could think of.

It was frustrating alright. How much longer would he have to wait again? If he was sure that Mu returned his feelings, surely he would have been embracing Mu by now.

Mu had similar thoughts, though he was convinced that Aldebaran and Milo were more than just 'friends'. They had been spending a lot of time together in the last two months before the Bronze boys came, which worried Mu, since Milo was much more sexy and attractive than he was. Surely Aldebaran would prefer someone like Milo to a boring person like himself.

Milo nodded his head as he brought a piece of lamb to his mouth. Everything was going well. All the bronze boys were following through with their end of the deal and he was having a blast watching everyone try their hardest to get the person they liked. Of course when Camus (God bless his soul) had been alive he had had his own share of running around to do.

But there was one person who stood in the way of his plans and it was the Virgin, Mr. Closed eyes himself. He had dismissed his 'plan' as nonsense and said that Mu and Aldebaran were 'grown men who were fully capable of deciding whether they wanted to start a relationship on their own.' The fact that he said this so threateningly with his freaking eyes closed pissed Milo off even more than the answer itself. How the hell could he be so menacing when his eyes (the most expressive part of your face besides the mouth) were closed? It bugged Milo and it only made him want to carry out his plan even more to show the snotty Blonde that he wasn't the only one around Sanctuary that could do something.

As if knowing that he was being viciously thought about, Shaka turned to look at Milo with his bright blue eyes. The two stared at each other until Milo blinked and the contest was over. Who the hell could win a stare-off with that monster?

"Ne, ne, Mu-mu, won't you accompany Aldebaran to the market?" Milo asked sweetly as he clasped his hands and fluttered his eyes.

'Is he trying to look cute? He looks like a complete ass,' Mu thought to himself as he looked at the Greek young man fluttering his eyes at him. "I'm not too sure if I could since I have to help Shaka with…" he stopped when Milo's fluttering eyes turned from sweet to evil. And was it just him or was Shaka actually sort of grinning? His eyes landed on Shun, Hyoga, Shiryu and Seiya as they continued to stare at him and he made his decision quickly. It didn't look like they had gotten bored of staring at him as yet.

'What is wrong with them? Is there something on my face? Are they seeing moving numbers above my head? Is there a ghost behind me? Why the hell won't they quit staring at me?' he asked himself as sweat ran down his face. From the looks of things, they would be following him around all day, pestering him with questions and killing him softly with their relentless stares.

"Sure! I'll go with Aldebaran to the market," he said with a forced smile.

He sure he was imagining things when all the Bronze boys looked at Milo and grinned evilly.


'Ah, what should I do? What should I do?' Aldebaran asked himself in front of his mirror. Several hours had passed by since their lunch with the Bronze boys and he was still agonizing over what he should wear to go to the market with Mu.

"I can't over do it since it's just the market we're going to, but it's the first time that we're actually going anywhere together," he said aloud. He stared down at the worn out clothes on his bed and he sighed. He couldn't look as good as he hoped to anyway.

"Poor Alde! Don't have anything to wear?" Milo chimed in from his spot in the doorway. Aldebaran turned to look at him with sad face.

"Yeah. I hadn't realized that my clothes were this worn down. I'm sure I embarrassed you when we went out before," he said as he poked a finger through a hole in one of his shirts.

"Fear not my boy! I have just the thing for you!!" Milo said with a grin. He flung a pale yellow shirt at Aldebaran, who caught it without even blinking his eyes. Milo rubbed his chin and then winked at the tall saint. "Fall in love with me yet?" he asked with a twinkle in his eye. He thanked God Aldebaran hadn't noticed the pair of scissors and pieces of cloth on the table beside his bed.

"Thank you so much Milo," Aldebaran said as he examined the shirt. "I better take a quick shower then get dressed. I don't want to keep Mu waiting."

"Hold it right there mister! I'm not done with you as yet," Milo said as he grabbed Aldebaran's shoulder. He tried to turn him around but Aldebaran was just too heavy for him to do so. "I've got these two tickets I got from the guy who sells the really tasty gyros. It's not a fancy place but why don't you two check it out?"

"A-amusement Park?" Aldebaran stuttered out as he stared down at the two tickets.

"Mu's never been to one before I'm sure. He'll appreciate it."

"But, don't you think this is a bit…."

"Childish? Your childhood is supposed to be the most fun time of your entire time. We Saints didn't really get to enjoy ours did we?" Milo said with a soft smile on his face. "This is your chance to initiate something Aldebaran. No matter how stupid you think it might be, it's still a chance!"

"Y-yes! Thank you Milo," Aldebaran said with a grin. "I'm going to get ready now. I'll definitely repay your kindness," he said as he headed towards the bathroom.

"It's my pleasure, you lovesick puppy. It's my pleasure," Milo whispered as he left Aldebaran's bedroom with a smile on his face.

Fifteen minutes later Aldebaran emerged from his temple and made his way down the long white stone stairs towards the Aries temple. He felt nervous. It was actually going to be a real date. Well, Mu had no idea that it was, but he was going to make sure the Aries Saint was going to have the time of his life.

His feet guided him through the quiet temple, past the golden armor and to the front passage of huge building. He could make out Mu standing at the top of the stairs. He was staring off at the sky as a gentle breeze blew his lovely long pale hair about him.

"I'm sorry, did I make you wait?" Aldebaran asked as he admired Mu's beauty.

"Oh no, I just finished getting… ready" Mu trailed off as his eyes landed on Aldebaran. He looked so handsome. "Um…I didn't wait long," he said as his eyes ran over Aldebaran over and over again. He suddenly felt even more nervous than he already was.

"You look really good in those clothes,' Aldebaran said softly as he titled his head to the side to admire Mu. Mu turned red under his stare and so he looked anywhere but at Aldebaran's face.

"Am I too dressed up? Shun gave me these clothes because they were too big for him. He said I should wear them since I don't go out much," Mu said nervously as he looked at Aldebaran's face. He was smiling. They stared at each other for a while before Mu looked off to the side with pink cheeks. "You look really handsome. That yellow shirt suits you."

"Thanks," Aldebaran said with a smile.

"Aldebaran," Mu said softly. Aldebaran turned to look Mu and he could only sigh. Really, why was Mu so beautiful? The reddening evening sky was the perfect compliment to his beauty and it made his pale creamy skin shine gold.

"What is it Mu?"

"You know, I think the markets are closed by now," Mu said as he stared up ahead of him. "If…if you want to head back to your temple, I won't mind."

Aldebaran hesitated for a moment before reaching out towards Mu and lightly taking hold of some lavender strands of hair. It was as soft as he expected. Mu looked at him with questioning eyes and he laughed. Really, Mu was too cute for his own good.

"You've never really been around the area since you've returned from Jamir right? I'll be your guide," Aldebaran said in a smooth tone. "I have these tickets to the amusement park. Shall we go?"

"Oh…I've never been to one of those before. Is it any good?" Mu asked with a soft smile. Not many people were as privileged as he was, for Mu regularly showed him his sweet smile. Many people thought of Mu as someone who was expressionless, but when he did smile, it was one of the most beautiful sights to behold.

"Yeah, it's really good," Aldebaran said as he let go of Mu's hair. He moved down three steps and then turned around to look at Mu. "Shall we go?" he said with a smile.

"Let's go."


"I wonder what Mu-san and Aldebaran-san are doing now?" Shun asked from his spot on the stairway leading to the Scorpion temple. Hyoga, Seiya and Shiryu sat around him on the stone stairway.

"Hopefully they'll be making out or something. Those two really have it bad for each other," Hyoga said as he looked up at the darkening sky. He quickly glanced at Shun and then returned his gaze to the sky.

"Yeah, those two are really in love. It's kind of sweet," Seiya said from beside Shun.

"But will they really progress that quickly to kissing? They both look as though they'll have a hard time confessing their true feelings," Shiryu said from behind Hyoga.

"Are you forgetting their both men my boy?" Milo said as he made his way down the stairs. "You're a guy so you should know. If it were up to us, we would have sex before we even knew each other's names."

"That's true," three of them muttered. Shun had stayed quiet.

"You don't agree?" Milo asked as he sat down beside the green haired boy.

"I don't think it's like that with Mu and Aldebaran. They both seem like the type to wait until they are sure the other person really likes them. Because they consider the other person so precious, they'd rather be in agony forever than ruin their friendship. I think that's what's holding them back."

"That's true," Hyoga agreed. Milo recognized immediately that was exactly what was keeping those two apart too. Shun considered Hyoga's friendship to be too precious to jeopardize it. There was always the possibility that once they started a relationship, something could cause them to grow apart and then they would have to leave the other person's side.

"That's true, but just how long can they hold out? Mu and Aldebaran have been in love with each other since they met when they were kids," Milo said before sighing. Really, why the hell did two of the shyest people had to go and fall for each other?

"F-for so long?" the bronze boys chorused together.

"Yeah. Ah, thinking about them brings me back to the old days. Mu was really adorable, but he didn't stay too long with us. He was always with Shion and you couldn't really approach him."

"I see," Shun said with a smile. "What about Aldebaran-san? Was he always so tall since youth?"

"I know you guys can't help but think of Alde as a giant, but Alde was a real stunner from a young age. All the boys were jealous of him because he was so masculine. When he saw Mu for the first time, he actually thought he was a girl!"

Milo smiled as he remembered Mu's angry red face while Aldebaran had looked on with mouth agape and face aflame. Mu did not glare long at him though, for he gave Aldebaran a small smile before returning to Shion's side. "How nostalgic!" Milo said with a sigh.

"I wonder what they're doing now?" Seiya mused as he stared up at the night sky. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement and then turned their gazes towards the dark heavens above them.

"Milo…what is your hand doing under my shirt?" Hyoga suddenly asked, ruining the silence.

"Jeez, you guys are no fun at all!" he said with a pout. 'I hope nothing goes wrong on their date,' he thought to himself as he moved his hand.

"Gyaa! Pervert! Don't touch there!"


"Um….I'm very sorry mister, but you can't go on this ride," said a short brunette attendant. Aldebaran's thick eyebrows creased together in frustration. This was the fifth ride he had been turned away from since they arrived at the amusement park.

"I-it's alright Aldebaran; we don't have to go on this ride. Why don't we go over to that gyro vender and try some of those?"

Aldebaran ignored Mu's statement and continued with his glaring session. "Tell me exactly why I can't go on these rides? I've been refused by all the attendants for all the rides so far!" he roared angrily. Normally he wouldn't have gotten so angry, but this was definitely ruining his date with Mu.

"Well…that is…well mister, you're over the height and weight limit! I'm very sorry mister but that's how it is!" the petit lady said with her head hanging in apology.

"Ah, is that the reason?" Aldebaran asked with bright pink cheeks. 'How bloody embarrassing! I feel like a giant fatty now!'

Mu tugged on his hand and brought him back from his quick decent into depression. With flushed cheeks and a heated palm, Mu pulled him away from the lady and towards the direction of the gyro vender.

"Let's forget about the rides. We should get something from this guy. Milo told me that his gyros taste really good and I've never eaten one before so let's…" he rambled on. He hadn't let go of Aldebaran's hand and Aldebaran wasn't about to tell him anything about it either.

"What can I do for such a good looking couple?" the gyro vender asked with a huge smile. Mu and Aldebaran looked at each other and then turned around to see if there was some couple behind them. "Oh, it seems I guessed wrong! Hahaha! Well, it sure seems like you two are soon to be a couple!"

"Umm…well…can we just order some gyros?" Aldebaran asked as he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. Mu quickly let go of Aldebaran's hand and looked about nervously. Aldebaran silently cursed the nosy gyro vender.

"Well, what kind of meat do you want in it? I'll give you two gyros for the price of one!"

"Mu, what do you want?" Aldebaran asked as he stared at Mu. The lights from the gyro stand made him appear even more angelic before and his flushed face made Aldebaran's blood run faster in his veins.

"I'll try the lamb gyro," he said as he peered at the sign behind the vendor. The vendor leaned in close to his face and narrowed his eyes at him. "What is it?"

"Do you happen to know Milo?" he whispered. Mu nodded his head in answer. "Umm…that guy, well…he's a Saint isn't he? You're a Saint too right?"

Mu nodded his head in reply once more. The vendor continued to stare at him with wide eyes.

"We want two orders of lamb gyros," Aldebaran's voice said suddenly. He gently took hold of Mu's hand and pulled him away (softly) from the counter. He stepped in front of the smaller Saint before leaning forward with raised eyebrows. "Well, we may not be a couple, but we happen to be on a date right now," he whispered to the vendor. The young gyro chef stared at Aldebaran dumbstruck for a few seconds before laughing.

"I only have eyes for Milo, though I do appreciate beauty when I see it. Besides, I definitely can't win against such a huge guy like you!"

"I don't know if I feel flattered or insulted," Aldebaran muttered before sighing. This was turning into quite a boring date.

"Aldebaran, doesn't that person look like Ikki?" Mu whispered into his ear. Aldebaran shivered as Mu's warm breath blew against his ear, turning red in the face and making the gyro vendor laugh.

"Huh?" he asked in a daze. Mu was sending him crazy.

"Doesn't that person look like Ikki?" Mu repeated as he leaned in some more. In an effort to reach Aldebaran's head, Mu lightly held onto the Brazilian's shoulder and pressed his chest into the side of Aldebaran's upper arm.

"W-which person?" he stuttered out. If Mu didn't move away in ten seconds, he was going to turn around and hug him. Ten…

"That one over there sitting on the bench," Mu said as he tried to peer over in the dark corner. Nine…

"Y-yeah, it does kind of look like him, but didn't we leave him back at Sanctuary? That's probably his look-alike. Eight, seven…

"That's true but he's so good at sneaking out without anyone knowing," Mu said as he leaned away. "Look, he's staring at us. It is Ikki. Why don't we go and say hello?" Six, five…

"Now? What about our gyros?" Aldebaran cried in panic. Four, three…

Aldebaran saw the person give them a nonchalant wave and his brown eyes focused on Mu's retreating back, and without thinking, he moved into action. "Mu…!" Two, one…

"W-what's wrong, Aldebaran?" Mu stuttered out. Ikki, who had gotten up from his spot and had started towards them, stared at the two in shock. Aldebaran had his two arms firmly wrapped around Mu's upper body.

"Did I interrupt you two? Ikki asked as he finally made his way over. He stared at Aldebaran in surprise, who, by the way, was staring into space with wide eyes and bright red cheeks. Mu stood rigid in his arms, his pale skin aflame with embarrassment. Mu slowly turned his head to look at Aldebaran, only to look down at his feet at the look his friend was giving him.

'What the hell am I doing? How am I going to explain this now? Shit shit shit!' Aldebaran thought to himself as he tried to loosen his arms. "Um…I thought I saw something falling right where you were heading. I thought I'd stop you. Looks like I might have been imaging things."

"I-is that so?" Mu muttered with his head lowered. Aldebaran slowly loosened his hold on him and Mu stepped forward shakily.

"Um…this might be a tricky time but… your gyros are ready!" the gyro vendor said while scratching the back of his head.

Aldebaran sighed as he spun around to take their food. He gave Mu his portion and the trio headed off towards the bench Ikki had been sitting on. There was awkward silence between them and Ikki wished he had pretended to have not seen Mu, but alas, he wanted to ask him something about Shaka and he had no other choice. After and hour had passed, Ikki had left them and gone off to' somewhere where the atmosphere was lighter,' leaving the two friends in the heavy atmosphere.

Mu had avoided looking at Aldebaran altogether whenever they did talk, making Aldebaran feel like a complete and utter idiot. If their 'date' couldn't go any worse, it did, because rain started to pour down from the dark inky sky. They called it a night and made their way back to Sanctuary (teleporting most of the way) and the two currently stood under the roof of the back exit of the Aries temple.

"Mu…" Aldebaran whispered. Mu turned to look at him with his dazzling eyes and soaked hair and Aldebaran felt like an even bigger idiot than even a few minutes ago.

"What is it?" Mu asked from beside the tall young saint.

"I'm sorry about tonight," Aldebaran said before teleporting quickly to his temple. Mu stared at the now empty space which his friend had occupied just a second ago.

"What are you sorry for? Is it because you embarrassed yourself or is it that you're sorry you let me go?" Mu whispered to himself. He really wished it was the latter because that was his biggest regret of the night.

Milo quickly made his way into Aldebaran's living quarters, a huge smile plastered on his face. He had felt the Taurus Saint's cosmos enter his temple and had rushed over to hear the good news.

"So, when and where is the wedding?" he asked with a big grin. His grin disappeared when he saw Aldebaran staring forlornly at the ceiling with a beer in his hand.

"With what happened tonight, I don't think there will be any such event," he said before taking a long drink from his drink.

"It was that bad?"

"Yeah, it was that bad," Aldebaran said before burying his head into the sofa he lay on. Milo nodded his head in decision before grabbing Aldebaran's arms and pulling him forward.

"I think we need to seriously change some things Alde and Plan B is just the one to do it!" he said with his trademark grin. There was some lightning and thunder in the background and Aldebaran wondered if his life was really in the right hands.


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