The Price of Freedom

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Spoilers: Maybe, Maybe not.

He had exhaled the breath that caught in his breast. He had tickled the thin material that twisted around his waist. The dark shadows remained untaunted by the thin slice of light that crawled into the room.

He pressed his hand to his breast for a moment. The dark misery of sleep had passed in the frontier hours of the night. He had shifted in the tiny section of the mattress that beared his weight. That imprinted the shape of his body as he fought the nightmares that plagued his awaken sleep.

The deep musk of night filtered into the room. He held the image of his wife struck in violence in his mind. Her tempered words echoed in the resilient shadows that held prey in the night. Her soft gown stained by her life substance. He held down the sob that caught in his throat.

The tears that trembled in his crystal blue eyes spilled onto his cheeks. He brushed the crystal diamonds from his face. He hushed the sob that choked his breath. He had burned the vision into his memory.

He had reached into the darkness for the cupboard toward the purse of energy that stimulated his heart and soul. She remained caught in her own dreaded dreams. Her heart's pace quickened by the fearful declaration of union that her planet had forced into her hand.

There had been little opportunity to steal a final kiss or to sneak into her room before the night had shadowed the house in darkness. Her father had remained pressed to her door, to disturb the warrant of visitors from embarking at his daughter's door.

The light sparked to life to impale the darkness that consumed the room that Padme's mother had decorated in jest of the old Nubian ceremonies. The Nubian deities danced around the room, their smiles taunted his stricken face. Their pastel shirts danced around their heels in the merriment of the silent celebration of the freedom of Naboo.

The sharp piece of metal met the back of his neck. He had pressed his metal fingers to the back of his neck. He pulled the dart that pinched the bundle of nerves at the edge of his spine out, as the darkness set into his view.

"Yes, sir. I have gained entry into Skywalker quarters. He will not be a threat to your wedding tomorrow." The man had breathed into the comm, as he pulled at the dead weight of the Jedi Knight that had fallen from the bed.

"Good, I do not want to see either him or those brats at the wedding tomorrow, do I make myself clear Ulster?" The voice had grumbled.

"Yes, your majesty!" Ulster sighed. He had little time before the chemicals that had drained the Jedi Knight of his energy, wore away. He had stared at the Jedi's handsome face before he continued to remove the unconscious body from the room before the stark rays of light questioned the disappearance of the three souls that he had been ordered to steal into the night.


To Be Continued...

Author's Note: Sorry for the delay in this chapter, but I was suffering a bit of a bout of writer's block. Hopefully I will have this story done before I move down to Toronto, as there are only a few more chapters to go before this story is completed. Hope you all enjoyed. I do not appreciate flamers and hearing that my stories are crap and I should get a job, MRX.Burton. Get a life.