Written after reading the perks of being a wallflower (Storm came to me halfway through). I borrowed 'I am infinite' from it.

11. Infinite

The day had been coming and coming and coming for an almost unbearably long time. Sometimes, it almost seemed like it was never going to come at all; just a myth or amazing idea that kept them all going, even though life would continue in the same way it had forever (by which the meant the last year).

But she was wrong, and it came. It came fast and hard, the days moving closer and closer until there was a week left, and then only a day. Finally, the dress that had been hanging in her closet for over a month was on her body, and her hair smelled of perfume and all the hairspray the stylist had used on it, and she could barely breathe as she carefully put on her mascara, glancing anxiously at the clock every 7 seconds.

9 minutes, 41 seconds until they left.

Then Hinata would be graduating. All grown up. Just like that.

And oh, she worried. She worried whether she would trip in her strappy shoes, or if anyone besides her girlfriends would tell her how pretty she looked and mean it. If her father would be smiling, and if her cousin would remember to come, and for what life would be afterwards, and then after that.

She felt so small just thinking about it, and yet so big at the same time. Infinite.

Taking a deep breath, she took one last critical yet pleased stare at herself in the mirror before grabbing her bag and walking out into the world.

I'm not a little girl anymore.

I am more than that.

I am anything I want.

I am infinite.

I am me.