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Chapter Six

Teach Me How To Cry

Nights in the feudal era were so much more different than in the modern era. The stars were more visible. It was a lot more peaceful…more relaxing…and more filled with thoughts about a certain young lord.

It was quite clear the demon cared, at some degree, about Kagome. He did comfort her…unless it was some sick twisted mind game that she had no desire to take part in. However, it was also very clear that the albino lord wanted nothing to do with her, at least not emotionally. She had all those fearful nightmares to back her up. Nightmares, to an extent, that made her fear for her life every second she saw him.

But she couldn't deny the attraction that they had. It was so very clear, even to Inuyasha, the second densest man she had ever met. Hojou had the honor to bare the name of the first.

Her breath came out in white puffs against her knees. She wrapped her arms around her legs to try to protect her body's warmth from the frigid air of winter. She wasn't as careless as to dress in that pretty green skirt that was required for school; she had caught a cold with the biggest headache the last time she did that. Instead, here she was, dressed in a pair of jeans and a pair of snow boots. Her red scarf was wrapped around her neck in a delicate fashion while her black heavy jacket provided enough warmth for her body to think without a pounding side effect in her head.

Her feelings were so mixed up. She loved Inuyasha, but she felt so rejected, even though they were never officially together. Every time she felt that she had finally found a way to understand his situation, to understand the real him, he would find a way to make her confused. A way to break her bruised heart.

Then there was Sesshomaru. By gods, he was a lot more mysterious than Inuyasha, even if she didn't want to admit it; she wanted to solve him out. Why did he always have such a stoic face? Deprived of any emotion, even when she could have sworn she saw sadness in his eyes. Why was he so scared to get attached? Why did she have to develop a certain emotion for him?

Kagome knew it wasn't love. She never got the weird butterflies in her stomach, nor did she ever feel blood rush to her face every time she met him. She never pictured him with her, together underneath the moonlight whispering sweet nothings to each other. She knew she wasn't in love. There was no way.

She was just interested.

Sesshomaru showed an interest in her, and for one (she had to admit), he was good-looking, smart and can be really caring. It was the first time anyone actually showed any real interest in her; unless you counted Hojou, that sweet but incredibly boring man. She actually wanted to know the sudden reason about her that made him turn his head her way, even if it was for a speck of a second. Why was he so set on about getting from her? The Shikon shards? No, it couldn't be that, Kagura had once offered them to him; he didn't take them. Was the reason in her? Her personality that made him interested? The way she laughed? What was it?

She wanted to believe that he was intrigued because she was Kagome. Nothing more, nothing less. It would have cheered her up a bit if it were true. She would have felt so happy to know that someone in this world was genuinely interested in her.

But he was so very calculatedly cold. There was no way he could have liked her. It just didn't suit him. Heck, it never really would suit anyone. She was Kagome, the useless shard-detector. Kagome, the reincarnation of a powerful priestess named Kikyo. Kagome, the girl who never showed up in school. Kagome, plain little boring Kagome.

"I'm going home."

"Hell no, you're not! We have shards to find!" Leave it to Inuyasha to dampen her already dripping wet mood.

"Well, I have to go home for supplies and my mom would be worried about me! I didn't even get to say good-bye to here before you dragged me here in the middle of the night!" Inuyasha looked away and "feh"-ed and plopped down on his favorite tree.

"Kagome! Don't go! You have to stay, if you don't Inuyasha would sulk around the well for days like the puppy he is! Trust me, it's very scary!" Shippo called out.

The mental image of Inuyasha being a puppy and begging for doggy treats made her laugh.

"Don't worry, Shippo-chan. I'll bring you Pocky, and lots and lots of it too!" Kagome pleaded. Shippo cheered up a bit, but he still didn't want her to go.

"Ok, but be back soon!" Shippo whined before he got punched on his small head by Inuyasha's fist.

"Don't worry, Shippo-chan." Smile kneeled down and softly kissed his forehead about giving him a small smile and walking away from the group; before she even walked another step towards the death eater's well, a growl stopped her.

"Did I say that you could leave, bitch?" Her left eye twitched dangerously when he called her that name again.

"Well, I'm sorry, mother, but I didn't think you'd care. Why don't you just sit down and have some time to cool off while sitting? I'm sure you'd feel a lot better after that sit. As for now, good-bye and talk to me after you stop sitting!" With a nod of her head Kagome headed off to the well in a run.

So that's where to miko runs off to…

She slumped her body down as soon as she saw that she was back into the future. A sob escaped her mouth as she buried her head into her arms. I just can't take it…

"Why must it always end up this way?" Because you have a heart…you can feel. Just don't feel. Stop the pain and it would never again end up this way…just stop living…

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