Chapter One

I grabbed my bag, tossed it over my shoulder and headed through the double doors of Glenwood High.

You see my Mom and I just moved to Glenwood from Kimberly, Wisconsin. Mom just got remarried to Mitch Wilson, the biggest pain in my ass. He is a total suck up, trying to win me over with all his money. I have one thing to say to that, bullshit!

Dad walked out on mom and me when I was two and I haven't seen him since. Not sure what's worse, not having a father at all or having one that can't stop kissing ass. Mitch is the least of my worries right now though. I have to get through my first day of high school and try to make the best of it.

After going down about three wrong halls I finally found the main office. I walked up to the lady behind the desk and handed her my papers. She scanned them and looked at me.

"Anna, welcome to Glenwood High. We're glad to have you." She said with a warm smile.

"Thanks." I muttered, just then a tall blonde boy appeared from a room in the back.

"This is Sam Sutter; he'll take good care of you while you get adjusted."

"Nice to meet ya! I'm Sam." He said extending his hand to shake mine.

"Anna, Anna Larson." I smiled. He was cute in that dorky I'm a teacher's best friend kind of way.

Sam and I started down the hall. We had a lot in common. He too hadn't seen his father for years and lives with his mom and little sister Danielle.