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Addition to the Malfoy Family

Chapter 2- Sorting of a Strange Type

"Well…Crissi…Nice to meet you, I hope we can, um, talk to you later…" Ron said nervously as the train stopped and they filtered out onto the platform.

"First years!" Hagrid's voice boomed over the student's heads, "This way first years!" Crissi made her way to the giant and his lantern and was closely followed by Mark.

They made their way over to the lake and sat in little rowboats and slowly started off to the castle. Crissi's breath caught in her chest when she first saw the castle. It's beauty was beyond belief.

Ginny was able to tear her eyes away from it and looked at Mark who was sitting across from her, "So how do you know Harry?" She asked him trying to make conversation.

"Harry is like my older brother. We live in the same neighborhood. I'm...er...muggle born." He mumbled.

"Really?" Crissi asked curiously, "What's it like?"

"Um…" Mark seemed taken aback by her response. "It's a lot different then the wizarding world…"

"That's cool! How do you get your mail I wonder…?"

"Postman. He comes around and delivers all the letters to people's houses."

"You don't use owls?" Crissi asked amazed.

"Nope…just a postman."

"Have you ever seen the postman? What does he look like?"

"Well…" Mark said slowly, "The postman at our street comes very early in the morning…so no, I don't suppose I've ever seen him. But he looks normal, he just wears a uniform."

Crissi gave him a skeptical look. "And how do you know this postman is real?"

Mark seemed confused by this, "What do you mean?"

"I mean…like Saint Nick…you never see him because he isn't real…just a little thing your parents tell you. I bet owls really do deliver, and parents tell you it's a man!"

"Crissi…the muggle world is different from the wizard one…there IS a postman…" He said with a laugh. 'I like her way of thinking, she's smart and unique!' he thought to himself.

"Yeah yeah…sure keep believing that!" She said with a wave of her hand as they bumped to the shore of the lake. Mark just laughed as they scrambled out of the boat.

Hagrid lead them inside and the first years looked around with extreme interest. He lead them up a flight of stairs where Professor McGonagall was waiting. She talked to them a bit before leading them through heavy oak doors into the great hall.

Crissi looked around at the students with interest. She caught Draco's eye when he waved at her with a grin and wink, she returned the wave and kept walking.

Professor McGonagall placed the stool in front of the teacher's table and put the hat on top. The brim tore open and burst into song. Crissi could hardly pay attention she was so nervous. If she wasn't put in Slytherin she would shame her father. Lucius never appreciated her, he hated her…and if she was placed in a house other then Slytherin…that would just make things worse.

"Evans, Mark"

Mark gave Crissi a weak smile before going up and putting the hat on. All was quiet for a minute then….

"GRYFFINDOR" The Gryffindor table broke into applause and Mark went to join them. Crissi watched as Mark went and sat down next to Harry. Harry gave him a hug and patted him on the back while saying something to him.

Crissi waited patiently for her name while others were being sorted…before…

"Malfoy, Crissi" Crissi started to walk up to the stool and was surprised her legs could still support her as they felt like rubber.

Everything went black as the hat slid over her eyes. The last thing she saw was Draco beaming up at her with a grin on his face…her stomache dropped.

"Hmm…another Malfoy…oh yes but you have something different about you! Yes indeed! A purer heart and a courageous soul." Said a small voice in her ear.

"Where do I belong? I just want a place to belong!" Crissi pleaded.

"Hmm…yes…you are a tough one…I think I know where to put you! GRYFFINDOR!"

Crissi pulled the hat off her head and glanced towards Draco who looked shocked. In fact….everyone looked in shock. She didn't know what to do! Her father would never like this!

Numbly she got up off the stool and walked to the cheering crowd taking a seat next to Ginny a few places down from Harry and Mark.

As the sorting ended Dumbledore got up and said a quick speech before the food appeared on their plates.

"You know Crissi, I'm rather surprised you were sorted into Gryffindor. Anyways…Welcome!" Ginny said with a smile.

"Mark is something wrong?" Harry asked looking at Mark as he moved around his food on his plate with a fork.

"Its just….well Harry…She's different."

"Crissi? Well yeah I noticed she's different, she is the first Malfoy to not be in Slytherin…to be in Gryffindor at that."

"That's not what I mean." Mark said looking down.

"Well then what do you mean?" Harry asked confused putting his fork down and looking at Mark.

"I mean…I hardly know her and yet…I just don't know…"

"You think you like her?"

Mark only nodded in response. Harry gave him a little smile.

"Hey Mark…don't worry about it! Its ok to like her!"

"But Harry….she's a Malfoy…"

"A DIFFERENT Malfoy. If she was like all Malfoys she would be over there…sitting with her brother." Harry said pointing across the hall to the Slytherin table.

"Yeah I guess you're right Harry, thanks."

"No problem lil brother!"

At the end of the feast the tables got up and Crissi began following Hermione, Ginny, Ron, Harry and Mark to the Gryffindor tower. She looked for Draco to try and talk to him but didn't see him anywhere. She just sighed and continued on hoping that she didn't dissapoint her whole family.