Yes, here is my little "extra" thing that has nothing to do with the story. But I thought you huge fans of AvP might wanna read through this to help with the obsession (God only knows I saw this stuff) Its kinda like trivia, I suppose; some is obvious, some is only seen if you watch it over and over and over within minutes like I did.

In several scenes Scar does have a tendency to flex his fingers.

When they show the scene where the predators are preparing their weapons, Scar is the one putting his knife in its leg holster. (Same dagger used later on by Scar, though every predator seemed to have unique weapons, like their masks)

Half, if not most, of the scenes where Scar and Lex are running from the explosion, the screen is actually flipped; therefore, you'll notice Scar's spear on his back points the other way. Also, when they're overlooking the crater, the screen is reversed; you see this when the hoses on his mask are on the right side instead of the left.

Scar, unlike many humans, is ambidextrous. He can function very well with BOTH hands, not one like many of us humans are. His right hand always uses the spear and his left always uses the shuriken. He writes with his right hand.

A bit obvious, but when they're overlooking the crater after the escape, the spear Scar had made for Lex is nowhere to be seen, even when he's marking her. Seconds later, she randomly holds it up.

Lex's "shield" disappears without a trace soon after she stabs the queen.

When Scar is knocked down a second time by the queen's tail, he moves around on the ground, but the next shot has him unconscious and still.

Bit of a mistake: When Scar finishes cutting off the alien's head he puts his knife on the floor. Yet when he goes to chop off the tail, he's pulling it out of its spot on his leg's armor.

Scar's eyes are on the browner side, compared to the yellow for an average Yautja (according to websites).

Scar is the only predator in AvP that has the piece of armor that covers his stomach; the others, even those they show that lift him up, have a bare stomach.

The alien that jumps Scar at the bottom of the tunnel rips the cannon off and you see it fall to the floor; however, after you'll see that the shoulder pack and bicep armor on the left side disappears as well.

On the way up on the sled, you'll see very quickly that Scar looks over his shoulder to the inferno chasing them.

If you watch the making of the movie, they'll show Lex and Scar running through the whaling station—and Scar's wearing white sneakers.

Scar is the only predator of the three that has a variety and more than a few skulls draped across his chest. Celtic (Prient'De in my story) has two or three cluttered on his chest, and Chopper (Boccob in my story) has the two skulls on sticks on his back.

When the alien that stabs Scar in the shoulder is thrown off, there is no blood on the predator at all. You'll see some on him for the rest of the movie, but it's not until his last scene where you see a huge glob.

The last shot of Scar, the blood in his mouth is not neon green like the rest.

Scar is the predator that stabs the human with his spear and flies over the hall in the pyramid, right as the walls are shifting.

Scar is the shortest of the three main predators—not that much shorter than Chopper/Boccob

I'm sure there are more in the movie, but these are what I saw from watching Scar's scenes ten million times. I still probably missed a few others I had noticed earlier, but you get the point )