Disclaimer: I don't own, nor intend to make any profit from, the characters created by Simon Moore and the actors who played them.

Synopsis: What if someone in New York saw Wolf with his tail hanging out? Well, someone has. This is a story of what happens next. Enjoy!

"Once Bitten"

Chapter 1

What the Moon Saw.

It was deep night, but in this corner of the 10th kingdom, never fully dark. False moonlight spread out from the countless high rise buildings, windows glittering like eyes, looking down upon the tame forest below. Not entirely tame, of course, as this was New Yorks famous Central Park and some of it's nocturnal inhabitants were every bit as savage as their feared animal brethren of true wilderness, far away. Nor was it ever truly silent, this forest, the hum of the subway, the passing taxi's, the crack of the gun replacing the quiet rustle of leaves stirred up by the night hunters; owl, bear, jungle cat, and wolf.

The true moonlight persevered nonetheless. She had been shining down on this and other kingdoms for an eternity of history, a Goddess in her own right, worshipped and feared. She lacked but one night to reach her full potential. Following the ancient pathways through the night sky she traversed the city of New York and she saw many things.

It was late in the night before her silvery rays struck the tall building on the edge of the park, creeping up the sides to reach the window half open. The dwelling she peered into was small, humble, yet clean and well cared for. Her light stole through the rooms one by one. A small lounge with a well used sofa, a small mountain of books on the floor, a tangled rug on the floor, overturned lamp. Passing through the kitchen with it's bulging refridgerator and small waste bin full of bones and small plastic wrappers with "Bacon" written on them.

Slinking through the bedroom window she saw the units occupants. Naked they lay in deep sleep, arms and legs intwined in the manner of those for whom such a physical union is very new. She spent some time studying the woman, who was barely more than a girl really. Slight of form and fair of face, she slept easily, the sleep of the loved and protected, maybe for the first time in all her short life. Safe with her lover. The moon observed the barely detectable cub, cradled safely in his mother's womb. He too would worship her one day and feel her influence upon him. But that day was many years away. The Goddess hoped it would be easier on him than it had been upon his father. Although a certain amount of torment was good for soul, she believed.

She turned now to the mate of the fair Virginia. This one she knew well. She had watched this child for many a year, following him on his many adventures in the kingdoms, crying with him at his losses, cursing his foolish mistakes, celebrating his triumphs. None of her wolf children were perfect of course, but this one in particular had tried her patience many a night. She was glad he had won the heart of Virginia. She bathed him with her light, knowing full well that being so close to her zenith the effect it would have upon him. She watched the hair on the back of his neck (where a wild wolfs hackles would be) rise and stand on end. These were soon joined by the fur on his lower back and the hairs on the tip of his long tail, which lay curled up over his thigh. A low quiet rumble started in his chest as the wolf side of him struggled to wake his human side, to romp under the moon and pay homage to his Goddess. His eyes opened just to slits, glowing green as he turned his head slightly to look out at the moon who was gleefully disturbing his sleep. His canine teeth were aching, she knew, and she could see the evidence of his sexual arousal as well. She wondered if he would wake his delectable mate and join with her. But no, he merely brushed his fingertips across her cheek. One more baleful look at the moon, he turned back to his nest.

She withdrew her presence from the room, unconcerned. He would honour his mistress tomorrow night, she knew. She was the constant of his life, forever and always.

Virginia awoke some few hours later that morning, roused by an tickling sensation, one she had come to know well in the few weeks since she and Wolf had returned to New York from the 9 Kingdoms. The tickling was a certain tail, she knew. It was curled over her legs with the tip touching ever so lightly between her shoulder blades. She opened her eyes to bright sunlight streaming into the room, Wolf's face a bare inch from her own, his eyes crinkled with amusement and love. They shone with a faint green light which once would have frightened her, but the formerly withdrawn and reserved Virginia had been well and truly put away, thanks to the events of the past two months. She had jumped through magic mirrors, been chased and threatend by Trolls, rubbed shoulders with fairies and Huntsmen, and killed her own mother in self defense. So what if the man of her dreams had eyes that glowed and grew fangs every few weeks? She looked fully at him, wide awake, tail thumping the bedclothes now, his muscular body just beginning to show a fine film of sweat that was usually the first sign of the moon change in him. He lunged at her suddenly, pinning her beneath him, a small nibble at the base of her throat.

"Morning..." he grinned at her, not unlike the way he had stared at the skipping shepardessess in Little Lamb Village.

She was delightedly lost to him then, unable to resist, even if he had secretly wanted her to.