Title: Hunger

Author: Zeldabel / Zelda Loves Charlie / Orlando Hope (Choose whichever name you like best!)

Pairing: None

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Alas, not mine!

Summary: Sometimes, Hurley finds keeping up with Charlie is difficult work. Especially when Charlie is hungry and refuses to speak English.

"Dude, that just sounds disgusting."

"It's not disgusting, mate, it's British," Charlie corrected Hurley, leaning back on his elbows. Charlie tipped his head skyward, closed his eyes and murmured, "Banoffee pie."

"You say that's a combo of bananas and toffee?" Hurley asked.

"Oh, yeah," Charlie murmured, his tongue darting out to moisten his lips. "Banoffe pie and a big glass of milk." He reconsidered. "Make that a firewhiskey."

"You really should take your mind off food, dude."

"It's either food or sex, Hurley. Which do you prefer I think about, sitting here with you on the moonlit beach?"

"So, ya like hamburgers?"

"What, like McDonald's? How utterly American."

"Yeah, well, we can't all be as continental as you, dude."

"Bloody well right. What I'd give to wake up in the morning and surprise Claire with kippers, scones with clotted cream and strawberries, spotted dick…"

Hurley, who had just taken a large gulp of water, started choking. Charlie quickly sat up, thumping Hurley on his rounded shoulders. Water fizzed out Hurley's nostrils. "You okay, mate?"

"Spotted what?" Hurley said a moment later, after he had finished hacking. "What did you just say?"

"Spotted dick," Charlie said, puzzled. "You know, it's a pudding. My mom always made a great dick with currants."

"Dude, I ain't ever visiting England. You people are just sick."

"Yeah, well…want to see if we can get Jin to help us catch a fish?"