Title: Cold Feet
Author: Annerb
Email: G
Summary: It's been six months, and panic has a way of preying on you at the worst times. (Sequel to 'Parachute')
Classifications: S/J, Humor, POV
Spoilers: None
Season: Season 7ish?
Archive: Yes, SJD and Heliopolis
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Author's Note: Okay…people wanted a definite end and this just started pouring out. Maybe I should have named this "The fic that never ends." Never meant to have so many parts, but I appreciate everyone's comments and it is my pleasure to serve the reader:)

Feedback: Always appreciated!

/Cold Feet/

You've dated for six months. You can only imagine how many kisses it took to keep you together for that long. But against all odds, you have stayed together, a genuine couple. Non-work topics were discovered for discussion and the black widow curse seemed averted. On the bedroom front, well, neither of you ever really needed to worry about that. You close your eyes blissfully for a moment, contemplating a particularly wonderful memory from yesterday.

Six months, it's an amazingly long time to last without any major hitch. For a while, you were sure that nothing would ever happen between the two of you. It took a while, but you finally got it right. And you are thankful every day. Especially today, of all days. You can hear milling voices in the hall, guests waiting to be seated. Over two hundred guests, all eager to attend the wedding of the decade. You absently wonder if someone managed to get Thor and Bra'tac into the hall without too much difficulty or raised eyebrows.

You glance at yourself in the mirror once more, absently brushing away a non-existent piece of lint. You have to admit, even to yourself, that you look great today. But somehow, seeing yourself dressed up like this releases an avalanche of panic. Not now! you scold yourself, but your brain, as usual, isn't listening. It's too busy listing all the reasons this is a bad idea. Why would anyone want to marry you? They would have to be completely insane! And why would you want to marry someone who was insane? This was a really, really bad idea you begin to realize. Your eyes dart around the room and you briefly contemplate shimming out one of the small windows in the back of the room. You could make it, you're sure of it.

The only thing that keeps you from making a break for it is the timely appearance of Daniel. You look up to see him watching you with concern. "You okay?" he asks. You nod silently, too scared that if you open your mouth you might throw-up. Daniel doesn't seem convinced and instead, he hands you a flask that magically appears from a jacket pocket. You quickly toss back some of the soothing liquid and smile gratefully at Daniel. He's here to tell you it's time, and that means your window for escape has literally and figuratively closed. With a deep breath, you follow Daniel out of the room.

"Cold feet?" Daniel asks you as he guides you into the chapel. "No way," you manage to say, your voice slightly strangled. This is the best thing that has ever happened to you and you know it. Now if only your gut would stop twisting and the warning alarms in your head would shut up for even five minutes.

Every head turns to stare at you as you enter. The place is absolutely packed and the room begins to swirl around you. You feel Daniel's hand gripping your arm and his steady voice in your ear, "Deep breath, just keep taking deep breaths." You suck in air like your life depended on it (which it actually does, you remind yourself). 'Buck up, soldier,' you silently scold yourself as the room finally begins to regain equilibrium. Now that the room is no longer moving around you, it is easy to locate all the exits.

You're about to abandon yourself to the panic and dash to the nearest door when the assembled crowd lets out a collective sigh. You look up to see what has caused such a reaction. Once glance is all it takes. Suddenly all tension and panic drains out of your body. All you can feel now is a swelling joy in your heart and a certainty that everything in your life has led you to this one, ultimate moment. You silently send up a prayer of thanks to anyone that might be listening that this would be your fate.

Soon the vision in white is standing by your side, her hand in yours. Searching her expression, you see nothing but certainty and love. You lean over to whisper in her ear, "I love you, Sam." She squeezes your hand and tries to hold back tears of joy. You both know that you have finally gotten your happy ending. Turning to the chaplain, you smile broadly, wishing you could just skip to the part where you get to kiss the bride.

The End

P.S. They lived happily ever after (with only minimal panic-attacks...:).