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Chapter One: A Shock

They were wrapping up the investigation at the scene as everything had been processed. Ducky had taken the body back almost an hour ago and the team had finished with photos, sketches, and bagging of evidence. Tony and McGee got into one car as Kate and Gibbs got into the other. Kate watched Tony drive off as Gibbs started the car. They sat in silence.

They were only on the road a few minutes (enough for Kate to be nervous about Gibbs driving), when she heard a phone go off. Both of them instinctively reached for the own phones. Kate pulled hers out first, cringing as the car swerved when Gibbs reached for his.

"It's mine," Gibbs replied as he corrected the car. Kate wished he would slow down. "Gibbs," he stated when he answered the phone.

Kate watched nervously as his attention was distracted. He was driving at a dangerously high speed; they had already passed Tony. She glanced at him to see if he was paying attention and although the stone face was still in place she could see the turmoil in his eyes. She started to pay closer attention to what he was saying.

"When did it happen?…Where are you now?…He with you?…Everyone ok?"

Kate watched him with concern and worry showing on her face. He was listening to whoever was on the other side of that call now. She saw him glance sideways at her, as if he just remembered she was there.

"Ok, I'll be right there. Give me ten minutes," Gibbs said softly then flipped his phone closed. He turned on the next road, going a little too fast for Kate's liking, and did a u-turn. Once they going the other way, and Kate had caught her breath, she looked up at him.

"Gibbs, what's going on?" Kate asked. He ignored her at first, keeping his eyes on the road. That made Kate a little less worried, but they were still traveling at a very high velocity. "Gibbs?"

The look he gave her briefly before turning his eyes back to the road told her not to question him any more. She had never seen that look in his eyes; she wasn't even sure what she was seeing. The ride was made in silence, with Kate gripping the armrest on the door tightly.

True to his word Gibbs pulled into a parking lot about ten minutes after he pulled the U-turn. Kate wasn't sure where they were but she did know it was on the outskirts of Washington DC. Gibbs threw the car into park and nearly ripped the keys from the ignition, locking the doors just as Kate managed to open hers.

He was walking briskly towards the front entrance of the building and Kate had to nearly run to keep up beside him. He knocked the front doors opened with his forearm and charged through a look a shear determination and something else on his face. Was it fear? Kate was hesitant as she followed him. She saw him come up against another set of doors but they were locked.

He banged loudly on the doors to get the guard on the other side's attention. The man looked up and shook his head in a no gesture. Gibbs motioned as well as yelled open the door, but again the guard refused. Gibbs took a step back and pulled his service weapon from the holster. Kate flinched and stood back shocked. Gibbs raised the weapon and aimed it at the doors.

"Sir! It's bulletproof gla…" The guard started to shout but was two late. The noise of the two shots was defining and Kate's hands flew up to her ears. The glass of the doors spidered but didn't break. The guard instinctively ducked even though he knew the glass was bullet proof. Kate straightened and gained some composure.

"GIBBS!" she yelled. "What the hell are you doing?"

Gibbs turned and looked at her briefly; the look in his eyes scared her. She stared at him but he broke the connection and returned his attention to the damaged doors in front of him.

"Open the god damned doors!" he shouted at the guard. The guard was visibly shaken and had called for help through his radio. Gibbs raised his gun again and Kate jumped forward to stop him, but before she got to him she noticed him relax slightly and the gun came down. Just as her hand reached his arm she looked up and saw a young man coming towards the guard. Gibbs motioned something and the man nodded. Kate realized he was using sign language to talk to the young man.

The young man walked up to the guard and said something to him. The guard nodded wearily and reached behind the desk and pushed a button. The doors buzzed and slid open and Gibbs was through them before Kate knew what was happening. She darted through after him afraid she would get left behind if she didn't. Gibbs walked straight up to the young man and Kate was on his heals.

"Jeb," Gibbs said as he came up. The young man nodded, then looked at Kate. He seemed to study her with a quick glance, making a judgment of her instantly. Gibbs' attention was solely focused on the young man. He seemed to be checking to see if Jeb was hurt.

"It's ok now," Jeb replied looking straight at Gibbs.

"You hurt?"


"He hurt?" Gibbs asked, the anger in his voice catching Kate's attention.

"No, he's fine."

"You're sure you're not hurt? Nothing is…damaged?"

"No. I'm sure I'm fine. The doctors here…"

"Has Dr. Nash been contacted?"

"Relax, I'm fine."

"No chances."

"None taken."

"What happened?"

"Not here, not now," Jeb replied with a quick glance around then settled on Kate.

"She's with me, it's ok."

"Not what I meant," Jeb replied and again Kate saw communication in sign language. Gibbs nodded and looked at Kate. She saw some of the tension and anger had left his eyes. He then nodded and looked at Jeb.

"Jeb, this is Special Agent Kate Todd. Kate, this is Jeb," Gibbs said in a brief introduction. From the smile on Jeb's face Kate was sure he knew more about her than she did him. She nodded to him still highly confused as to what was going on.

"Where's Hunter?" Gibbs asked quietly.

"In a room. He's coloring right now, but he's been asking for you," Jeb replied quietly. Gibbs nodded.

"Take me to him."

"You sure? You want her to wait…"

"No, its ok. Kate can come with us," Gibbs said quietly and then motioned for Jeb to lead the way. Kate looked at Gibbs confused and Gibbs gave her a small smile. They walked along in silence following Jeb down a hallway. They passed many rooms with the lights out, and Kate tried to peer into them as they went by.

"Where are we?" she finally whispered to Gibbs. He kept his eyes straight ahead.

"A safe house," he whispered back.

"Safe house? For what, who?" She said and saw Jeb turn his head and look at Gibbs. There was something in his eyes, telling Gibbs to be careful. Gibbs glanced at Kate. He saw the confusion on her face and sighed.

"We'll discuss this in a bit, ok?"

The tone of his voice made Kate just nod and continue walking. They finally came to a room with the light on and Jeb stopped at the door. He looked at Kate then at Gibbs.

"Kate, you have to stay in the hallway for a minute ok?" Gibbs said his attention on the room in front of him.


"Just trust me, I'll be right back out." With that statement Gibbs went into the room and Jeb pulled the door shut behind him. Jeb stood with his shoulder against the wall so he could still see in the window on the door and Kate turned so she could also peer through. The sight surprised her.

She watched as a little boy sprang out of the corner and leaped into Gibbs arms. Gibbs caught him and pulled him tightly to him and they sat for a moment. She could tell the two were talking but she couldn't make out what was being said. Gibbs set the boy down and squatted in front of him. Gibbs had a smile on his face that Kate rarely saw, pure joy and happiness is what Kate thought she saw. Jeb looked at her and smiled.

"Who is he?" Kate asked still staring through the window.

"You'll have to ask Gibbs that question, Agent. It's not my place to say," Jeb replied and then he reached over and opened the door for Gibbs. Gibbs came out with the boy on his hip. The boy was clinging to Gibbs, and had a worried look on his face.

"Kate, this is Hunter," Gibbs said looking at Kate. "Hunter, this is Kate." The little boy smiled briefly at Kate then turned his head to lay it on Gibbs shoulder. Gibbs turned to Jeb and Kate saw the communication going on again. She turned the other way so her back was too them, and waited.

Finally she felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned to see Gibbs motioning her to follow him. She nodded and fell in step beside him and Hunter, who was still on Gibbs hip. The boy had fallen into a sleepy haze and was absently staring at the floor as Gibbs walked. They walked in silence to an empty conference room and Jeb told them to wait inside. Gibbs grabbed Jeb's arm as he went to walk away.

"I want the truth," Gibbs said in a low whisper. Jeb looked him in the eye for a second then nodded.

"Go sit down, I'll be back," Jeb replied as he walked away. Kate had already taken a seat at the table and Gibbs slid into the one next to her with Hunter in his lap. The boy curled up against Gibbs and was almost asleep now. Kate watched mesmerized at the scene in front of her.

"What?" Gibbs whispered not looking at her.

"Nothing, I…I just never thought…"

"Of me like this?" he finished for her. She nodded with a smile. He studied her for a moment then a small smiled appeared on his lips briefly before it vanished and the stone face was back.

"Gibbs?" she said after a moment of silence. He didn't answer her but he did look up at her for a moment. "Where are we? And what are we doing here?" Gibbs was about to answer when he was interrupted.

"Papa?" Hunter whispered in Gibbs' chest. Kate's eyes widened at the sound. Gibbs smiled softly and looked down at the boy.

"Yes, Buddy?" Gibbs replied softly. Kate was amazed. She didn't know what to think.

"I'm scared," the little boy confessed, his voice was barely audible.

"It's ok, now, buddy, I'm here," Gibbs replied back and then kissed the boy on the top of the head. The boy snuggled closer in to Gibbs and held on tight. Kate continued to stare at Gibbs.

"Where's uncle Jeb?" the boy said picking his head up a little and looking around the room.

"He had to go to talk to some men," Gibbs replied. Satisfied with the answer the boy laid his head down again. Kate watched as the boy drifted swiftly into sleep. She was still staring wide eyed at Gibbs when he looked at her. A smile spread across his face.

"What?" He asked a little amused. Kate just shook her head. She didn't know where to begin. "Ok, you're first question. We are at a safe house like I said before. It's for the CIA, for operatives that need to…disappear."

"CIA?" Kate asked, finally finding her voice, remembering to keep it quiet.

"Yes. It was the only place Jeb knew where to go. His and Hunter's lives were in danger."

"The phone call was him contacting you."


"Gibbs…" Kate stopped; she didn't know how to proceed. Gibbs looked up at her and saw the confusion in her eyes. He took a deep breath, and she saw him make a decision. His eyes fixed on the wall.

"Jeb is my son, Hunter is my grandson," Gibbs replied softly. Kate was speechless. Her mouth hung open a bit and she sat staring at Gibbs wondering what just happened. Then it hit her that Hunter had called Jeb his uncle.

"But he called Jeb uncle," Kate said finally finding her voice. She was still staring at Gibbs trying to read his emotions, his thoughts. Gibbs tore his gaze from the wall and smiled at her but it quickly disappeared. Kate could see him remembering something, or someone. She sat quietly waiting patiently for him to finish. Finally he looked at the wall again.

"Jeb's brother Jake is Hunter's father."

"So you have two sons and a grandson?"

"I had two sons," Gibbs replied softly and his eyes went down to the little boy sleeping on his lap. Kate saw the sorrow in his eyes and knew she was seeing a side that no one had seen of Gibbs, not at NCIS. She wondered if even Ducky knew that Gibbs had children, let alone a grandchild.

"Had?" Kate asked softly putting a hand on his arm. He looked at her hand and then at the wall again. She was getting in deep. He had had no intention of telling her this when she came with him. She had just been in the car with him and there had been no time to drop her somewhere. She removed her hand and settled back into her chair staring at the wall when she realized he had put up the walls again. They waited in silence for a few minutes.

"Yes. Jake was in the army. He was a Ranger," he finally continued. "He went on a training mission one day, his parachute never opened"

Kate felt her stomach flip. She could hear the sorrow in Gibbs voice as he told her what had happened to his son. Gibbs' son, it was weird for her to think that. She watched him as the emotion flowed through his blue eyes and she was mesmerized. Her feelings for him increased, if that was possible.

"How long ago?" She asked not wanting to push too hard but fascinated by his openness. Gibbs took a deep breath and looked at her before he answered.

"Three years ago," Gibbs continued. Kate looked down at Hunter and tried to guess how old the boy was. "Hunter is only five. Jeb is 24, so would Jake have been."

"Jeb and Jake were twins," Kate said, more stating the obvious then asking a question.

"Identical," he replied his gaze moving to Hunter again.

"So Jeb is in the CIA?" Kate asked.

"Yes. He has been since his recovery," Gibbs replied. But that was the end of their conversation as the door opened and Jeb walked in followed by two agents in tow. He looked at Gibbs and gave him a look that Gibbs didn't appear to like. Kate sat back quietly and watched.