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Song of a Raven

Chapter 14-The Final Verse

It was a bright light reflecting off Rae's eyelids that finally made them open, the first thing that caught her eye was a glass figurine laying on her bedside table, her eyes felt heavy to her so they wouldn't open far enough to figure out what it was exactly, but it was a bird, the natural light from the window reflecting off it making rainbows across her face.

Through her heavy eyes she began to take in her surroundings, walls painted a pale ivory surrounded her, there was a beeping sound in her ear followed by the soft sounds of what figured to be a news program, but she could find the source without lifting her head, which she found impossible, there was a weight holding her torso down on her stomach and across her hips, the same warm weight could be felt in her left hand. Her entire body and the papery feel of the sheets made her twitchy.

"Ugh," she moaned trying to move her left hand from under the weight, but it only grasped against her tighter. However it did remove the weight from her stomach. That's when she saw him, his bright green eyes looked exhausted, and his hair wildly shot out in different directions and fell into his face.

"Rae, you're awake!" He gasped before turning around to yell, "Guys, she's awake!" That's when it all hit her, the accident, this was a hospital. She struggled to keep sitting up, before Gar held her shoulders down. "Please, don't sit up. I'll take care of it." He pushed a button, and the bed began to move her into a sitting position. She was better able to look around the room, she watched, as Kori, Dick and Vic walked into the room, the boys avoided looking her in the eye, and Kori looked on with a sympathetic face, what's wrong with me? She wondered, but there was something that mattered more.

"Lynn, Mason, where are they?" before she could get her answer there was cussing out in the hall, Lynn's signature giggle could be heard over it.

"Come on guys," Gar sighed, "help the guy out," Vic nodded with a smile, he disappeared before, Mason's voice could be heard shouting I can do it! I got her! After a bit Mason came hobbling in on a set of crutches, and Vic came through pushing Lynn in a wheelchair. Neither was in very good shape.

Both were riddled in bruises and cuts, Lynn's hair was blood stained and you could see where the doctor's had shaven a good portion of her blonde locks above her right ear and bandaged it up, a large dark bruise covered her right cheek, Rae noticed how she sat up a little straighter, and her right arm was locked against her body. Mason was significantly better, a large thick cast was plastered all the way up to his upper thigh. He had stitches on his left forearm that were covered by a simple wrap.

"Are you guys okay?" Rae exclaimed I shock after taking them in, "what happened?"

"We're okay, for the most part, we're alive," Lynn smiled, widely though Rae could see the pain in her eye's from the bruise on her right cheek. "I got a little haircut," she commented disgust in her voice as she flipped her thinned hair with her free hand.

"We got in a little accident," Mason shrugged. Lynn scoffed at him shaking her head.

"Yeah you say little, you got off easy!" she cried, Rae noticed for the first time the look of discouragement in her eyes that had been there the whole time, it looked as if there was no hope for her.

"Lynn, what is it?" she asked, the other's all looked away, as if it was a bad idea to ask.

"I'm stuck in this thing, I can barely wiggle my toes, a piece of shrapnel went through my back, they say after a while I might be able to walk again but they don't know," She sighed, "I'm officially deaf in my right ear, I shattered my cheekbone they put a plate in my face, my ribs are broken, my shoulder is dislocated, I can barely move without any sort of pain, and he's sitting over here with a few stitches and a broken leg. And you have been in a coma for two weeks, we didn't know if you would make it, we thought you would…"

"Honestly Rae, you look like you've been hit by a truck," Mason interrupted. Gar started laughing

"Oh right, that's because you were," he added snickering. Lynn glared at them, a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Lynn, I'm not going anywhere, I'm planning on sticking around for a while," Rae comforted trying to reach a hand out to the girl, it was heavy and stiff but it moved out.

"They said if you weren't…if you weren't…well you, that there is no way you would have survived." Lynn said, Rae's face fell, they knew, of course they knew the whole world knew after her stunt. "That was one of the only things that made it out of the crash in one piece," Lynn said pointing to the glass figurine on her bedside table.

"It's some kind of miracle really," Mason interjected, "that the one thing made out of glass makes it out, I spose it's not as fragile as it looks, and neither are you. I spose that's why Lynn picked it out for you, we kinda knew about your secret before the boardwalk incident. We kinda saw you two on the cliff that one night." The other three titans gave Rae and Gar a stern look.

The doctor entered squeezing between Vic and Dick who were standing at the door blocking it. "Miss Howard, I see you're out of bed again." Lynn blushed a little, "it's okay, the nurses went and faxed your records to Spark City so you can continue your treatment and rehab there, you're free to head home tomorrow, I think Mr. Montague here has done a fine job with you, better stick with that one." Mason smiled obviously very proud that he was taking good care of his Lynn.

"As for you Miss Raven," he said, "There wasn't much we could do for you, we stitched you up where we could, but these guys seemed to be sure you had it handled, it seems they were right. The swelling and pain should go down with time and healing, we of course have some medication to help with both in the drip. There is another thing I want to talk with you about, though I have feeling you might want this to be private." Raven nodded to the other's to shuttle them out, it was entertaining to watch Ricky push Lynn's chair with one of his crutch and hobble on his own foot, until Gar came and pushed Lynn out the door.

The doctor shut the door after the group and turned back to Rae, he pulled up a stool next to her bed and began flipping through a folder. "Were you aware of your pregnancy?"

"Not officially, I mean I expected it, but I wasn't sure." She replied softly, she knew this is where the truth had to come out. If not to a doctor to who?

"Well, I regret to inform you that the fetus was aborted due to the trauma to your body," Rae just looked down at her hands in her lap, she took particular interest where the needles entered her forearm. "There's another thing you should know, from what I've gathered, the baby's father…"

"I know who the father was." Rae snapped, the doctor simply nodded, then something in Rae's mind clicked, "I have a question before you leave." The doctor nodded to show he understood, "My friend Ricky, the driver, he wasn't in here, did they arrest him?"

"Ma'am, your friend was pronounced dead at the scene. He wasn't wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from the car, when your car rolled it crushed him." He said dryly, he watched for a reaction from Raven that never came. Not a tear, not a sniffle, or a gasp, just a nod. "We'll try to get you out of here in the next few days, we just want to make sure there isn't anything more left for us to do. Would you like me to send them back in?"

Rae nodded and the doctor left leaving the door open. Only Gar returned however, a wide smile on his face. "What about the others?" Rae asked.

"Well Mason and Lynn headed back to her room, after one of the nurses snapped at her, and the other three went back to my house to pick up Molly and get packed, Kori really had to beg for the extra couple weeks from school, but she wanted to be here when you woke up."

"She's always been like that." Rae smiled, "I'm glad you stayed," She reached for his hand he took it eagerly, she noticed the tired look in his eyes, his messy hair was completely undone. "You've barely left since they got me in here have you. He shook his head, he was suddenly fidgety. Finally he sighed.

"Rae I know we've only really been together these last few weeks, most of which you were sleeping," he giggled slightly as if he thought he was being clever. "but sitting here for two weeks holding your hand, I kept praying, can you imagine Me, praying, that you wouldn't leave, wouldn't die, that you would wake up, I knew...I know I just can't live without you, and that offer to move in with me, well....I can't let you do that, I can't allow you to live in my house unless you wear this," He pulled out an old fashioned gold ring from his pocket. "Rae...Raven, will you marry me?"



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A few days later…

Gar pulled up in front of his house, with a stiff and sore Rae sitting in the front seat. "Welcome home," He smiled grabbing her hand, where his mother's old ring now sat. She smiled at his she liked the sound of that. Home.

The remaining Titan's (plus Molly) were gathered out front, stuffing bags into Dick and Kori's Malibu. They were all leaving today going back home, Lynn and Mason had left the day prior, the hospital had agreed to transport them home so Lynn could complete her treatment. As she wobbled out of the car, her legs still weary from not walking in so long she managed to make it to her friends however with Gar by her side, cautiously watching her every step. She smiled at how with him it was always the little things to show he cared.

"It's good to see you out of that dreadful place." Kori smiled giving her a gentle hug, Rae was glad she had given up on the bone crunching hugs, she didn't know if her body could handle it at this point.

"And on your feet," Dick added, shoving the last suitcase in the trunk and slamming it shut. Vic was holding the baby, apparently very involved in her newly discovered strength, cooing to it gently, letting it tug on his finger before he pulled it away with ease. Dick saw this and scoffed huffing, "I had to marry the alien didn't I?" Kori laughed and shook her head, the others who heard this snickered mutedly. "Vic, you wanna throw your stuff in the car, we're gonna have to leave soon if you want to get to the airport in time."

"Yeah, give an old man a second," He joked, "Kori here's your kid." He handed the baby over to Kori who stood next to Gar and Rae, Kori took her with open arms. As Vic picked up his suitcase and walked over to the car putting in on the side opposite of where he would be sitting.

"Can I hold her just one more time?" Gar asked, holding his arms out, Kori nodded handing the gurgling baby to him. "You're so cute, oh yes you are, Uncy Gar got you now, oh yes he does." Rae rolled her eyes and shook her head. But the sweet face of the baby laughing at his ridiculousness was enough to melt her heart.

"I think Uncy Gar needs to hand you over, Miss Molly." Rae smiled. She winced slightly at the weight on her arms. A little tear threatened to fall as she saw what she almost had in an instant. Gar just placed his hand on her back to comfort her. Dick and Vic made their way over to the group that stood there.

"You know it's too bad, really," Vic started, "You two would of made great parents." Gar pressed his face to the top of her head as if he was kissing Rae's hair, her face fell a sadness in her eyes, she hadn't told anyone her secret.

"You two will make great parents, some day," Dick added trying to put a little light back on his friend's faces. "But for now this little girl is mine." He reached over and grabbed the baby from Rae.

"Dah!" she shrieked, her green eyes lighting up with happiness. They all hugged each other good-bye, Dick, Kori and Vic jumped in the car, something must of struck Vic's memory as he leaned out the car door to shout a quick, "Let's not wait another 10 years this time, Green Bean!" And like that they were off leaving Rae and Gar to enjoy their new life together.


Vic shut the door of the Malibu, waving good-bye to his friend's and watching them drive off. He sighed. Alone again. Always alone it seemed like to him, of course he'd had fun with Sandy at the boardwalk, they had connected, but with the confusion with Ricky had jumbled up the crowd. Of course it didn't help that he had totally forgot about her when he Gar, Kori, and Dick had decided to try and catch up with the speeding suburban, incognito or not, they had to help their friend. The chances of him ever seeing her again were slim to none, he had no way to contact her and even if he did he lived all the way in Steel City, thousands of miles from her.

The airport was a crowded blur to him, it was the usual: wait in line, check in, check bags, wait in another line, security, scurry through tired cranky people to find your terminal, scurry through more tired and cranky people to find your gate, sit, wait, wait some more, listen to the cackling speaker announce your flight, wait until you can board, wait in another line, trudge through a smelly boarding dock and into a cramped stuffy airplane, shove your carry-on in the overhead, sit in the seat, it's never a window seat, and cue the fat smelly old lady who sits next to you and shows you pictures of her 19 cats.

Except this time there was a break in the trend, no smelly cat lady sat next to him. In face she was hardly smelly at all.

"Didn't think I'd see you again," Sandy smiled sitting down next to Vic. He was stunned into silence, "Especially after everything that happened at the Boardwalk, how's Rae? I heard from Lynn and Mason she was supposed to get out today."

"Ye-Yeah," He said shaking his head, "She's out, she's doing as well as you would expect, a little mentally exhausted from everything, but she's doing good—What are you doing here?"

"What aincha happy to see me?" She asked, her blue eyes fluttering. "I landed a modeling contract in Steel City, I'm going to be working there for the next 8 months on a trial basis, then hopefully more if they like me." There was something inside of him that made him want to jump to his feet and cry out 'Boo-yah!' just like the old days, fate had landed right in his lap. Instead he just smiled.

"Well I certainly hope they like ya." He said, "Trust me I'm very happy to see you." She smiled at him in return. Soon the captain's voice came over the intercom announcing flight conditions, time, and where they were going as if nobody already knew, but neither paid much attention to that as they were lost in their own conversation. It wasn't until the plane had actually landed that they realized how much time had gone by.

"Well, it was nice seeing you again," she said standing up, slinging her bag over her shoulder, she smiled somewhat sadly, before turning toward the exit.

"Wait, Sandy." Vic called out, she turned around only to look at him, sliding into an empty row of seats in front of her. Vic hurriedly grabbed his stuff, walking to join her. "It's a big city you know, how would you like me to take you to dinner, show you around a bit?"

She smiled back at him. "I'd like that," she placed a simple kiss on his cheek, "I'd like that a lot, Mr. Cyborg." Vic stiffened. "Surprised? Let's just say a couple of us managed to get away when they tried to erase our memories. Don't worry we won't tell." (A/N: I know it's cheesy, but I had to have SOME solution, and Men in Black kinda popped in my mind.) She smiled warmly at him, as he slipped his hand into hers.

"Well, saves an explanation down the road," He shrugged and led her off the plane into the bleak city that was laid out before them.


Dick and Kori waved to Vic as he grabbed his bags and jumped out of the back seat of the car. They all said their "good-byes" and "miss yous" and they were off, on their own again, just like before. It didn't take long for Kori to lean her seat back as far as it would allow and she was snoring softly. He could hear his daughter's heavy slow breathing coming from the car seat in the back of the car. He smiled to himself, reflecting at his good fortune. Just to think, barely a week ago her simple because of his own stupid pride. It didn't seem right or natural that his one year old daughter was stronger than himself. Looking back now it just made no sense, he had been ungrateful for what he had been given in his life; suddenly a loud snore tore him away from his thinking. He would know that snore anywhere, a smile came to his face remembering how they had been reunited.

He had been on a bus from Jump City to Gotham. He had finally finished school, he had his bachelor's in Criminal Justice and was moving to Gotham to attend their Police Academy and finish up his police force training. He had chose to sit in the far back of the Greyhound bus where he could turn on the overhead light and wouldn't disturb the other sleeping passengers. He was reviewing the entrance exam material, the books and notes were sprawled out on the seat beside him, as he sat with his back to the window. He had been so obsessed over his books while they boarded the bus that he hadn't actually seen anyone else get on the bus, however the light breathing, and faint music coming from someone playing their headphones too loud proved that there were indeed other traveling souls on board. Every now and then another passenger would walk past him to use the small bathroom across the aisle from him.

The bus had been traveling in silence for hours, Dick was so entranced in his work that when a loud snore came from a seat a few rows ahead of him he jumped the book he was holding dropped to the floor with a loud clatter. He looked over the seat in front of his scanning the bus for the culprit, there was something in that sound that made the gap in his heart just a tad more noticeable. He took one more glance around at the dark bus knowing full well that he would probably not find what he was looking for, how many times had something reminded him of her and he searched wildly only to come up empty handed. Then he saw it. The top of a firey red head of hair leaned against a window, his heart jumped he quickly pushed his notes aside and clambered up the aisle toward the little help he had left. Finally he stood there, slumped against the window sleeping heavily was her. He crouched down, and carefully reached out toward her almost as if she would disappear if he moved to quickly.

"Star…" He breathed quietly, his hand coming to rest on her cheek. Suddenly her eyes flew open, and a strong hand reached up and grabbed his, her eyes glowed angrily as if testing to see who dared touch her. But just as quickly they died down in pure surprise at the face that was currently grimacing at the shooting pain in his hand.

"Robin?" She questioned, she reached up with her free hand and touched his face. "Is it really you? Please tell me, am I dreaming once again?"

"No, it's me, it's really me." He smiled, trying hard to ignore the fact that she was crushing his hand. "Can you let me go?" She blushed and quickly released his hand, he rubbed his right hand, it was obviously broken. He snickered to himself it would be interesting to explain this one to the academy. "What are you doing here, I thought you left to go back home?"

"I did, I came back….I came back to find you, it just didn't feel right not to have you around, and everyone else. This is my home now, it's where I belong." She had said it beautifully and perfectly there was no better way to describe the way they were all connected to this crazy planet. "I belong here, on Earth, with you."

After that moment on the bus they had been inseparable, he of course after letting his hand heal had entered the academy and passed through with flying colors, they got married shortly after, but they never left Gotham, they were at home together, at the time Jump City had held too many painful memories, and Gotham so many new bright ones, that they just stayed. Now they were going back after all this, 6 years after they had been reunited, it seemed as if they were leaving a family rather than making one. Taking a quick look at Molly behind him and his wife beside him, he knew no matter where they went he would be happy with the people he was with, because he never wanted to be sitting alone in the back of a bus again.


Gar and Rae sat on the porch swing looking through the trees where the top of the tower peaked through, a colorful background of the setting sun lit up the sky and there they sat cuddled up it seemed just perfect for the moment they both felt safe.

"Gar there's something you need to know." Rae finally blurted out, Gar looked down at her to let her know he was listening, "the baby, it wasn't yours, it was Ricky's, it was a stupid night, I never meant for anything to happen, I had too much to drink, I don't know what I was thinking I should have been smarter, I can't believe I was so dumb! God's punishing me! That's why he took it away! I…"Gar's finger over her mouth he just looked at her, then he lightly kissed her lips.

"I would of loved it anyway, Rae," He smiled, "It was something that happened before this, before us, I can't blame you for it." Rae opened her mouth to speak again, tears welling in the side of her eyes. "God wasn't punishing you, he was punishing Ricky, that baby was the last of him, Ricky was a bad person Rae, he hid it well, but there are some things that cannot stay hidden forever, everything happens for a reason. Maybe something good will come out of this. We can start from scratch you and I."

"Thank you, Gar." She smiled, a tear rolling down her cheek she laid her head on his chest and he wrapped his arms tighter around her, kissing the top of her head. "I love you so much."

"I love you too, Rae, forever and ever."


"Happy Birthday Lynn!" Mason shouted as he burst through her front door, picking her up and hugging her tightly. He eventually set her back in her chair and placed a sweet kiss on her forehead.

"Thanks," she smiled sadly, he was here to take her to her therapy session. Another depressing day. It had been 3 months since the crash, her scars were healing, her hair was beginning to grow back where they had awkwardly shaved it, her ribs had healed and the plate had been removed from her cheek. Her shoulder, although still sore was no longer bound like it had been.

"Ah come on Lynn." He smiled at her his grey eyes lightly up. "Today is going to be the day I can feel it. The doctors say you're getting better. They're more confident than they originally were about you getting out of that chair."

"I know, but they still don't know, it's going slower than they had hoped. "Her face fell, but his hands caught it forcing her to look back up at him.

"I know something that will cheer you up." Mason disappeared out the front door and came back holding an opened cardboard box. He set the box on her lap with a cheery "Happy Birthday." Inside, beneath a large red bow was four pounds of pure fluff. Lynn picked up the puppy and hugged it to her chest, kissing it's fluffy blonde head. Her face immediately lit up, there was a look in her eyes that Mason had been missing for the past few months. Then in an instant it was gone.

"Mason, I can't have a dog here," She sighed holding the puppy back out for him to take. Mason shook his head and pushed the puppy back to her.

"Well, then you will have to move into my place with me," He smiled at her, "my new place that is I just got approved on a mortgage to buy that little place on 5th." Lynn's face exploded with joy, she cuddled the puppy back puppy back to her chest again. "I'll take that as a yes." He snickered.

"You're right Mason," Lynn smiled warmly, "This did cheer me up. Maybe one day we can go for walks little guy, after I get better. Oh, but Mason had to go an put a bow bigger than you on ya huh? Let's take that off, there we…go."

Lynn stopped, barely able to finish her sentence. This was the moment Mason had been waiting for. "Lynn there's another kind of walk I want you to take first." Lynn looked up at him astounded amazed, the puppy yawned and curled up in her lap as Lynn unhooked it's collar. "Lynn, I love you with all my heart." She was still in awe at the ring that sat in the palm of her hand. "I want nothing more than to see you walk down the aisle toward me. I want to hold you as we dance our first dance, and…and it's okay if you can't, because I'll catch you if you fall. You've been so down lately. I—I just want you to be happy again. I want to make you happy again." He grabbed her hand he was on his knees now looking up into her eyes. "Because you're the strongest person I know, because you make me a better person, because I love you more than anything else. Marry me Lynn, will you?"

She was silent stunned, a tear rolled down her cheek. Her chronic bad mood had hurt him, hurt the man she loved so dearly, who had never left her side. Here he was kneeling before her he looked so vulnerable like a little boy. Finally she took the ring from her palm and slid it onto her finger. She looked up at him, smiled and nodded, a small "yes" pushing past her lips before a huge smile split his face in two as he kissed her deeply.

A small sound came from Lynn's lap as the puppy gave its best attempt at a howl. They giggled together for a minute. "You know Lynn, you take care of that puppy and maybe one day we'll talk about kids." She just laughed and playfully smacked his arm.

"You still are a kid, you goof." She giggled, the light back in her eyes. "But I love you all the more for it." He kissed her again before loading her into his car. That day, Lynn took her first step.


Rae stepped out of the car, and wrapped her jacket around her tightly, Gar's mother's ring gleamed on her left hand. She had been putting this off for too long now. She had received a couple weeks ago that Lynn was finally beginning to recover, that her and Mason were getting married, starting their new life together. She walked through the well kept grass. There was an assortment of flowers around her in different stages of dying. She was getting married in a month, and she couldn't let herself let go of the past ten years of her life. She was missing something the same something that had brought her back to Jump City after all these years, she never got the chance to say good-bye.

Finally she stopped in front of a simple headstone. Here was where he was laid while she had been asleep. She had been terrified of him in his last minutes of life, but he was one of her very best friends prior to that. He was the one who managed to make her forget what she was, with him she finally got to live a perfectly normal life no strings attached. It was sad that he finally had to snap, just like his father had. She looked down at name engraved in the stone and sighed.

"Hey, it's me, just me, Gar and I are engaged now, I just don't understand what made you do what you did, that baby was yours Ricky, but it's gone and you're dead, you had it coming for what you did to us. No one messes with our team like you did and gets away with it. I don't feel sorry for you and I'm not going to cry for you, because you got what you deserved. But you know what I'm going to miss you sometimes, you were such a good friend and I won't ever forget how you befriended me when I needed it the most. So I'll say it properly this time, no guns, no tears, no yelling. Good bye, Ricky."

Rae just nodded and turned back to her car, a weight lifted from her shoulders. She smiled at the ring on her finger. She was finally ready to move on, live the life that was meant for her. With that she drove away, and she never, ever looked back.


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