Pairings: NaruGaa

Summary: They are finally together! They know that they are both in love with each other! Isn't that just peachy?

Warnings: Sappy! This chappie is full of sappity sap sap!

Author's Notes: Aww...This will be the last chapter! I'm gettin emotional! First off, you should know I'm not particularly good at endings, but we do what we can! This will be my first ever completed fic. Wow. Amazing, ne? I hope you enjoy it and thank you for supporting and reading.

Much Love!

Chapter Nine: Love and Bonds



"You're smiling again."

"Hn! No, I'm not," I hid my face behind my coffee mug and stared down at the blonde man who was sitting across from me on the other end of the small round kitchen table.


"How 'bout now?" I asked even though I could feel the corner of my lips twitching.

He scrunched up his nose and pursed his lips together as he looked back at me. He took a sip of his coffee and grinned,"Yup. Still smilin'."

I sighed into my mug and steam hit my face. Well, fuck, it's not like I can help with this whole "smiling" thing. He makes it so hard for me to be pissed off. I just feel good when he's around. He's always so cheerful and caring around me. Just look at how he stares at me with those adoring, bright blue eyes...He doesn't ask anything of me except for me to stay with him. I can almost see his affection for me floating in the air. How can a person not smile when they're around something like that?

Not to mention the sex.

I had no idea he was so...passionate. Well, I knew he was passionate, but sometimes he hardly lets me rest. I viciously tried to stifle a blush as I remembered all of the things we've done in these last few days.

The day after our first time together, I woke up (yes, I slept) and had some breakfast with him. He giggled and sighed at me the whole damn time. It was more than a little embarrassing. It was extremely embarrassing, which is why I ate as quickly as possible and ran to the bathroom. I decided to take a bath because I was a little grimy.

I got the water started and I emerged myself as soon as it was full and nearly boiling hot. I soaked in the tub and tried to rest from our night because I was feeling so sore. Right as I felt a sense of safety and complete relaxation, the door swung open. It was Naruto, of course, and he was looking down at my wet, naked body with hungry eyes. He said something like, "Gaara...I can't stand to see you naked and alone."

That was his excuse.

So he jumped in with me – barely removing his own clothes – and I discovered he still had a remarkable amount of energy left. I complained and hit him at first for not leaving me alone, but as soon as he hit that sweet spot I was a goner. I didn't care if I would probably end up even more sore afterwards. I didn't mind the tile rim of the tub biting into my back as he pounded into me harder and harder. I didn't mind that the water was splashing all over the place and that it got so hot I thought I was going to faint.

His lips, his hands, and, of course, that burning drive he had was all I needed. I'd never felt so hot, but at the same time I was amazingly wet.

It was a weird sensation to do it in the bathtub. There's so much water and the steam nearly choked me. As I remembered the way he looked afterwards, I knew I was going to have to try it again. The way the water rolled down his sizzling body, and the way his drenched hair hung over his flushed face as he gasped for breath and looked at me with his romantic eyes was burned into my memory. He looked like he wanted to lick me clean. It was a sight almost too beautiful for words to describe.

After that I got a few moments of rest. We just enjoyed each other's company for a while, until I decided to have some ramen. I slurped up my noodles peacefully and was trying to mind my own business, when I turned and saw him staring at me again with that look in his eyes. He leaned on the counter and said, " suck your noodles so seductively."

Apparently seeing two of his favorite things at once was too much of an aphrodisiac for him.

Needless to say, he jumped me again and tore off my clothes. I was too tired to do anything about it. I was surprised when he tried something a little different. I guess I should have known he would be unpredictable, but I didn't know he could do it sideways...

In any case, the taste of ramen will always remind me of sex.

Actually, almost everything in the damn apartment will remind me of sex. I swear the place smells like a fucking whorehouse...not that I know what a whorehouse smells like. It's been like this for the past few days and he always has some lame excuse for wanting to screw me.

Another time I was wiped out, just lying stomach-down on the couch and staring mindlessly at the tv when he came in and sat next to me. I didn't do anything but lie there and he whispered to me, " know the affect that has on me."

I had no fucking idea what he was talking about.

That was the first time he did it from behind. I'm no expert, but that's the way I thought guys always did it. I guess I was wrong, because every time he does something different. It's kind of exciting. I think I like everything he does.

I still really wish he would stop saying stupid things before he turns all rapist on me. Why can't he just admit he's a perpetually horny bastard?

He's probably all hot and bothered right now. My eyes shot up from my mug and met with his. He gasped as I held his eyes with my own. I drained my mug and kept my eyes suspiciously on him.

" know your eyes are so sharp and sexy...they pierce through me just like a knife..." he gestured like some kind of ridiculous poet.

I slammed my empty mug down and stood up quickly.

Damn horny bastard.

I turned on my heels and headed for the bedroom. There aren't a lot of places to hide in this small apartment.

"Gaara! Where are you going?" he cried.

Before I could take more than three steps, he was attached to one of my legs. His arms and one of his legs were wrapped around my right leg. I tried to drag my foot to my destination, but it was hard with him stuck to me like that.


"Gaara! Don't leave me!" he wailed dramatically.

"I'm not leaving you! I'm just going to...shower."

"Shower?" his voice bounced up.


"But, Gaara - "

"Stop being an attention whore!" I yelled as I kicked him off of me. I can't believe how clingy he can be. I was already dying from exhaustion and he probably wanted to have sex with me again. It's just unbelievable.

Our demons are pretty sick. Kyuubi the Needy Slut and Shukaku the Crazy Bastard – I"m seeing totally new sides to both of these. Maybe it's because we're together and we throw each other off. I just know he's been acting crazy inside of me and causing me to be confused all the time.

I really don't know what to expect from him.

He only gives me peace if I give him certain things. Blood, booze, and wild sex are the only things that he'll take to let me rest a little bit. You'd think he was some kind of irresponsible, hormonal teenager. But, then again, it's not always like that. Sometimes I'll feel so tired, but I can still feel him pacing restlessly inside of me. He doesn't let me sleep the same amount of time either. Sometimes he'll give me a few hours and other times he'll tease me with a thirty minute nap just to fuck with me. He's a very sick bastard.

I looked down at my Naruto. My lover. His eyes were big and pleading – as usual. He must have trained hard to master that cute expression. It just pulled the strings of my heart, but I was resolved. I stormed into the bathroom quickly so he wouldn't catch up to me.

"'Kay! Have a nice shower my SEXY MAMMA!" I could hear him yell cheerfully through the door.

"Sexy Mamma...?" I whispered as I pealed my shirt off. I hope he doesn't call me that in public. I might have to go homicidal again. As I was unzipping my pants I caught my reflection in the long mirror. I looked like somebody's defiled sex toy. My body was so abused. From my neck down, I had multiple hickies, scratches, and bruises. My pants slid down and I noticed a particularly large bruise on my hip. That's where he grabs me all the time. I hissed.

I poked it.

Well, it looked worse than it felt. I climbed in the shower and let the spray hit my face. As I cleaned my body, my fingers ran across a few scratches. They stung slightly as I lathered. Is this what love is? Gaining someone's trust and trusting him enough to let him do whatever he wants to your body? I invited this upon myself, and I don't regret it. Not as long as it makes him happy and as long it's by his hands, I don't care. I like it. I drown in the pleasure. I even like the pain.

Does that make me dirty?

I wanted him here with me. I'm disappointed that he hasn't barged in yet for one reason or another. I'm just as horny as he is. I needed Naruto right then and there. I turned off the water with a flick of my wrist and jumped out of the shower. I wrapped a towel around my waist quickly as I opened the door.



I paused and went completely stiff. Was that an echo or did someone else just say Naruto's name? My fist tightened around the fabric of the towel. I distinctly heard laughter coming from the kitchen.

Rather than barge out there and strangle whoever was talking and laughing with Naruto, I decided to silently make my way to the bedroom door to listen in. For one thing, I don't know who it is, and for another, I'm practically naked.

"Well! I'm glad to see you're doing alright, Naruto-kun!" a male's voice reached my ears.

"Yeah, I'm sure you just dropped by to check up on me like the wonderful father figure you are, ne Kakashi-sensei?"

Father figure? Sensei? I let out a sigh of relief. My killing drive went down significantly, but I stayed put to listen a little more.

"Hmm? Naruto-kun...but of course. Why else would I be here?"

"You want to know the details?" Naruto asked innocently.

"All of them." I heard the shutting of a book and a chair screeching closer to the table.

"Heeheehee! I knew it! Just leave the father figuring to Iruka, ne? It's creepy when you try to do it."

"Hey! What am I supposed to do? You've been locked up in here for three days with that Sand kid! He must be pretty good, huh?"

I heard Naruto laugh robustly as his sensei questioned him a little more.

Are they talking about what I think they're talking about?

"I've always been kind of curious about him. He never seemed like the type to have a lover. So tell me! He's gotta to like it rough!"

"Heehee! Kakashi-sensei!"

"He does, doesn't he?"

"Actually, Gaara is very gentle. I'm the one that abuses him."

"No..." Kakashi gasped in surprise, "He lets you?"

"Yup! He encourages me! You wouldn't believe this guy. The very first time he was back here in Konoha he was looking so sexy and adorable, but you know, very sad... in that kind of Gaara-like way."

"Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm!"

"That alone is enough encouragement for me. I can't stand it when he looks so sad like that...but now it's even worse! First off, he's always wearing that clingy black clothes and fish net. He's like an advertisement for sex."

"The kid's got good fashion sense," Kakashi agreed readily. They're talking about me. Naruto thinks I advertise sex? I blushed and listened more.

"Well, yeah. There's that, but there's something else I don't know quite know how to explain. Like whenever I kiss him, it's like he's always begging for more. He's really..."


"MmmHmm. When I'm with him I feel like he really needs me, ya kno? I've never had anyone look at me like that. He's like always saying more more! But it has to be me that gives it to him. It's really special, I think."

"Is he...vocal?"

My face burned brighter as the conversation went on.

"Yeah! Yeah! And you should see all the sexy faces he makes! It's like..."

"NARUTO!" I ran out there in my towel to stop him from saying anything else embarrassing.

"Oh! Hi, Gaa-chan!" Naruto waved cheerfully while his sensei stared apathetically in my direction. I stood in front of them with my dripping wet hair. I glared at Naruto and I could feel I was still a little red in the face.

"I see what you mean..." Kakashi turned to Naruto. I moved my arm to cover a bruise or two.

"Heehee...Kakashi-sensei! Gaara! This is my old sensei, Kakashi. Kakashi-sensei, Gaara," he introduced us. The old man stood up with an orange book in his hand. He offered me his free hand and I shook it timidly. His smoky gray eye observed me intently, causing me to blush under the heavy scrutiny.

"Nice to met you," he said in an amused tone of voice. I could tell he was smiling because his one visible eye suddenly closed contently. I looked away, remembering my nakedness.

"Aww...Gaara-kun, you don't have to be so shy," the sensei continued.

"Yes he does. And I like him that way, so leave him alone," Naruto pouted and came to my side.

"Young love...I'm sure Gai would have something nice to say right about now. I guess I'll leave you two alone!" Kakashi waved. Naruto lead him to the door, and the silver-haired man paused to give some advice, "It's good to be new lovers, but you guys should really get out more. Naruto, you can't just abandon everything else."

"Okay, Kakashi-sensei!"

"And Gaara...don't let him abuse you too much!" the older man chuckled.

"Bye, Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto yelled and slammed the door shut. Naruto went back to the small table and sat down with a sigh. I followed him slowly.

" you really think all those things about me?" I asked softly.

"Would I say it if it weren't true?" he grinned up to me and I moved closer, "Gaara...weren't you supposed to be showering?"


"Did you miss me too much?" he pulled me down to his lap. I half-closed my eyes remembering the reason I got out of the shower in the first place. My lips brushed against his softly.

"Maybe..." I wrapped my arms loosely around his neck and leaned down, further closing the distance between us.

"Gaara..." he whispered against my sensitive skin.

"Don't say embarrassing things about me again..."

"Maybe you shouldn't listen in," he smirked playfully. I felt his hand crawl up one of my thighs.

"I hate you."

"I love you," he replied before pressing his lips firmly against mine in a deep kiss. I pressed my body more firmly against his and he moaned softly into our kiss. We broke apart, panting heavily.

"You should really wear more than a towel when you're around me unless you want something bad to happen," he breathed huskily. His hand ran up and down my bare thigh impatiently.

"What if I do?"


"I want it."

"Gaara..." he nudged his nose to my face. I placed a hand on his cheek and swept my tongue across his lips teasingly.

"Do it. Don't stop until you're completely satisfied."

"I'm starving! Let's go out to eat!" the blonde holding me exclaimed. I mumbled into his chest and held on to him tighter.

"You're always hungry...I want to stay here," I pouted and he scratched my hair behind my ear like I was some kind of animal. I had to admit it felt good. I leaned into his touch and made a small pleased sound. He stopped scratching.

"Oh, God, Gaara. Do that again." My eyes flew open and I frowned. I got up from my comfortable spot, being held in Naruto's arms, and I glared at him.

"No, I'm not doing it again. Especially if you like it."

Naruto sighed heavily and got up, grabbing his shirt to put it back on. He zipped up his pants and looked for his vest as I watched, leaned against the couch.

"It's on the floor behind the chair," I muttered.

"Oh! There it is! Thanks, Gaara," He smiled and put on his last article of clothing. He turned to me fully clothed and grinned even wider. "Are you gonna go like that, Gaara-sama?"

"Hmm?" I tilted my head to the side. Before I knew it, his arms were wrapped around me and he was nuzzling me affectionately.

"That's so sexy that you don't even notice when you're completely naked," he cooed. I leaned in to kiss him passionately.

"Hurry up and get dressed, or I'll leave you here alone," he placed a kiss on my exposed shoulder.

We wandered the streets together, taking a slightly longer route to the Ichiraku. The whole time Naruto was waving cheerfully to his many acquaintances. I followed behind, slightly annoyed. Anyone getting Naruto's attention generally got on my nerves, especially these stupid villagers that were probably the same ones that used to call him a demon behind his back. Yet he always smiled gleefully and exchanged pleasant greetings.

As we passed by a stand selling fruits, I felt a familiar chakra. I grabbed Naruto by the arm and picked up our pace.

"Good afternoon, Naruto!" a charming voice called out. I froze in place, refusing to turn around until Naruto did.

"Eh? Hey...Gaara, let go. Someone's trying to talk to me..." he turned around to face that man. "Neji?"

"Hi! It's good to see you," he strode up to us casually. I watched him as if he were a viper, prepared to strike at any moment. He only smiled handsomely and gave off that air of being extremely well-manner and polite. I tried to drill a hole through his head with my glare.

"Hi, Gaara," he said offhandedly. He quickly turned his attention back to my Naruto. I don't know how it is possible, but Neji is even taller than he is. He swept a pale hand through his long silky hair as if he was in a shampoo commercial.

"What the hell do you want?" I spit out angrily. He looked at me with a cocky expression on his face.

"Sorry, am I bothering someone? Naruto seems to be happy to see me," he smiled to Naruto, showing off his perfect pearly teeth. My eyes moved over to Naruto, who had been unusually quiet. He was blushing intensely as Neji put a hand on his shoulder.

"No! Naruto!" I gasped, rushing to his side protectively.

"Y-Yeah, Gaara?" I vaguely heard Neji laugh and my heart plummeted to the ground.

"You don't still like him do you?" I whispered quietly in his ear, even though Neji probably heard it anyway. At my words, Naruto flung around and shook his head fervently.

"No! No! It's just that...that he's so handsome!" he turned back to Neji with his hands clasped together. It was like watching a rock star with his most loyal fan – Naruto being the giddy fan. I was burning with jealousy.

"You think I'm handsome?" the Hyuuga smirked devilishly. Naruto stuttered and looked away nodding timidly. I nearly exploded in rage.

"We'll see if he's still handsome when he's dead!" I went to choke the living daylights of of Neji and Naruto stood completely entranced. Damn it! I hate Neji so much! No one can steal Naruto from me just for being more handsome than I am!

"Neji-nii-san!" a small female voice called out in distress. I stopped in my motions to glance down at a tiny girl, that could have been a miniature, female version of Neji. She clutched her shopping basket full of fruit as she looked at the two of us with large sorrowful eyes.

"Please don't hurt my nii-san..." she pleaded.

"Hinata-chan..." Neji glanced down at her and suddenly relaxed from his tensed posture.

"H-Hinata-chan!" Naruto cried.

"I'm s-sorry," I muttered half-heartedly. Something about this girl made me feel guilty about being so vicious.

"It's ok," she smiled reassuringly. I can sort of see why Naruto would like her. She's clearly beautiful and – unlike Neji – she seems kind, "I-I don't think we've ever been properly introduced. I am Hyuuga Hinata."

"Sabaku no Gaara," I dropped my voice solemnly.

"Nice to meet y-you," she grabbed Neji's arm gently, "Niisan, I think we should go. We have a lot of shopping to do."

He grimaced slightly and Naruto stood awkwardly shifting his weight from one leg to the other. I was still unsatisfied.

"W-Wait!" I called, stopping them in their tracks, "Hyuuga Neji! Naruto is mine!"

Naruto nearly feel to the floor, and bystanders turned to stare at us with curious looks on their faces. I stood firm and defiant, gripping on to Naruto's waist. Neji began to laugh and Hinata looked completely confused.

"Baka! He's already yours," he scoffed.

"Huh? G-Gaara-san is Naruto's n-new...n-new..."

"Yes! He is my lover!" Naruto proclaimed proudly, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. I gaped and blushed at his actions.

"Are you okay with that, Hinata-chan?" he added. She considered it for a moment and then nodded vigorously.

"If he makes Naruto-kun happy, then I am happy too!" her answer seemed to lighten Naruto up considerably.

"Hinata-chan! Thank you!" He jumped over to her and clasped her hands. "What about you, Neji? Huh?"

"Yeah, I guess it okay," a small smile crossed his face and for once he didn't look like a complete bastard.


"Sure, Naruto."

"WOW! I am so happy! GROUP HUG!" he pounced on the Hyuugas.

"Oh, my God...I can't believe this..." I hid my face in my hands to hide my embarrassment. He's just like a little kid. They bounced around like a happy little family for a few moments, exchanged pats on the backs and nice words of encouragement, and I seriously contemplated getting the hell away from all of them. I curled my lips up distastefully as I waited for the sappy moment to pass by. They finally broke apart and both Hyuugas turned to me as they left.

"You better not make him unhappy," Neji warned.

"Good luck, Gaara-san!" Hinata cheered.

"Okay. Bye," I waved unenthusiastically.

"Wow! I feel so glad to have them both support us," Naruto sighed.

"Why? We don't need their support," I grunted. Having support was incredibly embarrassing. It felt like we were some sort of newlyweds or something. It was awkward and weird. I especially didn't want anything from Neji, but I suppose it's good to have him out of the way.

"Because, Gaara, they're my friends...You know not everyone gets to choose who they get to be with."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Hinata and Neji...her dad has been wanting them to get married."

"What? Aren't they cousins?" I shuddered at the thought of being forced to marry someone you thought of as a sibling.

"Yeah, that's why it means a lot. I hope they get to be with who they really love in the end too."

"Baka. What if that person is you?" I glanced at Naruto.

"I'm taken, bitch." he winked and laughed as we headed back to the Ichiraku.

"Your momma was a bitch," I nudged him playfully.

"Your momma was a tea kettle!"

"Ouch, that cuts me deep, Fox-boy."

"Serves you right, Badger-face."

Words of true love never sounded so immature.