Goku vs. Android 18

Zorn cleared his throat. "The next fight will be between Kakarot and Android 18... well both fighters please come to the ring..."

Gohan smiled along with all of Goku's friends. ' This is going to be an easy fight... But it will be fun nevertheless...'

Goku stretched a bit and walked out to the ring with 18. Goku smiled. " This should be fun 18… don't you think?"

She nodded at Goku. " It sure will Goku. I wanted to fight you before Cell came along and now I get that chance."

Goku looked interested. " This will be a good fight…"

" It will… I promise."

Zorn looked at the fighters. He picked up his microphone and looked up at the crowd. " Ladies and Gentlemen the seventh fight of the Saiyan Tournament will now begin!" Zorn took a few steps back. " Fighters… Let the fight begin!"

Both fighters got into their fighting positions. " Don't hold back on my account Goku…" 18 said.

Goku nodded. " I will give you a fair fight… don't you worry." Goku started powering up to Super Saiyan. His powerful aura surrounded his body. Electric sparks shot out from his body. The whole crowd was amazed by the power being admitted from Goku.

" Incredible…." Pluie said. Luki looked back up at Pluie. " What? What's incredible Pluie?"

" Kakarot… what power he possesses. The whole family has great potential but Kakarot… he is something else."

Luki smiled. " I see."

Pluie smiled. ' What will you do in this fight Kakarot?' Pluie wondered.

Goku's looked more serious. 18 narrowed her eyes. ' Goku is a nice person but once he enters battle its like his a different person. Very interesting… this should be a good fight.' Goku stood his ground not moving a muscle. 18 powered up her aura and charged at Goku. Goku narrowed his eyes and watched 18's movements. She through fast punches at Goku, however Goku could see her moves. He easily dodged each punch. Goku soon took to the offensive. He countered 18's attacks and then gave back some powerful punches right back. 18 managed to block several of the attacks but some landed.

Goku smiled and jumped into the air landing a large round house kick into her midsection. 18 cringed in pain and doubled over coughing up blood. Goku narrowed his eyes and followed up with a left hook punch. The impact had such great force that it sent 18 flying. Lucky for her she stopped herself before she feel out of the ring. 18 sighed. ' That was a close one… I have to be more careful.'

Goku powered up his aura again and looked straight at 18. ' The faster I end this fight the better. I don't know how much more 18's body can take…' Goku jumped into the sky. " This is it 18!" He shouted.

18 looked up with a small smile and she decided to follow him. She powered up her aura and flew up into the sky with Goku. Goku was simply floating in the sky looking straight at 18. 18 looked back at Goku wondering why he didn't attack her. The female android didn't let her thoughts wander and she got straight to the attack once again. She powered up a disk attack and flew charge Goku. Goku smiled again. 18 narrowed her eyes. " TAKE THIS!" 18 threw her attack. The energy disk was headed right toward Goku. Goku once again smiled and caught the disk without any difficulties. 18 couldn't believe that her attack was stopped.

Goku smiled once again. " Good try 18… but it didn't work…" The energy disk 'broke' in his hands. In an instant Goku disappeared from site hiding his energy so it was impossible for 18 to locate him. 18 looked around looking a bit distressed trying to find out where Goku was.

Zorn looked up as the fight went on. " This is a surprising turn of events. Kakarot has vanished from site…"

18 looks around. ' He's good… I can't locate him…'

With little warning Goku came from above 18 slamming down into the ring. The collision with the ring made a big crater. 18 tried to get up but at this point she was just under too much stress and she passed out.

Zorn looked down at the crater. He noticed that 18 wasn't making a move so he picked up the microphone. " KAKAROT ADVANCES!" He called.

The crowds cheer for Goku as he slowly lands back down on the ring. He walks into the crater and picks 18 up. Goku brought her to the waiting room with everyone else. Krillin looked over his wife and then back at Goku. Goku gave him a reassuring smile. " Don't worry Krillin… she'll be fine."

" Good…"

Bardock and Raditz came up to Goku. " Nice fighting brother."

Goku laughed nervously. " That was nothing."

" That's true but still it was a fight well done Kakarot." Bardock commented.

" Geez shucks… thanks a lot."

Raditz smiles. " At least Kakarot doesn't end up half dead every time he fights…" Bardock glares at Raditz. Raditz simply laughs back at his father.

Zorn cleared his throat. " The next fight of the Saiyan Tournament between Fasha and Princess Fashia." Zorn shook his head. ' Geez… two people with very similar names…. One royal no less.'

Fashia sighs to herself. " Why do I have to get such a pathetic first fight?"

Tailless laughed. " I don't see what your complaining about at least its an one two three fight… nothing you can't handle."

Fashia looked at her brother with a bored look. " I don't know why I'm stuck with weeding out the weak ones…"

Tailless shrugged. " Don't feel bad… I have some pretty pathetic fights of my own."

Fashia sighed as she started walking to the ring. " Well I better get this over with…"

Turlen laughed. " Have fun sis."

" Yeah… fun… will do…" She said sarcastically. The brothers laughed at her tone.

Fasha was hanging out with Torra and the others. " I don't think I can do this…"

Torra laughed. "Oh come on Fasha… just give it your best shot."

Fasha gulped and nodded and walked out into the ring. She got on the ring and looked at Princess Fashia. Zorn looked at fighters and then took the microphone in hand. " Fighters when you are ready begin!"

Fashia smiled evilly. The young princess could tell that the lower level was frightened. Fashia didn't want to waste any time starting the fight. She rushed up to Fasha grabbing her arm smiling evilly. She lifted her in the air and then slammed her down hard on the ground. Fasha trembled in pain. The young princess jumped back still smiling.

Zorn watched the fight. " That was a powerful blow by Princess Fashia!"

Fasha trembled to get up from the ground. She looked up weakly at Fashia.

' She really is powerful… what was I thinking trying to fight with her?' Fasha thought. The low level picked herself from the ground.

Fashia sneered. " You should have just stayed on the ground… it would have been so much easier on you."

" Go ahead try your worst…"

Fashia smiled. " Oh I will… you will soon regret saying that to me!" In a flash Fashia charged Fasha and with a great amount of force rammed her into the wall. Fasha was unconscious on impact.

Zorn went over to check Fasha's condition. He turned back to the crowds while picking up the microphone. " Princess Fashia advances!"

Fashia huffed as she walked passed her brothers. " What a waist of energy…"

Zorn smiled as he looked at the chart. " The first round for group A has come to an end. The following fighters have made it to the next round of battle… Prince Vegeta, Queen Reen, Rokon, Prince Trunks, Princess Turla, Lord Nikon, Kakarot and Princess Fashia…" Zorn cleared his throat. " The first round for Group B will start off with a match between our very own Queen Cageta and Tien."

Goku looked at the ring and smiled. ' This was an interesting first round… I wonder what the next round has in store for us.'

To be continued…

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