Chapter 2

He'd almost thought they were save, that this beautiful man was out of danger, when hey appeared. Three men. Clearly none of them with good intentions. The blonde man decided to wait for a bit, showing his face was always risky and paniced idiots were always far more dangerous than normal ones, maybe the darker man could save himself...

Not too long after that, it became quite clear that he couldn't. One of the men had twisted his arms behind his back while one of the others was yelling insults at him, mostly about homosexuality. The third... was rummaging in his pocket, never a good sign. It happened in the blink of an eye. The one who'd been yelling and the one who'd now produced a blade attacked. Kick, smash, cut, scream.

But it wasn't just Stanley who screamed, it had been the last sound of the attacker who'd held him, now laying behind him with his head twisted in an odd angle, dead. The sight of blood welling up on the cheek of his prey and the pain on the man's face had enranged the broad, blonde man enough to kill. Not that he really needed rage to kill, it was his job after all. But this killing wasn't payed, this one was out of pure rage... for hurting his muse.

Two other screams sounded as the scarce light fell on his face, illuminating his features. Two identical screams, different voices. "El Leo!" They tried to run, but two throwing stars caught up with them with ease. Nobody hurted that beautiful creature and lived to tell the tale.

The man known as El Leo turned around, his heart nearly breaking at the sight of his beautiful muse sobbing on the ground, he gently knelt next to him. "Ssh, it's okay, nobody's going to hurt you anymore." The softness and soothing tone of his voice even surprised the bigger man himself. But he felt his heart skip a beat as big, watery brown eyes looked up with him, shimmering with pain, fear... and just a tiny glint of trust. That glint was more than the blonde man had seen in a very long time...

"You're safe. They're gone." He hesitated for a moment before wrapping his arms gently, but thightly around the other man, who recoiled just ever so slightly before giving into the welcoming warmth generated by El Leo's body heat. "Can you walk?" The other man gave an uncertain nod, then shook his head, then nodded again. "Lets just try and if it doesn't work, we'll find another solution." This time, only a nod was the answer. Knowing the other man was in pain, the killer gently helped him to his feet, whispering assurances and the like.

It didn't go as planned, the moment El Leo allowed Stanley to support his own weight, he abruptly lost his balance because his left leg gave away. The broad man caught him and held him close, whispering soothing words. Death wasn't a heavy enough punishment if they'd made him unable to dance again... a thought that was more horrible than anything the assasin could think of. "We'll just go for the old fashioned romantic way, then." He offered the other man a small smile, which took quite an effort since he hadn't smiled in a very long time, before scooping him up into his arms.

"Let's just go to my place and see whether I can fix you up. It'll be okay." To his surprise, Stanley nodded. Did he even know who he was dealing with? Normal men would've paniced at the mere thought of being in the same building as El Leo and this one didn't seem to afraid, he even accepted an offer to go to the stronger man's house. Then again, he'd saved his life... why would he harm him after that? It seemed quite logical for Stanley to trust him.

He didn't spare it another thought and carefully carried the other man into the Lion's Lair, strange enough, the safest place for him to be.