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My dear friend Kuronue

Fifteen long years have passed since I started living in the living world. My mind is so full with regret and sorrow. For I… the legendary bandit, Yoko Kurama could not save my friend and partner, Kuronue, from meeting with his final fate.

Another sleepless night laid in store for Kurama. He laid back on his bed dosing off after a long day of school and helping his mother. Kurama started to dream.

He and Kuronue were running away from a palace with an stolen object. Kuronue turned back to look at Yoko. He smiled as they took off again. They started to run through the bamboo forest. Kuronue's pendent suddenly broke and fell several feet behind him. He turned back to retrieve it. Yoko turned around noticed that Kuronue wasn't behind him anymore.

" KURONUE!" Yoko shouted.

" I need it!" Kuronue shouted back. He retrieved his pendent in his hand and before he got a chance to run back to Yoko… bamboo sticks came down and struck him.

Yoko's eyes widened in shock. " NO KURONUE!"

Kuronue was in lots of pain and losing lots of blood fast. " Go Kurama… save yourself.. get out of here."

" I won't just abandon you like this!"

" No.. GO!" He shouted.

Yoko looked depressed as he took off leaving Kuronue behind. ' I'm sorry Kuronue…'

As he ran he heard more screams of his partner Kuronue.

Kurama shot up from his bed, screaming. His breathing was fast and hard. Kurama was sweating bullets. The young teen put his hand on his heart and sighed. ' It was only a dream…' He thought.

A few moments later there was a banging on his door. "Shuichi!" Came his mother's startled tone.

Kurama sighed as he walked to the door. ' I must have woken my mother…' He opens it and sees his mother standing there. " Hello Mother.."

" Are you alright Shuichi… I heard you screaming up here…"

" It was just a bad dream… I'm alright now."

Shiori let out a sigh of relief as she hugged her son. " Don't scare me like that Shuichi."

" I promise mother… I won't."

" Good night Shuichi…"

" Good night mother." He said politely as he shut his door behind him. He let out a sigh. ' I worry my mother too much…' Kurama sat back on his bed looking out the window. ' Kuronue… I really miss you my partner…' Kurama walked back over to his closet and pulled out some seeds. He munched them up and put them in some water and swallowed them. " I hope that works… I really have to get some sleep… I have just had too many sleepiness nights." He laid back in bed and dosed off to sleep…

Next morning….

Kurama woke up with the sound of his mother's voice telling him it was time to wake up. " Shuichi… time to get up…"

Kurama opened his eyes slowly as he looked up at his mother. " Morning… what time is it?"

" It's ten to seven Shuichi… come on out of bed… I don't think you want to be late."

" I'm coming mother." Kurama got out of bed and changed into his school attire. Kurama walked down with his mother to the kitchen. Breakfast was already on the table waiting for him to eat it.

" Shuichi… are you sure your feeling well?"

" Of course mother. I'm fine. Why do you ask?"

" You slept in. You are usually awake much sooner. I was just concerned."

" I'm fine really… I was just really tired last night."

" Understandable… alright Shuichi… I'm headed off to work. You have a good day at school."

" I will mother… goodbye." Kurama gave his mother a kiss before she walked out the door. Kurama finished off his breakfast quickly, took his lunch money from the table and ran out the door.

A few moments later Kurama arrived at school. Aside from home school was the only place he enjoyed to be at. Kaitou was waiting for Kurama in the hall. " Greetings Shuichi… or should I say Kurama."

" Kaitou.."

" Your tardy for once Shuichi…"

" I was detained." Kurama stated.

" You've been rather tired lately from what I've seen Shuichi… long nights studying or is it something else?"

" Couldn't sleep… if you excuse me." Kurama walked away from him.

Kaitou walked along with Kurama. " Shuichi… what is on your mind?"

" An old acceptance…"

" I see… more stuff about your secret life."

Kurama quickly looked around the hall… " Don't say anything about that. You are very aware that no one is to know about it."

" I know that Shuichi… Just don't let it interfere with your schoolwork. I don't want to beat my rival when he's not at his best." With that Kaitou walked off to class.

Kurama sighed. ' He still must be thinking about beating me… but I must admit Kaitou and I have started a weird friendship lastly.' As Kurama was thinking the bell started to ring. Kurama lucky arrived in the classroom before the teacher and sat down in his seat.

Kaitou smiled. " You were almost late for class Shuichi…"

Kurama didn't respond to Kaitou and simply looked out the window. The teacher opened the door soon after with a large amount of tests in his hand.

" Good morning class… Today we have a surprise test… so put all your books on the floor and take out a pen or pencil." There was a moan in the classroom as they moved their stuff. " Non of that nonsense… just take the test."

Kurama received the test last because he sat in the back of the classroom. The young boy looked at the test paper with shock. ' Just great… I don't remember this… what do I have to do again?' He sighed as he finally remembered. Kurama worked hard on the test and raised his hand a few moments later.

The teacher looked up and saw his hand. " Yes Shuichi?"

" I've completed the test."

" Bring it here." The teacher stated. Kurama got out of his seat and handed the teacher his test. " Take out any other work you have…"

" Yes professor." Kurama went back to his seat and began to work on it.

About twenty minutes later the bell rang and everyone went to their next period classes. It went on like this for most of the rest of the day. From time to time people would stop off at the test score postings to see who had the highest grades… as usual Shuichi's name was first.

" Why does anyone even bother anymore… Shuichi is unbeatable when it comes to test grades."

By the end of the day Kurama left the school and was headed home. He felt an strange presence in the area but it vanished quickly. Kurama narrowed his eyes as he continued walking home. ' That was strange… I wonder if what I just felt was… Kuronue….'

To be continued…

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