Author's Note: I'm sure all of you expected my sequel before I came out with something like this—truth is, the sequel is being mean to me; but this, so far, is working out well. For the most part, it's the movie all over again—I mean, we all know what happens, except for a few parts that just tap into the predators' side. Yet I've gone through and wrote out what I believe might have been Scar's point of view. Enjoy:)

Be nice to me though, even if you don't like what I've done…my knowledge on the Yautja race is very limited…but I try.


Hunter's Quest

1. Preparation

Modern technology made the trip simple and easy. With perfect timing and at full speed, they would reach their destination early. For some, however, it wouldn't be soon enough.

The spacecraft silently wondered through space, its course set on a backwater planet two galaxies away from their own home. The rituals had been performed, the feast had been eaten, and now there remained only one thing—the task for the reason they came.

Days passing felt like they were years. The anticipation grew—sometimes to the point where restlessness was a mild world. The moment that awaited every male Yautja was fast approaching—and soon three young males would be proving themselves that they were worthy of being accepted and honored amongst their clan.

The three were the best of their age group; they had each learned from the best warriors of their clan. The elder felt they were ready for the definitive task in their nation's being. They were traveling to this foreign planet to hunt; but for these three young Yautjas, they would not be hunting the dominant species like other clans picked to do. No. They would fight the ultimate prey, one of the deadliest, untamed beasts known to Yautja kind.

Though fear did not run through a single vein in any of the three; they had never experienced fear; moreover, if they had they would've been tagged weak and unworthy. That was a dishonorable notion to not only themselves, but their fathers. It was not allowed, plain and simple.

The planet was in view now, its large blue and brownish-green surface hidden by the white clouds that were scattered over random places.

Red and white lights blinked into existence along the loading dock. The arrival had signaled to the heat sensors on the outskirts of the ship to bring the temporarily deserted areas to life. Vents released hot steam as floor door slide aside, revealing stairs that descended to a room below. An overhead light dimly lit up over a center consol in the center of the lower leveled room. Around it, floor lights shined up to illuminate three different and unique helmets perched on heavily wired pedestals. A small hum vibrated inside the center consol and an advanced holographic image of a pyramid flashed up in shades of red.

At the top of the stairs where the single floor door had previously separated the launch dock to this preparation room, stood three tall and vicious teenagers, or so-to-speak. Each had the natural physique of a body builder, hard muscles covering strong bones, long legs that gave them an over seven-foot stance, and a hard, oblong head that was rough skin on the top. Long, bluish-black, thick strands of "hair" encircled the sides and back of their heads. The lengths of these seemingly "dreadlocks" varied for each hunter, but all shared the Yautja trait of golden metal rings placed two or three on each individual strand.

The tallest of the three, reaching nearly eight feet, stepped ahead of the other two and made his way down the stairs. He was not just the largest, but also the oldest, seeing about nineteen years of life. The four mandibles that cornered his lipless, sharp-toothed mouth, (characteristic of the Yautja species), flexed wide as he saw the image of the pyramid floating and turning in a circular direction. He marched forward, dressed, like the others, in only a brown loincloth; long fingers cracked purposely as he bent them, the anticipation making his heart race with excitement.

The oldest gave a satisfactory growl at his comrades as they joined him in front of the consol. Each looked over the red picture with their yellow eyes, clicking sounds chirping in their throats as they communicated.

The youngest and most naïve went to a side computer mounted on the wall. He pressed several buttons; deep within the chamber above emerged a long canon-like contraption. The other two watched from afar as their "brother" flipped the switch, a sharp shooting noise hissing through the room over them. A massive blue laser beam shot through the airless space towards the planet ahead, its target on a small, remote island where only a few forms of life existed.

Several moments passed as the computer scanned the land of the targeted area. Then, red symbols appeared on the small screen—the Yautja alphabet—spelling out words that translated into target hit. The three hunters nodded and separated to different sides of the room

The bravest and the most intelligent of the bunch waited for a compartment to open, revealing pieces of battle armor, weapons, and other things he might need during the hunt. The most critical element he gathered first was the black mesh-like netting that had been sitting on the center rack of the compartment. This mesh served as a heating tool, covering his entire body and warming it immediately.

Next came the handcrafted metal plates. The feet, shin and side-though guards were snapped or tied onto his legs, their weight having no effect on him as he reached for the shoulder and chest gear. The chest armor linked easily to the piece that'd cover his back, however the shoulder and bicep sections would need the assistance of computerized, mechanical "hands" set on the side of the locker to tie the leather-like straps around his muscle covered arm. The last bit in the compartment had nothing to do with protection, but instead would be worn for honor and to show that he was a capable predator. Nine small animal skulls, the largest the size of his fist, strung up on a leather cording was placed diagonally over his upper body, giving him a deadly look.

The second half of the locker compartment was filled with various weapons. First came a light, but durable semi-metal belt that was put around his slender waist. A section of thin, overlapped pieces of armor hung from the front and back centers of the belt, reaching down to his knees, and protecting the middle regions of his body.

He picked up three automatic shuriken and hung them from the belt. Along with the four compacted throwing stars, the Yautja added a small case of very thin, but extremely strong wire. A small case containing three vials of green liquid came next. This liquid was a beverage used to quench thirst, lasting for days at a time, if so necessary. He hoped that the hunt wouldn't cause him to use all three, for if it did and he needed more later he'd be at a loss. Though few hunts in his people's history had lasted more than two weeks, and with this concocted potion, three should be more than enough.

A hard-medaled gauntlet was pulled over his right forearm. Inside this piece if equipment slept two triple-waved blades that would shoot forth at the sudden jolt of expanding muscles in the arm and hand becoming a double-deadly weapon that could cut bone and metal alike clean.

Four this Yautja, however, the next two hand weapons he pulled forward had a sort-of sacred air to them. A ceremonial knife, long and sharpened to perfection and a double-ended retractable spear both of which had belong to his father and had slashed through many hides. He would be the third generation to use these very weapons, and personally, he felt he had the most skill with them during a fight; although, the shuriken was his preferred weapon of choice in some cases. His comrades both agreed he had remarkable aim with them.

Self preparation was finished for each hunter, and now they met at a table at the far side of the room. On top sat three sets of wrist computers along with a back pack that served as a holster for an endless mix of liquid and gas ammunition and the mechanisms that would control the shoulder cannon made for it. However, the cannon would have to be earned, although the writs computers would easily guide the hunters to them.

A small beeping sound from within the pedestal triggered and the three Yautjas turned to it. A dozen or more humans, the native and dominant species of the planet, had found the tunnel blasted by the laser only minutes ago by the spaceship. Their small figures appeared on the holographic image above the pyramid's form.

The oldest gave a clicking chuckle—now the hunt would be able to begin with the humans walking into the trap. Without them, the hunt couldn't take place.

The three checked their wrist blades, readying them for use. The last and most important piece of weaponry was all that remained untouched. The bravest was the first to pick up his mask-like face plate, which was the plainest looking of the three; the oldest had the most elaborate.

Tightening his mandibles together, he placed the mask over his face; his mouth relaxing the inner padding of the helmet when it was in place. His right hand held it still as his left hand connected two thing tubes to the side linking the mask and small compressor attached to the back collar of his armor. The air was quickly sucked out between the material and his face, making it so the mask would not shift in the slightest.

Fully prepared, the predators emerged into the launching bay and gazed out at the blue planet as the ship approached the outer atmosphere. Within minutes they would be starting the trail to the pyramid to engage in the awaited hunt.


AN: Kinda short….but I feel it had to stop there. The next chapter will most likely be longer because the events start to unfold and all. I'll have it up when I can :)