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Raven stared at the blank computer screen.

'No way. Bold boy… is Beastboy? And… I just told him…. I like him…. And he's waiting for me..?'

"OH MY GOD!" she leaped up. "He's waiting for me!" She ran out of her room, leaving the chair swiveling behind her.


Robin and Cyborg crept over to the counter and peered around it.

"Finally," whispered Robin. "Now we'll know what all this is about."

This is what they heard.

"Hey! BB's evil!"

"Why did he call himself evil Cyborg?" whispered Robin.

"Hello…Bold boy."

"Bold? Him! Yeah right." laughed Cyborg quietly.

"So I know you want to ask Rae."

"Ok, we'll know now."

"My name?" asked Raven.

"Doesn't she know her own name?"

"Knew it from when we first talked."

"Duh, they were introduced." Said Robin.

"My screen name?"

"She has a screen name?" asked Cyborg.


"When? Where?" asked Raven.

"At the café."

"You little bug."

"Thank you. I feel loved." smiled Beastboy.

"Of course…" Raven trailed off, slightly red.

"What the heck?" whispered Robin.

"Did someone tell you to tell me?"

"Yeah…your friends…."

"Rae has friends outside us?"

"What else did they…"



"What?" asked poor Cyborg, really REALLY confused.

"And told me what Nala is."

"I'll kill her."

"Oh no. Should we run?" asked Robin.

"Nah… at least not yet," whispered back Cyborg.

"Anyway…" Raven looked at her toes, "about what I said…"

"Careful, Nala might have a stroke. Anyway it's…" For some reason he now looked red. "Its defiantly… mutual…."

"Nala's gonna have kittens when we… She won't believe it."

"Well… we can't have that!"

"Right…. Whatever. You can get them."

Beastboy grinned, and peered around the counter. "You can come out now."

As they crawled out, Raven couldn't help but roll her eyes. "I can't believe Nala is making me have observers. LAME!"

Cyborg was not tired of this. "Ok, what's going here? What are you going to do?"

"Yeah," added Robin, "And will it involve murder and or….uhhhh…" He stopped as he noticed the two making out. Cyborg was glad that he brought his camera and fumbling, took a picture. Robin was just horrified.


"Hey girls! Rae's here, so is BB!" Matt nodded towards the titans coming towards them, leading Robin and Cyborg.

They all sat down in a booth.

"Nala…we have great news for you!"


"God girl, either lay off the caffeine or get a boyfriend. Anyway…Cy, give her the picture."

"PLUG YOUR EARS!" yelled Beastboy. Everyone except Robin and Cyborg did.

"Why are you…"


Everyone unplugged their ears and helped up Cyborg and Robin.

"That's why."


Holly, Sammie, Nala, and Matt were visiting the tower. Sammie and Holly were beating Cyborg's butt at DDR, while Nala counted crunches and absently did splits waiting for her turn. Star and Robin were talking with her. And Raven and BB were asleep on the couch.

"So Robin," grinned Nala evilly. "Did you know that Holly and Sam are both avid shippers of…"

"NOOOOOO!" The girls tackled Nala, but it was too late. Star turned to Robin.

"Friend Robin.. What is a Starob shipper?"

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