Rated PG for some violence and themes.

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I've had this story in my head since I started watching DP last summer. To tell the truth, my other two storiesTrapped andForced Through are really previews to this, and you need to know two things: 1-Danny knows that Jazz knows his secret. 2-If Danny doesn't use his powers for an extended period of time, they'll build up and force themselves out...turning him ghost at very inopportune moments, etc.

Right then! Onto the story!

"This way!" Danny Fenton yelled as he ran down the street near some old warehouses. "He's this way! " He turned down yet another street, panting, but keeping a steady pace. Goth girl Samantha Madson-one of his best friends-came behind him, almost directly on his heels. She looked over her shoulder and called out to Danny's other best friend.

"Come on, Tucker!" A dark-skinned boy followed several yards behind,panting,obviously not used to the strenuous exercise.

"I'm...gasp...coming!" He panted. "I can...gasp...look up...gasp...any information...gasp...that you'd...gasp...ever...gasp...want to...gasp...know," He gulped, trying to keep his dry throat moist, "but I'm not a runner!" When he finally caught up to his friends, they were plastered to the wall outside yet another of the identical buildings, near a door.

"He's in here," Danny confirmed, his breath plainly visible in the moonlight.

"May I...gasp...ask, why we...gasp...are chasing a...gasp...ghost like this?" Tucker asked, leaning heavily on the wall. "Why couldn't you...gasp...just fly?"

"Because," Danny explained for what seemed like the hundredth time, "Dad took the tracker I was using before, so I have to rely on my ghost sense. I don't get it very strong when I'm in ghost mode...and I have to be in ghost mode to fly."

"I don't get why he'd want to steal anything in the first place," Sam whispered, reminding the boys to be quieter.

"I don't know," Danny shrugged, "but I'm the only one that can stop him." He stood well away from the door and his friends and looked around.

"You're clear," they said at the same time. Danny nodded, and grinned.

"I'm goin' ghost!" his grin widened as a glowing ring appeared behind his back, and expanded vertically to envelope him. When the ring disappeared, his black hair had changed to stark white, and his clothes had been replaced with a black and white hazmat suit. The same suit he'd worn when he'd walked into the machine that had accidently given him powers similar to ghosts...except then the colors had been inverted. He remembered the day so well...sometimes with pleasure or joy, and others with hatred and regret. Still, it had happened...and the machine that had zapped him also allowed for a porthole between the Ghost Zone (or the realm where ghosts dwelt) and the real world. As much as Danny hated to admit it, he was the only thing to stop these ghosts from taking over the world.

"Okay," he said, walking up to Tucker and Sam, "I'll call you when I need you, okay?"

"Right," Tucker said, almost in salute. Danny shook his head and Sam rolled her eyes.


"Okay, I'm going in," Danny said, and began to walk towards the building, when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Wait," Sam said, "I hear voices."

"So," Tucker couldn't help himself, "You've finally cracked?" The other two glared at him as they slipped over to the doorway, and peaked inside. A figure was standing in the darkness fairly near the door.

"...said yes!" They heard a nasally, frustrated voice say. "I'm positive he followed me!" There was a pause as if he were listening to someone. "Well yeah," the voice said again.

"Who is it?" Sam whispered.

"I don't know," Danny answered, "But I know that voice."

"Look I'm telling you he saw me," the figure turned, and as he did, the light fell on a pale, nerd-like face, with no color in it almost hidden behind gigantic glasses.

"Poindexter!" Three unison whispers said as soon as theyrecognized the figure.

"Looks like I'll have to take something else," Poindexter shook his head. "Are you sure that bully's really worth it?"

"He's talking about you," Tucker pointed out.

"But who's he talking to?" Sam asked.

"I don't know," Danny shrugged, "But I have to stop him before he steals again." He stood and stepped through the wall, not bothering with the door.

"Well, wouldja know?" A grin broke over Poindexter's face. "The bully did show up after all."

"Oh that's rich," Danny said sarcastically, "coming from a guy who's using his ghostpowers to steal things," he glared at the nerd. "And I'm not a bul-" He stopped as Poindexter suddenly reached forward, yelling...but was sucked back into a single point, and finally disappeared.

"–ly," Danny finished, shock covering his face. He looked back at Sam and Tucker at the door. They both shook their heads and shrugged before joining their friend inside the warehouse. They didn't see the other figure watching from an empty building across the street.

"Very convincing," the figure muttered to himself. "And just enough time to ensure the delivery of my package." The figure snuck away, out of the shadows for an instant showed glowing red eyes, and black spiked hair. The white, fanged teeth shone against his blue skin, and the only other half-ghost in existence chuckled evilly as he slipped away and into the night.

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