Title: Heaven

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, and the idea of 'Heaven'

Summary: Something happened to the SVU team, they, well, read to find out! Title might give you a clue!

Author's note: Okay, this was an idea I had, it's not every good so please bare with me! Oh and please! Don't flame me with stuff like, 'there is no such place as heaven,' or 'That's not how heaven should be' or 'scientifically, this and that isn't possible!' PLEASE! You can flame my by said, 'stupid idea' or something like that, I welcome flaming as long it's not stupid, pointless flaming! Also, I apologize if anyone finds my story offensive in anyway! I really don't mean it!


Blackness surrounded Olivia, the pain eased and soon there was silence. It was quiet, too quiet then in a flash of light, Olivia was zooming through, well there was no name for this place. Abruptly she stopped. The pain was back, this time as if every bone in her body had just collided together and shattered into thousand's of little pieces. It was still black, jet black. She tried moving but couldn't. She wanted to scream but her mouth refused to open. Memories flashed back in mind, the other detectives falling to the floor, rape victims, live and dead, Alex getting shot, her mother, the academy, childhood, flash backs of things, people, she couldn't remember. Once this river of images had ended, she felt peace rush through her. Her eyelids felt heavy and she closed them.

"Liv, Liv." She heard a voice call out.

She rolled over and pulled the pillow over her head, she froze. The pillow was soft, softer then she remembered her pillow to be. In fact everything felt soft. Releasing the pillow, she opened her eyes. Faces stared back at her. She sat up. Looking around, Elliot, Fin, Munch, her mother, Serena, Cragen, Casey, just to name a few, were staring at her. They had a weird golden outline.

"Mum? Is that really you?" asked Olivia, stunned.

Her mother nodded, "Sweetheart, welcome back." She turned to her mother.

"Back?" She turned her head and saw it. It was floating in midair, a white feathered banner with golden writing, 'Welcome Back, Olivia Benson' it read. Olivia stared at it. She turned her head, the room was white. She got out of the bed. Everyone parted away to let her through. Her feet touched the floor. Like everything else it was soft, warm like sheep skin. She made her way to her wardrobe. Staring at it, everything was white, t-shirts, shirts, skirts, pants, dresses and gowns. The same colour, hanging there. On the floor there were towels. She spun around to face the others.

"Where am I?" she asked

"Heaven." Said Elliot


Author's note:

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