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Pairings: GaaNaru, NaruGaa

Summary: Gaara can't stop thinking about Naruto and the affect he's had on him over the years. He goes wandering. What does he find?

Warnings: Well...just look at the pairings. If you don't want to see hot boys macking on each other, man-fondling, etc. then you should probably not read this. In other words, YAOI. You've been fairly warned.

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Chapter One: Lost and Found

Every day was just another day. No matter how bright it was, I saw everything with shrouded eyes. These things, these disgusting blobs would pass me by. Annoying cheerful splotches in my way that I always wanted to just crush between my fingers. Especially when they spoke, I wanted them dead. They were a lot of mindless fools. They spoke of their friends, their missions, and they laughed. They had know idea how easily I could crush every single one of them. I would too, with pleasure.

I haven't felt that way since I met this guy. He spoke to me too, but with him it was unlike any other person. He didn't speak with only his mouth, but with his eyes. Those big watery blue eyes spoke volumes. It hurt to look at them, so full of emotion. I wondered why was he looking at me that way. I wanted to turn away, I wanted those sad eyes gone. Those blue orbs reflected everything that was inside of me. I never thought anyone would be able to look at me that way. It brought me to tears, but I was too exhausted and shocked to shed them.

Since then, I could never look at other people the same. Not only the eyes, but the words he said stayed with me. Pain and love, they were like two sides of the same coin. Each made you cry, each made you feel so alive, and each made you want to die. Love or pain...I couldn't decide, which one I felt when I saw that whiskered angel every time I closed my eyes. I became more silent. I thought so much about everything and everything led me back to him. What did he mean? I wanted to know.

To protect someone you love. It never worked for me, so how could it now?

Still, I tried. Temari and Kankuro would always look at me strange when they noticed the change. I made them some tea. I didn't realize how closed up I was until then. What's so special about a cup of tea that would make Kankuro stutter so much and Temari gawk? It's not like I would poison my own...siblings. I never even thought of them as my siblings until after I met that guy. He changed me so much without even trying.

I could never sit still either. My body wanted to roam, just like my mind. I took the most dangerous missions I could, and many times I would go near that village. He was never there. I ran into other familiar faces. They were all his friends. Who knew that someone with eyes like mine could have so many friends?

I sat with a couple of them once in a tree. It was the long-haired girly one and the freaky-looking kid. The freaky kid talked about a bunch of nonsense and idle chit-chat. Sometimes he would pause and knit his enormous eyebrows together as if in deep thought. I noticed then, that he was the one I almost killed. He'd changed over the years. I can't believe I'd forgotten him. He flinched when I looked up at him. I think I touched his arm and said his name. Lee smiled and continued to talk. The other one kept his pearly eyes on me.

I didn't know what to do. I felt emptier than ever before. I was so bored. I'd go near this village often and talk to Lee and Neji when I would run into them. Actually, I would just sit and listen as Lee talked and Neji watched nonchalantly.

Finally, one day, Neji spoke. He told me that the very boy I couldn't forget was asking about me. I couldn't believe my ears. They both told me he had just returned from a long mission and he was curious about everyone he cared about. Did he care about me? It was impossible. I shook my head, but none of that kept my feet from speeding into Konoha.

I saw then why I felt so alone, because I saw him. He walked idly in the street like any other person, but to me, seeing him was like seeing something so radiant that I felt unworthy to look upon him. I kept my gaze on him, though, and I tried to absorb everything about him in. He wasn't the innocent looking child of my memory anymore. He was so tall. He was slightly taller than me, although I'd grow so much. He really did look like an angel to me. His face was longer and more mature looking. His hair was still a mess of feathery golden spikes. I was mesmerized by the way they caught the sun and reflected it back so brightly. But mostly, it was the look in his eyes as he noticed me that made my heart stop beating. It was such a soft gaze, it made me feel like I was falling. I felt like melting from the warm tenderness in them. The angel was looking at me with tenderness. He was also very surprised. I imaged I was like a whirlwind that was just passing by and would leave soon. But I didn't leave. I planted my feet firmly in the ground as I admired the sight of him, and spoke his name.


He twitched a little and nodded dumbly. A bright blush tinted his tan cheeks. He was also evaluating me. He looked up and I realized I had no idea what to say. We stared at each other like that for a while-him blushing and I in awe-until he finally shifted a little too much on his legs. I still didn't know what to say so I walked up to him instead. I told him I missed him and he looked even more surprised.

I got closer and lifted my hand. I wanted so much to stroke his beautiful face. To rub my thumb across those whiskers and feel the blush I could see growing under his innocent blue eyes. I put my hand on his shoulder and smiled a genuine smile. He laughed softly and smiled back at me in earnest.

That was how we met each other again, although, I met him everyday before that in my wide-awake dreams. I remember him taking me to eat ramen, but nothing except the way he smiled and talked gained a place in my memory. Everything else was not even important enough to be a detail in my mind. If there were other people there, they could talk about whatever they pleased. If something was on fire, I didn't care. I was astonished at how much he shared with me over his multiple bowls of ramen. I was equally astonished that I was also talking to him excitedly about anything and everything. I never laughed so much as I did then. I actually felt free to laugh.

All the lights of the other nearby shops were out. It was so late. The people emptied out, not even taking notice of the two of us. He finished his last bowl long ago and was toying with his chopsticks. He slowly turned his soft sapphire eyes from his chopsticks back to me. I saw the same thing in those eyes that I saw all those years ago.

"Gaara" he pleaded to me. I was too shocked by the fact that he was hugging me to think about how much I adored the way my name rolled off his tongue. I felt tears wet the front of my shirt, and I quickly found my arms around him. Then he spilled his guts to me. Everything. He was a demon too. That's how he knew my pain...

I held him tighter. He continued to ramble about so many things in his life and shuddered all the while. I would have felt very odd, if I didn't understand every word he said. The loneliness, the malicious looks, and the betrayal of one he considered his best friend and brother. I couldn't stand it. I could only hold him. I knew my eyes were watering also. When he looked back up at me, I saw the child from so long ago. His hair drooped over his eyes even as his spirit drooped by remembering all his past pain.

Just then, his lip did something strange. It twitched. Perhaps he tried to say something? I only realized how soft it looked. I touched that luscious lower lip with my thumb. It felt as good as it looked. It was unnaturally silky and soft for a ninja as tough as him. I looked at him through half-lidded eyes and I thought of how I could have possibly been without him. One of his tears rolled over my hand and I suddenly felt very guilty. I couldn't touch him. I lowered my hand and he grasped it with his own. I looked up to question him, but I was stopped by his tender lips on mine. He was kissing me.

I gasped.

I could feel everything from my head to my toes suddenly heat up. No one had ever kissed me... He was kissing me. Naruto ran his soft lips all over the side of my face while mumbling all sorts of things and I swallowed hard. I could feel my face burning. I couldn't take it. I was going to lose control. So this is what it felt like.

Somehow I managed to throw some money on the counter of the bar as he dragged me out. We were going somewhere I didn't know, but he never let go of me. We rushed through the streets and the alleys. He paused in one particular alley to push me against the wall and kiss me passionately. Did he know who he was kissing?

It was just like a dream. He swept me off my feet and we began dashing across the rooftops with the bright starry sky hanging over us like a veil. Running through the streets wasn't fast enough for him, so it seems. And he was still holding my hand firmly. He looked back at me and laughed. It was a laugh like the ringing of bells in a place that never knew happiness. In this glowing darkness I could still see the gleam of his grin. The white light of the stars glistened in his hair and I smiled back at him.

He finally stopped. It was so sudden that I bumped into him. He chuckled at me and jumped down to the front of the building. It was an apartment building. He ran up the stairs with me close behind. When we reached the door and he gently turned me around.

"I want you to come in with me" he said in an uncharacteristically shy voice. I couldn't refuse that tone of voice, especially when he was looking at me with that charming little blush burning across his face. I put my arm around his shoulders and grinned down at him. He stumbled a little and unlocked the door, letting the both of us stagger in.

He took off the black and orange jacket he was wearing and tossed it aside to reveal a short-sleeved fishnet shirt. It didn't leave much to the imagination and I was afraid I was going to start drooling. I never thought I'd be in this situation. I'm nervous about drooling. He sneaked over to me playfully and tugged at my shoulder. Before I knew it, he'd tossed me on his couch and was lying on top of me. Was there ever anything predictable about this guy?



"Do you know how cool your eyes look?" he asked while leering at me mischievously. I thought about it for a second.


He giggled and poked me in the chest. I sighed and closed my eyes. He was so weird. Then my body quickly jolted upwards. He bit me! He bit me and his night-chilled hands were already under my shirt working themselves over my chest. No. There was most definitely nothing predictable about him. His lips were back on mine, with more force than before. He licked my lips as he parted them to speak.

"Where have you been all this time?" he cooed in a way that made me shiver. Maybe it was just the chill of his hands. He never gave me time to think. He was all over me again. Every kiss was so intense and needy and passionate. He ran his tongue vigorously through my mouth as if he expected to find the answers to all of his problems there.

He broke our lip lock to start nibbling and kissing my face and jaw. My lips felt so sore. I gasped at every new lick and bite he made. His weight on top of me was oppressive. His hands were heavy on my body and his body was hard. I felt totally lost in his wild hunger. It was so hot and his hands were taking my warmth. It was petrifying and exciting at the same time. My heart was beating so fast it threatened to explode. My breathes came and went so rapidly, that when I heard them it frightened me.

"N-Naruto! W-What are you...s-stop!" I gasped. My little airy pleading voice sounded so weak to my own ears.

He wasn't stopping. Instead, his hands moved lower. They were bored of exploring and clawing at my upper body, so they moved to tug and toy with the hem of my pants. I shut my eyes tight in anticipation.

He didn't move. He sighed, lowering his face down, and pressed it next to mine, nudging me gently. I shivered again and realized just how tightly my hands were griping his flimsy shirt. I whimpered a little and increased my painful vise-like grip. I heard that shirt rip ever so slightly.

I could feel the face next to mine crack into a grin. I winced. It was a battle my pants were destined to lose. Fabric tore and soon his hand was gripping my growing arousal. He had me panting and writhing under him in no time. I tried to sit up to do something, but he still had me in his control. I was clenching unto his shoulders so hard I could start to feel some blood trickle down. I could smell it and I liked it.


I had to do something. Even in this vulnerable position, I was still Gaara. I still had power. I clenched tighter and gritted my teeth tightly together to regain some of my composure. He kept squeezing and teasing. In between my pants and gasps, I managed to get a clear sentence out.

"Stop it, you fucking bastard."

There. I got his attention. I didn't need the dim moonlight reflecting through the window to know he looked surprised and a little hurt. I didn't mean to be so harsh, but I kept a heavy glare set on my face.

"I don't know why you bothered to bring me here, or why you're doing...this" I said as calmly as I could, but it still came out harsh and ragged. I could feel a flood of emotions swell up inside of me at my own questions. I hoped he couldn't see through my mask and I let go of him.

He was at a loss for words, and I took the opportunity to push him off and get up. I was headed towards the door as he grabbed my arm and spun me around. It was my turn to be unpredictable. Whether I was unleashing my pent up frustration, I was just pissed off, or some of my insanity was showing itself again, I wasn't sure. All I know is that I gave him a fierce head-butt and jumped out of the window like a fugitive.