Title: Make Me Forget

Pairing: Brian/Michael

Disclaimer: I don't own. All characters are not mine.

A/N: It might be a little OOC. This is my first QAF fic, and I've only seen about four episodes. So forgive me if it's not so good.

Our nights together were hardly innocent. I intended them to be, and desperately tried to work them out that way. However, nothing seemed to go how I planned.

Why did I want it to be innocent? Because this wasn't Justin. This wasn't one of my many followers and fans that served me so well in the past. This was different. This was my best friend. This was Michael.

I couldn't afford not to be innocent with him. Not when we both had so much to lose.

Over the past few weeks, or months, or years, a change of power had settled between us. Sometimes I had more to lose than him, other times he had more to lose than me. I used to think that since he was married, he had that burden. I was wrong.

Our relationship has always been in his hands. Ever since we were teenagers, no matter how much I've wanted to change it; he's been in control. Even when I try to turn the tables, it remains the same. And it always will. As long as he's with Ben, and I'm with Justin, it never will change. And if it wasn't that way, it wouldn't change. Because Mikey won't let it.

Still, our nights together were hardly innocent. And as our lips melded under the hot lights of Babylon, all thoughts of our friendship, of Ben and Justin, of the hardships we've had to endure to get to where we were now, flew out of my head.

He was the only one who could make me forget.