Title: All I Need Is You

Summary: rewrite of Keg!Max! I know it's been done, but whatever.

Rating: PG or PG-13, there's nothing bad. One bad word I think.

Pairing: Literati

Disclaimer: If it were mine Jess would be with Rory and Chris and Dean would have disappeared a long time ago.

A/N: I'm not sure if this is good. It's only my 2nd fic. Please don't be too harsh with criticism, I'm only a 14 year old girl. My ego is very sensitive. Anyways it probably sucks. But I felt like posting it so I did. I hope you like it. Please R/R. Oh, by the way, I'm pretty sure Jimmy came after Keg!Max! but in my story he didn't.

He says it's nothing.

I say that's a lie.

I tell him I'm not going to be 'that girl'. The one that lets her boyfriend walk all over her and treat her like she's nothing.

He tells me he's sorry. That he never wanted me to be that girl.

He surprises me. He doesn't stop there. I've been trying for months to get him to open up, he never did. Until now. He tells me everything. He tells me about his dad showing up. He tells me about the fact that he might not graduate. About Luke threatening to throw him out if he doesn't. He tells me that he might not be able to take me to prom. He even tells me about him being beaked by the swan. I can't help but chuckle a little a that.

But what surprises me the most is what he tells me next.

He's afraid I might leave him. That I'm going to Yale and I will realize that I don't want to be with some worthless punk who didn't even graduate high school. He says he's scared he'll lose me. That I'm the only person he has left. He says he doesn't care whether anyone thinks he's a worthless piece of shit. As long as I don't. He tells me he loves me. That he never knew he could love me so much. But he does.

I'm amazed. I never knew he had all these insecurities, all these doubts. I don't how I can reassure him, convince him I'll never leave him. That I can't even fathom the thought of leaving him. That it makes me so queasy just thinking about it. Thinking about not being with him. I love him. I couldn't stand being without him. I just hope I never have to because I wouldn't know what to do if I did. So that's what I tell him.

After he hears this he pulls me into a hug. We both hold on for dear life, just standing there, holding each other. No words are said, minutes pass. We finally pull away after what seems like forever. When we do we're both smiling. True, genuine smiles, the firsts of the night.

He tells me he loves me again. I tell him I love him right back.

We stand here, staring at each other. I look into his deep, brown eyes and all I see is love and happiness. No more pain, no more anger, just love. He leans in to kiss me. And when his lips finally reach mine, I know it's right. I know I'm ready. That we're ready. I didn't need any pro/con lists. All I need is him.