Author's note: Hello again. This was another short poem I wrote. I wrote this from Ryou's point of view. I hope you enjoyed it. Please review and no flames.

Yami no Bakura

You are the one I want to respect me.

Aibou why don't you accept me? Me and you should become friends and work together as Yami and Yugi do

I believe we can make things better between us.

No matter what you say I know you feel different.

Over and over again you push me always

But I know you are hiding your true feelings under that mask.

After all the stuff that has done down, why do you ignore your feelings?

Under that mask I see a different person. I see a miss understood five thousand-year-old tomb robber who needs someone to love.

Really try to take off that mask of denial

And join me in the light and make your life right.

trunks and goten