PREVIEW FOR BRAINWASHED: Book II of the Deception Trillogy

Brainwashed: to make someone believe something by continually telling them that it is true and preventing any other information from reaching them

Danny walked into his room, completely exhausted, and very thankful that his father had left for the Ghost Hunters convention earlier that day. He was stil worried about his mother though. She hadn't returned since she'd stormed out of the house the night before. Still, he knew he couldn't take more of the yelling. Why couldn't his parents stop yelling at each other?Things just seemed to be getting worse since he'd gotten home, and weird things were happening around the house. Something would dissapear, and everything would start. Something wouldn't get done, and Danny would shut himself in his room to drown out the screaming. It's like they were all on time bombs. He felt like he had gone from the frying pan and into the fire...and he knew it would start to show very soon, if it hadn't already. The depression he'd felt at the Master Mansionwas starting to come back, and he didn't know how to fight it...again.He didn't know if he had the stregnth.

Sighing, he looked around the room, waiting to breathe the blue mist that warned him of ghosts in the vacinity. At least he could still count on his friends. If Sam, Tucker and Alesha weren't there, he didn't know what he would do. It took a few minutes, but he finally did start to see his breath.

"Alesha?" he asked, looking around excitedly. This had been the routine since she'd showed up. He'd come home, and wait for her to come andreportfor the day before he would go ghost andhe would takethe afternoon patrol.Then they'd take a patrol in the evening, each taking halfthe city, and using Tucker's radio's tocommunicate. "Alesha...?" It wasn't like her to stay invisible, or hover at the edge of his senses. He finally saw her come floating through the wall,with herhead down, and her hands behind her back. She progressed slowly, and Danny immediately felt like something was terribly wrong.

"Alesha?" he advanced, his hand out towards her. "What's wrong."

"You are," she said quietly, "you took away everything...Brian is gone because of you!" She looked up slowly, and Danny backed away. Her eyes glowed a deep, crimson red, and she began to advance on him.

"Alesha, what are you talking about?" Danny asked. "Alesha..." He was about to transform, when she shot a blast of spectral energy at him, and the last thing he remembered before blackness took him, was the look of satisfaction on her face as she hovered over him.

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