Hinata-centric drabbles. Various pairings. It started with a bag of cookies...

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1. Her First Day

(200 words,
Pairing hinted - HinataNaruto, if you want to see it that way)

A child sat in the corner of the room, watching the other children run around, laughing and playing. Her heart beat quickly, as she clutched her bag of cookies. She didn't know anyone!

'Daddy was wrong...' she thought, growing distressed, 'I'm not gonna make any friends at all...'

When suddenly, she was tripped over by a classmate. He tumbled over her, knocking them both to the rainbow-carpeted ground.

"Aiie! I'm sorry!" the boy yelled, helping her up.

"I-it's okay," she murmured, feeling a blush rise to her four-year-old cheeks.

"I'm Naruto. What's your name?"


"Cool!" he shook her hand energetically, his sapphire eyes catching sight of the bag in her hand. "Hey, can I have one of your cookies?"

"Oh. Sure." she smiled, and held the bag out to him.

"Hey, everyone!" he shouted, "Hinata's got cookies!"

Instantly, a group of children appeared around them, introducing themselves, eager for a snack. Hinata handed one cookie to each person, smiling happily.

"You're cookies are really good, Hinata-chan!" a girl with pink hair said cheerily, "D'you wanna sit with Ino-chan and me for colouring?"

Hinata nodded, and was lead away by the hand.

Maybe kindergarten wouldn't be so bad after all...

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