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Song of a Raven

Ch. 1- The Letters

A man in his early to mid twenties walked into the post office, with four white envelopes in his strong hands. He was just shy of 6 feet and had messy blonde hair, but it wasn't his height or his hair that stood out to the lady standing behind the counter it was his hypnotizing emerald green eyes.

"Can I help you sir?"she asked as her former costumer left, he nodded silently as he gulped and handed her the letters in his hand.

"I just need to get these mailed," he replied quietly, "they're kinda important." The lady smiled and nodded kindly.

"I'll get them out for you, you have a nice day." And with that the young man turned away, slid his head phones back on his ears and disappeared through the front doors.

Once outside he started walking with no particular destination in mind, it had been 10 years since they had broke up, the Teen Titans that is and he had changed plenty, with a little help form one of Cyborg's experimental gadgets that is, he was no longer green, or had his "cute little" pointy ears, he actually looked normal.

'Boy, if she could only see me now' he thought as he struggled to find another radio station, he finally stopped when he found a fairly new station that interviewed new and local artists and played their songs, it usually helped them get the extra boost they need, he hadn't listened to it before be somehow it seemed to catch his attention this time.

"Were here with one of the newest bands of today's music Rite Side (A/N– yeah I know its bad but I couldn't think of anything so my friends gave me some ideas). Lead singer Lynn, guitarist Rae, their amazing bass player Mason, and on drums Ricky." The radio guy was saying, "So Rae, we've been getting a lot of questions about you, you seem to be very closed off with your past, why?"

"I get that a lot, even the people in my apartment building are always asking me where I came from, I usually choose not to tell, I just don't want to relive the events of my childhood." 'Sounds like someone I know.' He snickered to himself, as he started to walked off still listening to the radio.


Somewhere at a local Car Garage

"Hey Stone," a large man called out to the garage, "Get your ass in here." A large black man slid out from underneath a car he was working on , as he sighed and dragged himself to over to the office.

"What do you want Steve," he sighed, "I got to finish this car by tonight, and by the looks of the engine it ain't going to be easy to fix it, I can't believe I gave up the chance to go to college for this."

"Vic, we got this in the mail, you know who it's for?" Steve asked handing his buddy a white envelope. Vic grabbed the envelope and looked at it, he was surprised at what he saw, the envelope read To my friend and former teammate in a boyish scrawl across the front.

"Don't worry 'bout it, it's mine," he said with a smile, as he turned back to his work pocketing the letter, Atta boy, BB it's about time, he thought as he wheeled himself back underneath the car.


Somewhere in the Suburbs of Gotham

"Hello honey, how was your day today?" A tallish man with dark hair asked as he came into the kitchen were his wife and baby girl were sitting.

"You'll never guess what we got in the mail," replied his red-headed wife, who looked as if she was about to explode with excitement, as she bounced up and down holding two envelopes in her hands.

"Unless it's an offer to live life forever in my teen years, I don't want it," The man sarcastically said, as she handed him the envelopes.

"No, but it's the next best thing," She giggled, placing her hands on his shoulders while he opened them, "I wanted to wait until you got home to open them.

"You could of open yours, Kori," The man suggested as he tried to hold in his laughter, "You woulda thought old Beast Boy would have enough sense to save his 35 cents and just send us one...he does know we're married doesn't he?"

Kori's smile never faded as she shrugged. Both letters were addressed to the same name, but different people, To my friend and former teammate. The room was silent as the couple opened the first letter, and read what it had to say. Although most of it was written so that if you didn't know what it was talking about you wouldn't understand, pretty smart since the Titans were put in a protection program and now went by their real names. If those letter would of gotten lost in the mail...man, were they done for.

"Dick what are you doing?" Kori asked as she watched Dick get up and move to the phone. He smiled his icy blue eyes gleaming.

"I'm making a phone call," he grinned, "We're going to Jump City."

"You mean,"

"Yep, you heat that Molly," he laughed as he picked up the infant from the kitchen table and held her in his arms, "We're all going for a little reunion."


In an apartment building in Spark City (A/N I made it up, I know)

A girl in her twenties rattled her keys as she struggled to get the door to the rec room open.

"Damn door, never opens right," she cursed, "come on... please...finally." She finally managed to get the door, as she shuffled her way tiredly across the large room, filled with old beat up couches and an even older pool table, into the laundry room where she shoved her raged jacket into her locker, with the large red 5 on the front.

She looked up through the "serving" window to see the majority of the people in her apartment (nine including her, to be exact) piling on the couch looking at a small piece of paper.

"Hey Rae!" Chip called out, from basically the bottom of the pile. Chip was a ragged young man, who lived a couple rooms away from Rae, he was placed in a witness protection program, after seeing his father murder his mother with his bare hands. In truth the apartment was set up for people like him, but unless you lived there you didn't know.

"Hey Chip," She sighed, "whacha guys got there?"

"Someone got a letter," Sandy piped up, Sandy lived up to her name she had dark blue eyes and sandy blonde hair, she was pretty, and had big dreams of becoming a model. "it's pretty dang hard to understand though,"

"Well, Rae the smart one lets see what she thinks," Russell suggested, he wasn't on the couch but instead on an overstuffed pleather chair a little ways away, but the way he looked at her with those piercing dark grey eyes, always made her shiver.

"Okay then," she shrugged as she made her way over to the group on the couch, and grabbed the letter in Chip's hand. She looked it over quickly, it made sense but she didn't want to admit to what she had left behind.

Since the Titans had broken up she had been through many changes. She now went by Rae instead of Raven, and she had died her hair black and permed it, so basically no one recognized her anymore.

But even emotional changes too. She wasn't as dark and gothic as she used to be. She was a lot more out-going and enjoyed her life, and she could now that she had complete control of her emotions.

"Well.." the group questioned in im-perfected unison.

"Who was this addressed too?" Rae asked quietly her eyes never reading the words at the bottom of the page. Her heart raced, 'God, please don't let it be me, don't say me, it can't be me.'

"We dunno," Sandy replied handing her the white envelope, that had held the letter just earlier today. Rae grabbed it and read over it, flipping it over looking for a return address. "That's why we opened it, we couldn't figure out who it was for, we figured,"

"You shouldn't go opening mail if you don't know who it's for," Rae interrupted, sounding more like her teenage self than she had in a long time. "This is mine. This is private information. I've been waiting for this for since I left 10 years ago. If you ever go reading my mail again, you'll all have to be relocated, because I will kill the person who opens it."

"Hey Rae," Ricky greeted as he walked down the stairs. Ricky was the only person in the in her apartment building that was also a fellow band member and a close friend. He had tanned skin, and dirty colored blonde hair, but the feature that semi-attracted her to him was his hypnotizing green eyes, that reminded her of her green friend.

As soon as Ricky saw the anger on her face, he stopped and turned to walk back up the stairs. "No, Ricky. Stay." Rae commanded, "I'm just lecturing these bums on what not to do when they find a letter they don't who is supposed to be receiving it."

"Well...um, okay, I was just gonna ask you if you wanted to go get a burger with me," He shrugged, "So you wanna?"

"Sorry, Ricky, not today," Rae declined, "I have a phone call to make." With that she started up the stairs past Ricky to her room.

So, there the first chapter of my newest story I hope you enjoyed it. I got lots of things planned for them, and in case you're wondering it's ten years after they broke up, and when they broke up, Cyborg was 20, Starfire was 19, Robin was 19, Raven was 18, and Beast Boy was 17. So you do the math, and I don't care if the ages aren't exactly right, that's how old I made them so live with it!

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