Title: Heaven

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Summary: Something happened to the SVU team, they, well, read to find out! Title might give you a clue!

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"Hurry up! Mom!" Antonio yelled from the front door. It was time to take the dog for a walk and Antonio couldn't wait.

"Okay," Alex hurried down the hallway, laughing to herself.

'Why you laughing?" Antonio asked.

"I'm laughing?" Alex asked, "Come on, lets go."

Olivia walked out. She scanned the street. Nothing looked to suspicious. But she couldn't sure. There were no vans hanging around the street, the only cars belonged to neighbours. Yet she couldn't be sure that none of these neighbours were members of Velez's group.

Olivia jogged down the street. Alex and Antonio were chatting. They went around the block. Olivia's heart was pumping. When was it going to happen? Was it ever going to happen?

Little did Olivia know that someone was looking, someone was watching, someone was ready.


Elliot strolled down the hallway of the house. It was unusual walking with new senses a different perceptive on everything around you. Then he heard a sound, like someone was weeping. It came from Kathy's bedroom. Elliot walked closer to the sound and saw that the bedroom door was ajar. He peeked through the space to see where the sound was coming from. Elliot then saw Kathy. She was sitting on the bed; in fact, she was sitting on the same side of the bed she slept on when they were together. In her hand, she had a photograph, and was softly crying to herself.

"Kathy?" Elliot wondered, opening the door a little with his paw, unaware that he vocalized his thoughts.

Kathy looked up when she heard a small bark.

"Oh, Billy," Kathy said, seeing Elliot. She then patted the bed, inviting Elliot to join her. Elliot came inside the room, jumped onto the bed, and sat down next to Kathy. He then saw the photograph Kathy was holding. It was a picture of their wedding day. Kathy noticed Elliot was looking at the photograph.

"This is . . . was . . . my husband, Elliot," Kathy said, looking at the photograph again and touched Elliot's face in the picture. "He's . . . dead, and it's my fault it happened."

'What?' Elliot thought, shocked, as he watched Kathy placed the photograph inside the top drawer of the night stand next to the bed. When she was done, Elliot noticed the tears that ran down her cheeks, and Elliot placed a paw on her hand. 'Kathy, what are you saying?'

Kathy looked at Elliot, and noticed the intrigue expression on his face. She chuckled a little, despite her tears.

"I must be crazy; talking to a dog about my problems," Kathy said, with a fading smile.

'Believe me, after what I've been through, I don't think you're crazy,' Elliot thought, as he took the same paw and placed it on Kathy's shoulder. He then rested his head on her shoulder, trying his best to get her to talk, without speaking. Kathy then sighed and stroked Elliot's head, making him lift his head up, and placed his paw back on the bed.

"Elliot . . . was a detective," Kathy said, as she stroked Elliot's head. "He tried his best to put criminals away, but I knew that the job was very stressful on him."

Kathy then stopped petting Elliot, and looked at him.

"There were times when some cases really upset him. He didn't want discuss the details with me. He tried his best to separate work from home," Kathy said, as new tears began to form in her eyes. "However, that only separate him from his family. I tried my best to tolerate his behaviour, but I felt he cared more about his job than me, his family."

Kathy then burst out crying.

"So . . . so I made the decision for him! I took the kids and moved in with my mother! I left him!" Kathy cried. "I . . . I had enough of him obsessing over cases! I thought Elliot will be . . . better . . . better off without a family! Then he can have more time solving crimes without worrying about a family!"

Kathy rested her face in her hands as she cried. Elliot could only watch her in astonishment. He then touched her cheek with his nose, in hope it will stop the crying. Kathy did stop crying, when she felt Elliot's touch, and looked up.

"Oh Billy, what have I done?" Kathy said, in-between sobs. "After I left, he took on more dangerous cases! I told Elliot that he was becoming reckless! That he didn't care for anyone anymore; only the cases really mattered to him, not his family!"

Kathy began weeping more, as she remembered a painful memory.

"Two years later . . . he was killed, and it's all my fault!" Kathy cried. "I should have never left him! If we were still together, he'll still be alive. Elliot would have been more careful, because . . . he'll have a reason to come home: his family. And I . . . I took it away from him!"

Kathy cried even harder, and covered his face with her hands. Elliot was still astonished by what Kathy said.

'Kathy,' Elliot thought, and placed his front paws on Kathy's shoulder, making her look at Elliot. 'Please stop crying.'

For a moment, Elliot forgot he was a dog, and tried something human: he kissed Kathy on her cheek.

'I don't blame you for what happened,' Elliot thought, after his 'kiss,' and placed his front paws back on the bed. 'I'm sorry for every rotten thing I put you and our kids through. None of this is your fault.'

Kathy wiped away a tear, and touched the place where Elliot had 'kissed' her. She then hugged Elliot, burying her face into his fur. Elliot tried his best to hug her back.

'What happened to us . . . it didn't effect what happened . . . to me,' Elliot thought. 'So stop blaming yourself. Despite what happened, I still care about you.'

Kathy then let go of Elliot and smiled at him.

"Thanks Billy," Kathy said, patting Elliot's head. "I don't know why, but I feel better now. You're a good dog, do you know that?"

She then gave Elliot a small hug.

'Thanks,' Elliot thought, but this situation didn't feel right to him. 'However, it seems I'm doing a better job as a pet, than a husband and a father.'


Cragen sat in his chair, watching to screen. Everyone seemed to be fitting in, everyone was alert, but each missed the big picture. They were being followed, every movement, every activity they did. Men watch outside.

What could he do? Marge wasn't back yet. He couldn't tell them, give them any hints. He watched as Elliot played with his kids, as Olivia sat in front of the couch, at Alex's and Antonio's feet. He watched as Munch bonded with the deaf, as Fin watched over his son, while Casey slept in her basket.


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