A/N This is a challenge that I got from another story. Here are the rules.

Must include adult Remus, adult Sirius, Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Britney Spears

Must take place in front of the Playboy Mansion

Ron is thoroughly convinced that Britney is a veela

Sirius is thoroughly convinced that Britney is an Orc from LotR

Harry is thoroughly convinced that Britney is out to get him

Remus is thoroughly convinced that Britney is his long lost sister

Hermione is thoroughly convinced that Crookshanks was/is Britney in his/her animagus form

Must include chocolate-covered pretzels, eggplants, mustard, and vegemite

Someone must sing "I'm Too Sexy" by Some Person with Big Ego Problems

a challenge issued from The Misty Writer. I found this while reading a Super Shayde story.

Warning I don't own anything you recognize from Harry Potter and I don't own Britney Spears.

Crazy Challenge

Britney Spears stood outside the Play Boy Mansion to great the wizards from England that had won the trip to the Play Boy Mansion. I bet you're wondering why Britney Spears was waiting for them instead of Hugh Hefner. Well Hugh was indisposed with his 7 lady friends and Britney was looking for a new way to prove to Hugh that she was capable of being a good playboy bunny even though he never invited her to be one.

Just then 7 people apparated at the spot Britney was standing. These people were Remus Lupin, a surprisingly not dead Sirius Black, the-boy-who-lived-to-be-a-pain-in-Voldemort's-ass, Ron Weasley, and Ron Weasley. Ron took the time from eating his chocolate covered pretzels, his new addiction, to look Britney over. Ron began to drool and stare at Britney in a trance.

Everyone noticed the look Ron was giving Britney. Hermione got a good look at her after she looked up from her current book about the growth of Eggplants. "Oh Merlin! Crookshanks! I can't believe it. I'm so glad to see you! Why did you leave me?" Hermione asked a confused looking Britney who Hermione obviously believed was Crookshanks her beloved ginger cat.

Hermione's out burst got Harry's attention. "What are you talking about Hermione? I know this is really just Voldemort making an elaborate plan to try and kill me again! When will you learn, Voldemort, I'm Harry Potter I don't die!" Harry shouted to Britney who Harry was convinced was Voldemort in disguise. If Britney didn't already believe the whole lot to be insane already Sirius just had to speak up.

"Oi! Remus it's an Orc from Lord of the Rings! Just look how hideous it is. Where is Sauron you vile creature?" Sirius asked Britney. "How dare you call my sister that! Oh sis, it's so good to see after all this time." Remus said while attempting to hug Britney who apparently appeared, at least to Remus, to be Remus's long lost sister no one knew he had.

"What are all of you on?" Britney screeched while grabbing for her wand. Just then Ron burst into song trying to seduce Britney. Ron began to sing "Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred. After Ron finished his song he proceeded to speak, "You are an entrancing veela. I can't wait to get you on my bed and cover you with mustard and lick it off." Ron then began to lick his lips in a what would be a sexual way if he looked remotely sexy.

"This all has to be because I took some vegemite! I vow never to take it anymore. Just make these freaks go away!" Britney screamed at no one in particular as she ran away in horror. Our group just stood there and shrugged their shoulders.


A/N I just did this for fun and it is rather plotless and retarded. But review anyway.


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