Title: El Leo
Author: AliveNdangerous

Pairing: Stanley Burleson/OC

Rating: R

Category: Romance and some stuff I can't quite place

Summary: Somebody enters Stanley's life, a dangerous man... or is he?

WARNINGS::Speaks slowly and clearly: This is slash aka two guys who like each other A LOT. I'll laugh and point at anyone who flames me, just warning. Normal reviews and suggestions are very welcome, though.

Disclaimer: I don't own Stanley Burleson, but I hope to do one day... :takes out book on How To Ditch A Hot Guy's BF again:

Other: I love to read reviews:hint, hint: And for people who don't know him, Stanley Burleson is a Dutch musical actor.

Another day, another kill, anther reward. Steel blue eyes scanned the dark streets of nightly Rotterdam. Well, dark... as dark as they could be in this city. He was invisible, like a shadow in the darkness, but his stealth disappeared when he walked into the bright pool of neonlight spread by his destination. It wasn't his normal place of choice, but he'd worked very hard and his lust for moments of dirty pleasure had been satisfied. Now, it was time to give his eyes something to sooth them after all the horrors and death they'd seen and he intended to do just that as he walked into the popular Gay Palace, people making room for him to pass trough the second they recognised him. Everybody knew him, and yet nobody did. They just knew one thing... watch out.

He sat down at the bar, ordering a beer while he feasted his sapphire eyes on the crowd. Tonight would be a night of relaxation after a long time of hard work... at least, it was meant to be... until HE walked in.The blonde man had never before seen such a magnificent creature. Dark, strong and lean, drop dead gorgeous. And the way he danced... fluid, beautiful motions, like he was one with the music, making love to the rythm... it was downright hypnotizing.

A quick interrogation of a frightened bartender later, a name was known... Stanley Burleson. It turned out that his God given talent of dancing was also his profession and his voice could compete. The man at the bar looked at him, just that, intense blue eyes never leaving the other man. He imagined that he was dancing just for him, every subtle turn of his hips, every movement of that delicious body a special treat, just for him. How would his voice sound? Normally, he imagined voices as terrified screams of death and pain, but not with this man. He tried to think of how his singing would sound, softly, just for him, a voice caressing his most inner being. He watched him all night, feeling an immense sense of loss when he stopped dancing and walked towards the door. The other man did the only thing he was truly good at, stalking his prey.

He followed him out, making sure he stayed well hidden in the shadows, no use in frightening him. Or rather, he just didn't want to scare him. That was a novelty, he was used to people being scared of him, fearing for their lives at his mere sight, shuddering at the mention of his name. And he liked it. But not this man. No, he couldn't even imagine what he'd look like when truly afraid, he didn't even want to think of that. He mildly wondered where he was heading, since he'd heard the man lived in an entirely different city and the trainstation was in a different direction. He quickly summed up everything he knew and could only come to one conclusion, he was heading for the Luxor, probably parked his car there...

But, if he was heading for the theatre, why was he going this way? The mainstream towards it was actually around thesse blocks. Maybe he wanted to take a shortcut... not a smart thing at this hour. It was a great risk walking here if you weren't as notorious as the man in the shadows, especially at night. Not that the blonde man would hurt him. He'd done it before, taken what he wanted with intimidation and violence, but he didn't want to do that to this man. This man seemed perfect in every way. He would never be able to forgive himself if he scarred that beautiful face or damaged him in a way that would stop him from dancing so mesmerizing. No, the hunter stalking the prey wasn't a threat this time, it were the hunters who didn't bother with stalking which he feared.

He was nearly at ease as they exited the dangerous neighbourhood, walking the last part towards the Luxor theatre trough what was a very weak attempt at a park. Nearly at ease... and then his fears were confirmed.