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Chapter 59: True meaning of pain

Kururi laughed as his eyes flashed with excitement. " Lets not put it off any longer… Let the battle that will decide the fate of all commence!" The evil demon's poisonous vapors began to fully surround Yusuke and the others.

With his spare hand Youko rubbed his eyes. The gas was slowly making his vision blurry. Yusuke turned to the spirit fox looking for an explication to what was going on. Youko looked extremely serious as he spoke, " This poisonous vapor is known as miasma. It has been known to stop most demons in their tracks. When used correctly miasma is a very effective tool to make undetectable kills."

Kururi laughed. " As insightful as always aren't we Youko Kurama. Despite your efforts, holding your nose won't help you for long. This miasma is different than most." A smirk appeared on Kururi's face as he saw the concern in Youko's eyes. " Oh yes, this miasma doesn't just enter through our noises but through our skin. The longer you remain in my prison of vapors the more it will affect you."

Youko narrowed his eyes dangerously. ' He's right. Already I can feel the effects of this gas.' The skillful spirit fox looked up and noticed that there was a hole in which he could easily jump through and get a better attack point. For an instant he hesitated looking at his friends to check to see if they had not fallen to the effects as well.

Hiei turned to Kurama and gave him a cold glare. " What are you waiting for Kurama? Make your move… the detective and myself will be fine… just go!"

Youko nodded as he jumped up into the sky with a rose in hand. He transformed it quickly into the famous rose whip. He narrowed his eyes again, ' I only have one shot at this… if I miss… all of us would be in serious trouble.'

Kururi rose his gaze up to where Kurama was souring. He let out an, ' um' as he was curious to what he was up too and then he noticed the whip in his hand. As Kurama made his decent he made six fast strikes at Kururi. The servant of evil was forced to abandon his location in the soup of poison gas. As a result, the effectiveness was lessened by half.

Yusuke took this opportunity to power up his spirit gun. The red energy surrounded his index finger and glowed brightly. He growled as he aimed. " Here bastard! Have a taste of my SPIRIT GUN!" The blast shot out from his finger like a canon forcing him backwards onto Hiei. The covering of gases evaporated as the blast of demonic energy passed by. Kururi's eyes widened as he saw the blast coming toward him. In a last minute attempt to save himself he surrounded himself with a protective barrier. As the two energies collided a big explosion transpired leaving a mushroom shaped cloud in its wake.

Youko landed safely on the ground near Yusuke. He looked around, " Where's Hiei?"

Yusuke felt a sharp stab in his butt and he jumped up into the air screaming. " OUCH!"

Hiei stood up with a deep frown of his face. " I told you to get off me! Serves you right." He placed his sword back in its sheath and he looked at the cloud of dust ahead of them.

Yusuke growled as he came up to him and picked him up by his shirt. " Why you little… that's what I get for defeating that guy!"

Youko narrowed his eyes. " No its not over."

An evil laugh escaped the dust cloud. " He's right, its not over until I say it's over." Kururi appeared unscathed from the combined assault of Youko and Yusuke.

" Damnit why can't you bad guys just fucking die!" Shouted an aggravated Yusuke.

Kururi laughed in pure amusement. "What would be the fun in that? Besides such a feeble attempt couldn't scratch me. Nothing you do can possibly bring me down… for I am fighting for my dreams and because of that I am not going to give up!" Kururi's eyes flashed and once again his poison began to surround them again.

Hiei huffed. " Don't you have any other tricks?" The fire apparition pulled off the covering of his Jagan and it began to glow as his arm began to burn with the power of the dragon of the darkness flame. "Why don't you try this on for size! DRAGON OF THE DARKNESS FLAME!"

Kururi stood his ground as the powerful darkness technique came at him. The powerful dragon formed and shot at Kururi nearly engulfing him entirely. However just as he was about to reach his end he had a memory appear in his mind.

Karuru was standing by the window looking out into demon world. He was a great deal younger then he is now. His long whitish blue hair swayed slightly with a small wind from the outside. He saw Kururi out of the corner of his eye. " Kururi? Tell me…. Does anyone really care about me? Or am I just a pawn in the struggles of power?"

" Karuru, it is true you were born into a ruling family but it is equally true that you are not alone."

" Oh? What if… I gained ultimate power, would you stay by my side."

Kururi approached Karuru and embraced him as any friend would. " We have grown up together… we have been there to support each other… I would follow you to the ends of the earth Karuru, because I care about you with all my being…. I will do all within my power to make your dreams happen, and give you everlasting happiness…"

Karuru turned to him with tears of joy in his face. " You're the first to ever say such kind things to me Kururi. I'm forever grateful for everything you have done for me…. And I will always be with you…" As Kururi began to walk out Karuru called him once again. " Kururi… wait…"

Kururi stopped in his tracks and turned to Karuru. " Yes?"

" Promise me… you won't die."

Kururi smiled at him. " I promise Karuru. I won't die…"

Then Kururi snapped out of his memory and just at that moment his battle aura exploded. " I made a promise…. And I'm not going to go back on my word now!" Just at that moment Hiei's attack was destroyed and Kururi landed safely to the ground again.

Youko and Yusuke narrowed their eyes as they heard what Kururi had just uttered and that made them think. What promise did he possibly make and to who? With their bodies near the limit they turned the battle to one of physical attacks to one of verbal attacks.

"What promise did you make Kururi?" Youko questioned with a slight hint of curiosity.

"That's none of your business!" He shouted as he gases grew even denser.

Unknown to Kururi, Kuronue was in position to give the final blow on Kurama's single. " I want to know what was it that forced you down the path you have chosen… what was the promise. What harm will it case to tell us now?"

"It was a promise between friends, made ages ago. I promised I would help him reach his ultimate goal of unending happiness as well as promising to give it all I had to make sure his goals were realized. Karuru's dreams are my dreams and mine his…" After his slightly heart warming speech his eyes turned back to one of coldness. " If that means destroying others to obtain it… then so be it! Now you will all perish by my hand."

The miasma only grew even more toxic and the three inside its dangerous walls found it extremely hard to manage it any longer. Youko was forced to revert back to his human form and at that exact moment… Kuronue made his attack. His scythe sliced through the gases and struck the unsuspecting Kururi.

Kururi felt the scythe cut open his flesh creating a great wound across his chest. His eyes widened in shock and pain as he fell backwards onto the ground. The blood seeped from the wound and covered the ground. " I'm sorry Karuru… forgive me… I failed to keep my promise to you…"

Kuronue approached the group. " Looks like I made it just in time huh. For once it looks like I saved you Kurama."

" I appreate it.." Kurama approached the slowly dying Kururi. " Now you understand what true pain means…"

Kururi looked up at him. " Finish it…"

Kurama bent down. " I don't think I can do that…"

Yusuke and the others were in shock. " What the hell not!" Yusuke shouted.

"He's just like any of us… fighting to protect someone he cares for…. I admit he did go about it all the wrong way… but in the end it wasn't any different then me… killing to protect my mother." With what energy Kurama could spare he helped Kururi on his healing process. " You'll be fine… just promise me one thing…" Kururi didn't truly understand what was going on but he nodded. " Help us restore everything to normal so that we can end this suffering…"

" I promise I'll help in anyway I'm able… in the end I can see this will not lead Karuru in the direction of happiness he was looking for. Supreme power will only drive him into more lonelyness something he's wanted to avoid… Through fighing all of you… you brought the realization to me again… we have been fighting for the wrong things… so I promise I will help restore order…"

Yusuke looked at Kurama with are you sure look. The spirit fox turned human nodded as he knew everyone deserved a second chance, since he too, a person who had done such wrongs in the past received one. Even though Yusuke didn't agree with Kurama's actions he also knew that he deserved a second chance now that he knew the reasons behind it.

Kururi smiled as he fell into slumber with a single thought in his mind, ' I will not break my promise… my dear friend, I will still help you to the very end uptain happiness…'

To be continued….

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