A/N: I really wasn't planning on starting another new story, honest! But the thing is, this little plot bunny popped into my head this morning, and then the next thing I knew I had full scenes from this story running through my head. Being that I'm the kind of writer that typically wings it, and let's the scenes come to her as she writes, this was a pretty big deal for me. So I had to write it out, or else it would've been haunting me until I did. Ao here's the scoop this story is basically Chobits, Yu-Gi-Oh style. I get the feeling that this has been done a million times, I know at least that robot style things have been, but I'm hoping this story will have a different twist than the others.

Full summary: Yuugi Moutou worked at the Kame Electronics Shop, the number one place in Domino City to buy the infamous Human-like AI robots that were quickly becoming the replacement for regular computers. Everyone loved the robots, everyone except Yuugi. In Yuugi's opinion they were just a poor imitation of humans, with fake emotions, and fake personalities. But one day a new robot is delivered to the shop, and he takes quite the liking to Yuugi. Yuugi knows there's more to this robot than meets the eye, but exactly what's so special about this robot that has everyone after it?

Yuugi sighed, looking up from his magazine to make sure none of his customers looked like they needed his help. But, as usual, no one did. Besides, why would anyone ever need his help, the products practically sold themselves. In fact, they literally did sell themselves, all he needed to do was sit around while they did all the work, and then collect the money once they were done. Yuugi didn't really understand why it bothered him so much, most people would be happy to be receiving money for such a simple job, but he wasn't. The only thing he was, was bored.

Yuugi worked at the Kame electronics shop, the largest vendor of the Industrial Illusions AI units in all of Domino City. And those robots had been the bane of his existence since he'd taken the job. The robots were versatile enough that everyone could find some purpose for them; they could function better than a regular computer, but they could also cook, clean, perform almost any job more efficiently than a human, were compatible with just about every dating sim game currently on the market, and on top of all that if you got really desperate they made great prom dates. But in Yuugi's opinion that was exactly the problem, they were too perfect. He figured that if things kept going the way they were, humans would be obsolete. And newer, more realistic versions of the robots were being produced faster everyday.

"Yuugi, could you come help me out back for a second," His grandfather, the owner of the shop asked, "Our floor model of the newest version of the robots just got delivered."

Great, another one. Yugi thought dryly, heading toward the storage area to unload the newest device of his torture.

He approached the box to find the lid slightly ajar. "Awe, geez. Somebody already opened it." Opening the box the rest of the way, he grunted. "It's been turned on too? What's with the post office lately?" He paused, taking a closer look at the robot, which was in sleep mode. "Wow, this one looks so real, you can hardly tell it isn't human. Wait a minute! Is it…breathing? Oh my gosh, I think it is a human!"

He quickly grab the figure, carefully lifting it out of the box, its skin, its hair, its features, everything about it seemed completely human. Slowly it opened its eyes, and after looking around for a minute, smiled. "Hello! I'm model number 04, unit 00. What's your name?" It finished, cocking its head to the side in a child-like manner.

"Unit 00, huh?" His grandfather commented, walking up next to him. "We sure are lucky we got the very first one. It's male though, that's unusual. They usually send us females, they sell better."

"It scared the crap out of me, it got turned on in the box, and a second ago I could've sworn it was breathing."

"New feature! More human-like actions such as mock-breathing make me more realistic!" 04 cried happily.

"I see it's already been programmed into selling mode, that makes my life a little easier, at least." Yuugi said, "But it's so damn happy."

"You know that having a good demeanor like that makes them sell better. This one should sell quick anyway, though, it's a handsome model." His grandfather said, heading back for the front of the store.

Yuugi took a good look at the robot for the first time. It was fairly short, probably only 5'4" or so, but it was still taller than him. It had tanned skin and ruby red eyes, but the most interesting thing about it was its hair. It was black, with red tips and blonde bangs, and defied gravity in a way that he'd only seen one other person's hair accomplish. "Woah! You look just like me!"

"New feature! Advancements in physical design allow me to appear even more human!"

"Ugh, would you stop that?"

"Stop what?" 04 asked innocently.

"Hey Yuge. Whatcha up to?" Yuugi's best friend, Jounouchi asked, entering the shop.

"Absolutely nothing, as usual." Yuugi replied, "And the shop's been pretty quiet today, too. What about you?"

"Nuttin, really. Jus' figured I'd stop by an' see if you, wanted some company, an' maybe a duel."

"A duel sounds good to me, I certainly don't have anything else to do."

They set up for a duel at the front desk. Jounouchi was just about to start when he saw a figure hanging over him. Looking up, he saw 04. "Who're you?" He asked.

"I'm model 04, unit 00." He replied in a sing-song voice.

"That's the newest robot model," Yuugi added, to help Jounouchi understand a little better. "Why are you watching us?" he finished, turning toward 04.

"New feature! Improved learning software makes me not only capable of learning, but eager to do so!" Yuugi thought about what 04 had said for a moment, puzzled. That was pretty advanced technology. Most of the other robots didn't even have any learning software at all; you had to program any new information to them by hand. The fact that 04 had that kind of ability was incredible. Jounouchi jarred him from his thoughts.

"Wow, Yuge! Dis one looks jus' like you!"

"New feat-"

"Yes, advancements in physical design. We know. Can we please duel now?" Yuugi cut him off.

A few turns into the duel, things were not looking good for Jounouchi. Yuugi had already blown away half his life points, but still hadn't lost any himself. Jounouchi was getting flustered. "GAH! Dere's gotta be some way I can still win, right?"

04's eyes began to glow. "Analyzing field…" he said in a voice much calmer and more electronic than his typical tone, "analyzing players' hands, decks and life points…calculating odds…" his eyes stopped glowing, and in his normal voice he said, smiling, "calculations complete. Probability of victory 0.001."

"WHAT DID YOU JUS' SAY!" Jounouchi yelled, jumping out of his chair, "You better keep your calculations to yourself, buddy, or else I'll-"

"Calm down Jounouchi, he was just doing what he thought you asked him to do," Yuugi laughed, "Besides," he added, seeing the concerned look on 04's face, "if you keep that up you're going to scare him." He stopped. What am I saying? He's a robot, he can't get scared, he doesn't have emotions. He looks scared, but it's probably just artificial fear, programmed by some sort of software or something…

"Well, looks like even your luck can't handle 0.001, Jounouchi." Yuugi said mockingly, after the duel was finished. He had in fact beaten Jounouchi.

"That had nuttin to do wit' dat robot's stupid calculations," Jounouchi said angrily, "It's jus' coz you're a better duelist than me. He had nuttin to do wit' it." Jounouchi went to glare at 04, but he stopped. Something about the robot was different. "Yuge, I think dere might be sometin' wrong wit' your robot, he seems kinda tired…"

Yuugi looked at 04. Jounouchi was right; he did seem pretty lethargic. "04, system analysis." That'll help us figure out what's wrong.

"Cannot process request." 04 replied sleepily.

"Why not?"

"My battery is too low."

"Well, that solves the problem anyway, you justneed to be charged. I'll just hook you up to the wall here and you be good in no time." He reached for 04's head, but stopped. "Wait a minute, you don't have ears like the other robots…"

"New feature." he paused for a moment and yawned before continuing, "Smaller, less noticeable control panel makes me even more realistic." he replied, with far less gusto then normal.

"Well, can you plug yourself in, then?"

04 yawned, but nodded. He opened the front of a triangular, gold necklace Yuugi hadn't previously noticed, and pulled his cord out, plugging it into a jack in the wall. His eyes glowed again for a moment, "Charging initiated." And he shut down.

"He calls dat less noticeable?" Jounouchi asked, "I tink dat a big hunk of gold 'round his neck is pretty noticeable."

"That's not what he means, Jou. Look at it this way, if you were to see him walking down the street, and hadn't previously met him here, would you think he was a robot?"

"Nawe, I'd probably tink he was a human."

"Exactly. By getting rid of the big, non-human ears they made it less noticeable, because he looks more human. It's actually scary how human he seems sometimes."

"Geez, technology dese days is pretty crazy." Jounouchi replied, bewildered.

"What do you mean he's missing?" Pegasus asked, irritated. Of all the technology in his entire company, that robot was probably the most important, most dangerous item, and his workers had actually lost track of it. He was furious, to say the least.

"What I mean, sir, is that I went to retrieve him, as you had requested, and he is no longer here."

"Well, you better give me a good explanation as to why he's missing, otherwise more than just your job will be at stake."

"He does have a mind of his own sir, it's possible that he ran-"

"He did not run away. He may have free will, but he was programmed to ensure that he would not run away. So he was either stolen, or misplaced, and for your sake I hope it's the latter. Now get out of my sight."

"Yes sir." The suit left immediately.


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